A loving tune

He held me in his arms, caressing my check, whispering that everything was all right.

That he truly loves me. He encloses me in his arms, sending chills up my spine, holding me as if I was a glass doll, as delicate as butterfly wings.

His cheek runs across my neck so lightly, as if the slightest pressure would break me.

Keeping me safe, shielding me from the painful memories of the past. How long? I ask.

How long till it ends?

Or is this eternal?

Forever loved, forever in hope…

It seems unreal, as unreal as my Adonis, gingerly whispering his love in my ears.

He wraps me so delicately, as if I was his life.

He is here.

Guiding me.

Protecting me.

Loving me.

He vows Eternity in my heart, promising that everything will be all right.

Is this heaven?

Could I have died in my sleep?

Or is this simply a dream?

A wonderful dream…

Does it have to end?

I would give anything for this to be eternal.

My love will never end. He is my life now.

I worship him in the depths of my heart, praying that we will never be apart again.

He whispers my name, comforting me, hushing my fear….

I will never stop loving my god.

He will always be with me.

I stare into his pools of beauty, drunken in his presence.

He blesses me with a sweet song, rocking me gently to ease my worries.

His voice flows through my heart, humming his love and care into an indescribable melody.

His sweetness radiates through me, swelling my heart.

Easing my pain.

How could I live without him?

What would I do if he left again?

How am I to survive without him…?

My angel.

My life.

He slowly lifts his hand and gently runs it through my hair, grasping my face with the lightest touch.

His love vibrates through me as he leans down and gingerly touches his lips to mine, taking away my breath, leaving me swimming in desire and passion sweet.

I drown in him, drinking in his very presence and being.

Ever so slowly, my hand traces up to his face and slowly down, resting at his neck.

He smiles and gently pushes me back onto the pillow.

I almost protest, but I leave my voice unheard, content, as he enveloped me once more, trailing across my body, with me shivering in pleasure.

With satisfaction, he whispers my name ever so softly and sings to me in his perfect voice.

How could anyone so perfect love someone so flawed?

My angel held me to his chest, eyes filled with love, and hummed his sweet lullaby.

What would I do without him?

His hand brushed against my cheek and he traced my face lightly in his hands.

Oh how I love him.

My closed eyes filled with tears as my melody floated off his lips.

He caught a single tear that escaped my eye and brushed it away.

I opened my eyes to notice his now slightly curious expression.

His voice whispered to me with hidden worry, "Bella, what's wrong?"

I lift my hand from his chest only to bring it to his face, caressing his cheek in soothing circles.

"I love you." I whispered, so softly into the night.

His face looked shocked for a moment, but then it melted with tenderness and he smiled lovingly.

"I love you, my angel."

I smiled dreamily, then yawning in dreariness.

He smiled and chuckled.

His voice was so beautiful.

He closed my eyelids with his fingertips.

"Go to sleep now, my love."

I humbly obeyed and felt his embrace once more as I heard our melody float into the night, with love in its wings.

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