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Hound Dog

Dean drifted lazily from sleep into an alcohol induced haze groaning quietly as he rolled over onto his side away from his sleeping brother. It was an indication of how drunk he'd been last night that he didn't realize something wasn't quite right until he tried to sit up.

"What the hell?" he muttered reaching for his neck. He found a large studded collar wrapped tightly around his neck, but not tight enough to suffocate him.

He felt Sam roll over on the bed, hearing a gentle clinking as he did. "What's the matter Dean?" Sam asked coldly. "Don't like your new accessories?"

Dean turned toward his brother and saw him holding the end of a dog leash. A dog leash? He was so, not in the mood for Sam's crap this morning. The room was having a difficult time not spinning and he had to piss like a damn racehorse.

Sam smirked at him, an almost evil glint in his eye. "You are going to learn an important lesson today Dean."

"Sam," Dean growled out a warning. "Quit with the crap, I've got to take a leak."

Sam smiled and Dean did not like the glint in his eye when he did. "Fine," he told Dean sitting up at the edge of the bed, pulling on his sweat pants and shoes. "Come on then, I'll take you for a walk outside and you can piss on the nearest tree or fire hydrant."

"Dude," Dean asked. "What's your problem?"

Sam didn't answer instead he stood up and tugged gently on the chain and for the first time Dean noticed that the chain was attached to a studded cuff at Sam's wrist. The chain and cuff linked together with a small combination lock that locked the cuff to Sam's wrist and the chain to the lock. "I said come on," Sam demanded quieter this time but with more force.

Dean knew that tone. Sam rarely used it on anyone and never before on Dean. It was the tone that said 'don't fuck with me' and Dean knew that arguing with Sam was going to be useless but there was no way he was going to just let his brother lead him outside on a chain to take a leak when the bathroom was only a few feet away. "You," he said pointing at Sam. "Have some serious issues, you know that."

Dean reached up to the back of the collar intending to release it from around his neck. His eyes grew wide when he felt the same kind of small lock holding the collar in place. He glared at his brother who said nothing his face impassive as he waited for Dean to follow him. Deciding he wasn't going to be able to get the lock off before his need to urinate caused him to pee on his own leg Dean decided to leave it for now. He stood turning away from his brother and heading for the bathroom.

Sam allowed him to take two steps in the direction of the bathroom before he yanked back hard on the chain knocking his brother off balance and tumbling him to the floor. Dean felt himself falling and twisted landing on his hands and knees but before he could do much of anything Sam had gripped the collar and dragged him to the motel's door. They were outside with the door closed before Dean had time to blink much less react.

Thankfully their habit of getting a room farthest from the office had put them at the back of the motel. Other than the Impala there were no cars in this part of the parking lot leading Dean to believe that it was at least possible that there weren't any other people around. That was good because seeing two grown men shirtless but chained together would have probably freaked most people out. It was sure freaking Dean out.

"Sam what the hell?" he asked again then stopped and looked again at Sam and said, "Cristo!"

Sam shook his head at Dean before replying, "I'm pissed Dean, not possessed. Speaking of which you probably want to pick a tree soon I don't know how long we can count on no one else being around and I know how much you had to drink last night. Now, personally I don't care if you have to piss in front of some stranger but I'm sure you wouldn't like it."

Dean glared daggers at his brother. Sam however was completely unfazed by the look and led his brother to the trees across the parking area. "Sam I am not a friggin' dog damn it!" he said as his brother stopped in front of a tree.

Sam just looked at him and led him to another tree. "Is this one better?" he said. "I know most dogs have to sniff around at several trees before they lift their legs."

Dean had had enough. He closed the distance between him and Sam lashing out with a right hook hard enough to knock his brother out when it landed. Unfortunately it didn't land. Sam ducked under the punch and using Dean's momentum against him pushed him hard sending him reeling away from him. Before Dean could regain control Sam yanked the chain snapping Dean's head back while the rest of his body continued forward.

Dean landed hard with a grunt of pain as the wind was knocked out of him. He was still gasping for breath when Sam knelt down placing one knee on his laboring chest and gripping his chin in hand. "Do not mess with me," he said fiercely. "Do your business and we will go back to the room to discuss this." Sam's knee slid down Dean's chest and pressed down hard on his abdomen reminding him painfully of his urgent need to empty it.

Eyes wide Dean watched Sam stand up and tug gently on the chain as he sucked air into his tortured lungs. Deciding that Sam may not be possessed, but something was definitely wrong with him Dean decided not to push his brother further. Looking around and noting that no one was watching he stepped around a large tree just out of Sam's sight and shaking his head he lowered his shorts long enough to pull himself free and relieve his aching bladder. "You are so going to pay for this Sammy," he muttered as he put himself back into his shorts.

"What was that?" Sam asked from the other side of the tree.

"Nothing," Dean growled as walked past Sam and headed back to their room.

Sam fell into step beside, but slightly behind him and Dean nearly stopped in his tracks when his brother reached up and patted him on the head. "See," he said sweetly. "That wasn't so difficult now was it?"

Dean was seething inside by the time they were back in the motel room and as soon as the door closed he turned on Sam, pushing him against the closed door both hands on his brother's naked chest. He was totally prepared to beat the holy crap out of him until he looked up into Sam's eyes. The anger was he'd seen earlier was gone and something dark, almost sinister had taken its place it was almost lust but so much more intense. Desire was there, need too but it was more than that because the anger wasn't gone. It was there as well, but it was mixed heavily with lust.

Dean released Sam backing away unsure of this new twist. Sam stalked after him the feral look in his eyes both scaring and exciting Dean and he felt his shaft jumping quickly to attention as his breaths deepened. "S.. Sam… what…," Dean didn't get further than that because Sam reached up yanking the chain and pulling Dean back to him, his other hand reaching out to grab the collar and pull Dean's head to him.

The kiss was angry, almost painful as Sam devoured his mouth all tongue and teeth and burning lips. He forced Dean backward toward the bed knocking him over onto it as they reached it. Sam's hands were everywhere distracting him enough that between the kisses and the groping both of them had somehow lost their pants before Dean had even realized they were gone.

Sam pulled away and Dean whimpered at the loss of his brother's hot, sweaty body leaving his own. He didn't have time to mourn the loss though before Sam reached down and turned him over forcing him onto his stomach pinning him to the bed before reaching into the drawer of the nightstand and pulling out several things before closing it again.

Sam bent down his head close to Dean's ear. His hot breath sent shivers down Dean's spine as he said, "You made me angry last night Dean, very, very angry." And for the first time since Sam had pushed him onto the bed he grew afraid because it was back, that 'don't fuck with me' tone. "Do not fight me because if you do I will hurt you. You'll like it, but it will hurt."

He turned his head trying to look at his brother and was caught completely off guard when Sam snapped the chain up catching it on the post of the bed and pulling on it causing Dean's neck and head to snap up towards the headboard bringing him up on all fours.

"Son of a bitch," he said angrily. "Seriously, Sam what the hell's your problem?" The chain slackened and he pulled his head back taking a kneeling position and found himself leaning against Sam's hard chest. Dean was confused by his brother's actions. He felt Sam's obvious erection pressed hard into his back but he could tell it was anger that was controlling Sam's actions, not lust.

Sam bent his head to Dean's nuzzling the side of his brother's head, nibbling gently at his earlobe, and then biting it sharply bringing a sudden burst of pain. The constant shift from the gentle lover that Sam was usually to a domineering pain inflicting, control freak was both unnerving and exciting at the same time. Sam worked his way down to the studded collar and Dean's entire body quivered when Sam's tongue slipped between the leather and his neck lapping at the bruising his harsh actions were causing.

Dean's eyes closed as ripples of pleasure washed through him. He leaned his head away allowing Sam better access to his neck. His brother worked his way around Dean's neck as far as he could reach from behind then made his way back around to the other side.

Dean was lost in the feel of his brother's sizzling lips and burning tongue. He was practically purring as Sam made his way up to his chin nibbling at his jaw line and following up to his other ear to lavish attention there also. He'd nearly forgotten about Sam's sudden need to inflict pain but a sharp painfully erotic bite on his ear reminded him.

Sam had been prepared for Dean's reaction and the moment his head was far enough away he slipped the leather hood over Dean's head and snapped it in place. The hood fit snuggly, covering Dean's eyes better than a blindfold and leaving mouth and nostrils uncovered so he could breathe.

"Sam," Dean demanded as he shook his head trying to displace the hood. When that didn't work he reached up to take it off but Sam was again prepared for him. Handcuffs were snapped into place with his hands in front of him and he was shoved back down on all fours blind, cuffed and leashed. He knelt there trembling nearly panting as he tried to figure out what was going on. "What the hell are you doing Sam?" he asked and was rewarded for his question with an open palmed slap on his ass. Hard.

"Be quiet," Sam told him.

"Sam," Dean growled out.

Another resounding slap, this time on his other cheek followed by the chain being pulled taunt not allowing him to move very far without being jerked off balance. "You will not speak until I tell you to," Sam told him as he closed the distance between them. Sam rubbed his hands gently over the red marks left on Dean's bottom then bent to kiss them for good measure.

Unable to see Dean's other senses went into overdrive, including his sense of touch. He felt each intimate kiss and every time Sam's tongue or teeth made contact with his skin he reveled in the glory of it quickly forgetting the pain filled slaps. Sam grabbed Dean's hips holding him still as he worked his way over every inch of redness on his bottom. When he was near his brother's opening he heard Dean moan and felt his brother try and push his bottom closer. "Mmmm," he mumbled into the firm muscles of Dean's ass lost in the passion of the moment. He reached around his brother's hip and grabbed his hard velvety shaft. He felt Dean nearly come undone when he began to slowly stroke him.

"Oh God yes Sammy," Dean said as he felt himself nearing the breaking point.

"No, not yet," Sam told him brother and slipped a cock ring around his painfully engorged member then stroking the very tip of his shaft once before releasing him and backing away.

Shock ripped through Dean as he felt Sam lift away from him and he trembled at the thought that he meant to leave him like this. He tried to sit up and take care of himself but Sam shoved him back down on all fours.

"No," Sam growled. "Don't you dare touch yourself. It's time for your next lesson Dean."

Dean whimpered. "Please Sammy," he begged.

"Quiet," Sam said and smacked him again. Dean bucked at the pain of it but his thick member throbbed harder. Sam uncapped the lube smearing it on his fingers leaving Dean whimpering in unfulfilled need.

Dean jumped when Sam's hand rubbed over the place he'd just smacked and stopped. He should have been prepared for what was next but between the hood and the pain from his erection he wasn't ready when Sam shoved in his finger. Dean's muscles clenched around the intrusion and his shaft jerked again hardening even more. "Oh God Sam," he pleaded. "You're killing me… please."

"No," Sam told him firmly shoving in a second finger.

Dean nearly collapsed but Sam grabbed his hip with his free hand, his fingers digging in painfully but keeping him from falling. After only a few long strokes of his fingers and scissoring them a mere two times he pulled them back out.

Dean was left panting, nearly sobbing with the need for release. He didn't know when he began to beg for Sam to remove the cock ring and let him come but once he started he couldn't stop begging. He no longer cared about the collar or the cuffs or the hood. He just wanted, needed relief from his painfully throbbing erection.

Sam watched in awe as Dean writhed on all fours and begged pathetically, sometimes in English sometimes in Latin, for Sam to let him come, to help him do it. He grinned. What had started out as an angry lesson had turned into so much more but in the end he softened enough to take pity on Dean.

Sam reached around removing the cock ring and replacing it with his own hand. He listened to the soft mewling sounds coming from his brother as he held him still in his grip and his own shaft jerked in response to the sexy sounds. He reached down with his other hand cupping Dean's sack while simultaneously loosening his grip and jerking softly on his brother's shaft. It only took two strokes for Dean to come unglued, his hips rocking forward with such force Sam was afraid he was going to hit the headboard.

Dean had no idea what he'd been saying to Sam all coherent though had been banished from him as he screamed and erupted painfully. Each jet of white hot semen sent erotic ripples of pleasure through his entire body. It continued on and on until he began to think it would never end and when it finally did he was left gasping for breath as he collapsed onto the bed no longer able to hold himself upright.

Sam lay next to his brother petting him, making nonsensical sounds of encouragement as he lay on the bed alternately gasping and keening.

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