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Summary: Itachi never killed the clan and Sasuke grew up as a normal kid. Naruto was never acknowledged growing up and is now cold and aloof. The two seemed to be complete opposites. Will Naruto, in the end, be the one to leave with Orochimaru?

Chapter One: Welcome To My Life.


Uzumaki Naruto's fist came down on the poor battered alarm clock with no mercy at all, and silenced it immediately.

His tanned arm the slipped back and into the warm covers he had wrapped himself in. The apartment building's heating had, coincidently, shut down in the middle of the night and he had no choice but to grab an extra blanket and huddle for warmth.

'I still think they turned off my heating. Sadistic bastards.' Naruto growled and reluctantly pulled off the covers.

It took him half an hour to quickly shower, dress and eat breakfast. He wanted to leave early today.

He had passed the Gennin Exam yesterday, and today they would be assigned to a Jounin sensei and put three man team. He didn't really want to put up with the other two gennin on his 'would-be' team, but he knew he had no choice. So, he wanted peace on the way there; meaning he didn't want Uchiha Sasuke walking with him; trying to make friends. That, right there, lowered his patience considerably. Then he had to deal with Haruno Sakura and Yamanaka Ino cooing and purring in his ear. Hopefully they'll go and bother Sasuke today…

He looked his at himself in the long mirror and nodded. It was a simple 'get-up', slightly baggy blue jeans, and a tight fitting orange shirt. His hitai-ate hung loose around his neck. If he needed to fight, he would move it to his forehead to keep his bangs out of his eyes. Naruto ran his fingers through his hair once and shrugged before walking towards the front door.

Naruto finished slipping on his shoes and opened the door, completely ready for the day… hopefully.

- - - -

Uchiha Sasuke ran out the front door, a piece of toast in his mouth when he tried to tell Itachi goodbye.

"Mmh-mye Maniji!" (Goodbye Aniki!)

Itachi smiling and waved, "Have a good day, Sasuke." he mumbled. The younger Uchiha was already out of ear shot.

Sasuke ran down the street he knew lead to Naruto apartment building. For some reason, something told him to get up earlier than usual… that if he slept a while longer, he would miss his usual walk with Naruto.

He stopped at the familiar building, and didn't sense Naruto's unique chakra anywhere near. 'That bastard left me!' he growled and gnawed at his bread. 'I'll just have to catch up to him!' Sasuke jumped on top of a building and headed towards the Ninja Academy.

It hadn't taken long before he saw a mop of blond hair. 'There you are!'

He reached and took the toast out of his mouth and yelled, "Naruto!!" he saw him stop, but said blond didn't turn around.

Sasuke landed beside him and resumed walking, "Why did you leave so early?"


"You could have at least waited for me."


"You're not going to talk to me?"


Sasuke sighed. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't get a good conversation going. All he wanted was to be friends with Naruto. Was that so much to ask?

"Will you at least say 'Good Morning'?" Sasuke tried once again.

"Its not a… 'Good Morning' anymore." Naruto growled and stuck his hands into his pockets.

Sasuke smiled, 'Finally!'

"And why is that?"

"You're here."

Sasuke's smile promptly fell. 'For some reason… that really hurt.'

"Is my company that horrible?"

"Yes." There was so hesitation.

"Why?!" Sasuke walked in front of Naruto and stopped him. "Look, I just want to have a nice conversation! Is that so much to ask?!"

"You are so selfish." Naruto glared, "You want something that I really don't want to give nor have." he kept his voice even. "I don't want to be your friend, Sasuke. I don't know why that is so hard to accept, nor why you keep trying to make it otherwise."

Naruto walked around Sasuke and stopped, "Your so annoying." then kept on walking.

Sasuke stood there and clenched his fist. 'He didn't have to say all those things.' He turned around and watch the blond disappear around the corner. 'Why does he want to be alone? Doesn't he know? Everyone needs someone… I want to be that someone.' Sasuke ran after him.

Naruto was always alone. Sasuke never seen him with anyone during his free time, just… horribly alone. It hurt to see him like that. And he saw him everyday, so it hurt everyday.

'I will be his friend… one day, I know it.' he smiled when he reached the other's side.

- - - -

Unimo Iruka watched as Naruto and Sasuke walked in. "Hm, you boys are early today. What the occasion?" he smiled and waited for Sasuke to answer him. He knew Naruto would say anything, hell he barely knew what his voice sounded like.

"Oh, its nothing Iruka-sensei, Naruto just woke up early… so I had to run and catch up with him." Sasuke smiled and took his seat next to the blond, who turned and looked out the window.

The classroom door opened again and Sakura and Ino walked in. 'Huh? They're early too?'

"Good Morning, Iruka-sensei" they both said in unison then stopped and glared at each other. 'Those two are so weird. They are always together, yet always at each other's throats.' he smiled, 'Well, they say best friends fight the most… I guess'

The two soon forgot about each other when they say Naruto and Sasuke.

"Naruto-kun!" Ino rang and sat on his desk. "What are you doing here so early?"

"Sasuke-kun, how is your morning?" Sakura batted her eye lashes and leaned in.

Naruto's eyes narrowed as they looked out the window, 'Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to come so early… next time when I have one of these strange impulses; I'll just sleep in.' he was then brought out of his thoughts when he felt someone touch his head.

His hand immediately snapped up and slapped the hand out of the way, "Don't touch me. Leave me alone." Naruto said and glared.

Ino ignored him completely, "Oh my gosh Naruto! Your hair is so soft! Let me touch it again."

"Touch me again, and you'll pull back without a hand." he threatened and he saw Sasuke smirk at him in the corner of his eye.

Soon after everyone started pouring into the room. People Naruto didn't really care for. He grimaced at the thought, 'Dear God… two of these people are going to be on my team!?'

As Naruto looked around the room, Sasuke was hoping that he would be put on the same team as Naruto. The blond was excellent in Ninjutsu and Taijutsu, and he needed some work on his Genjutsu, but hell, so did he.

Sasuke leaned back in his chair, 'Plus, it would insure that I get to see him everyday. He'll crack down on the pressure for sure, and admit that he sees me as a friend.'

Sasuke looked over and saw the blank look on his face. But, since he knew how to tell what he was thinking without facial expression, he could see the slight disgust, and a sliver of horror. 'Heh, yes Naruto. Believe it or not two of the gennins in this room are going to be your teammates. And hopefully I'll be one of them.'

Everyone settled down as Iruka-sensei called out names:

"Team 10: Nara Shikamaru, Yamanaka Ino, and Akimichi Chouji. Your Jounin instructor will be Asuma-sensei."

Ino pouted, there were no good looking guys on his team. Shikamaru had his head down on the desk, asleep and Chouji nodded will digging into his bag of chips.

"Team 8: Hyuuga Hinata, Aburame Shino and Inuzuka Kiba. Your Jounin instructor will be Kurenai-sensei."

Hinata looked at her teammates, Shino made no comment and Kiba scowled at Shino before nodding.

"Team 7: Uzumaki Naruto,"

Naruto perked at his name, Sasuke held him breath and every other girl sat on the edge of their chairs. They wanted to be on the same team at Naruto.

Iruka continued, "Uchiha Sasuke," said person beamed and clenched his fist, "Yes!". Naruto's head slammed into the top of the table, "No…"

Every remaining girl in the room prayed to be on Team 7. They would be able to train with the two most hottest guys in the room. They would have eye candy all day, and hopefully, if they got close enough, date one of them.

Iruka said the last member, "and Haruno Sakura. Your Jounin instructor is Kakashi-sensei."

Sakura jumped out of her chair, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Score one for Sakura!"

Every girl groaned in dismay, Sasuke ignored the pinkette. He had gotten what he wanted. and Naruto was now pulling his hair out now, "God… what have I done wrong?" he said as he looked up at the ceiling.

"Please wait here, and your Jounin will come to pick you up. Good luck."

Sakura giggled happily and ran to sit next to Sasuke. Sasuke scooted away from her and moved closer to Naruto. Naruto was near the window and couldn't scoot anywhere. 'I could always jump out of the window.' the thought crossed his mind.

Time passed and each team was picked up by their Jounin, leaving the newly joined Team 7 last.

"Where the hell is this guy?" Sasuke mumbled next to Naruto, who "Hn." in agreement.

Sakura sighed heavily, "Maybe he had something to do…"

"No.. he knows he has a team here waiting for him. That asshole is extremely late." Sasuke stood and walked towards the chalkboard and grabbed an eraser.

"Sasuke-kun? What are you doing?" she watched as the raven opened the door slightly and wedged the eraser at the very top, between the door and frame.

"That won't get him, he a Jounin, remember?" she said, but on the inside he was extremely giddy. 'Sasuke-kun is going to play a trick! If it hits, it going to be sooo awesome, CHA!!'

"I'm aware that he's a Jounin. But I'm bored and I can't stay still forever." Sasuke dusted his hands and walked to sit next to Naruto.

"You just proved an old saying…"

Sakura's head snapped in the direction of the voice, she didn't get to heard Naruto talk a lot. But every time he did, she was always all ears. He was bound to say something smart. 'Bronze and brain. You gotta love it.'

"Oh really?" Sasuke muttered.

The blond nodded. "The idle mind is the devil's workshop."

Sakura smiled while Sasuke scowled.

Sasuke opened his mouth to counter when chakra spiked through the air. Naruto's head looked over, towards the door and a gloved hand moved to push the door open. A head moved between just as he did this, and the eraser fell and landed directed on top.

Sakura nearly smiles, 'CHA! Direct hit!'

Sasuke blinked initially before smirking, 'Nice.'

Naruto rose a brow, 'What kind of Jounin gets hit but an erase? That got to be one of the oldest tricks there is!'

"Hm." the man dusted the chalk off of his head, "My first impression of you… is that you are all idiot."


"Meet me on top of the roof for introductions." and poof, he was gone.

Naruto stood immediately, "Baka." he mumbled to Sasuke, who just sighed. The Uchiha followed after the blond and Sakura said, "I thought the eraser idea was great, Sasuke-kun."

"…It doesn't matter what you think.. Just what Naruto and our Jounin thinks."

Sakura stumbled, "What? Naruto?"

Sasuke ignored her and continued upstairs.

- - - -

"Maa, my name is Hatake Kakashi. My likes… I don't feel like mentioning. My dislikes… none of your business. My dreams… also none of your business." Kakashi looked over towards Sasuke. "Your turn."

Sasuke glared at his sensei's introduction but none the less did as he said, "My name is Uchiha Sasuke. I like a lot of things, so I won't mention them. I dislike those who think highly of themselves. My ambitions are to got someone to notice me… and to become a reliable asset to Konoha."

Kakashi hummed and wondered who the Uchiha wanted acknowledgment from. Oh well, he'd find that out later. He pointed towards the Kunoichi of the group, "Your turn."

Sakura smiled prettily, "My name is Haruno Sakura. I like…" she looked towards the two boys to her left. "Um, my dreams are…" a look again.

Kakashi's sweat dropped, "And your dislikes?"

"I hate Ino-pig!!"

'Figures. Girls her age are more interested in boys than they are training.' Kakashi then looked towards the last member of the team who had his hands intertwined in front of his mouth. 'Hm, the container of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. This should be interesting.'

"Your next."

Naruto moved his hands and cross them in front of his chest, "My name is Uzumaki Naruto. That's all you'll get out of me. My likes and dislikes aren't important on a mission, and my ambition is none of your concern." Naruto looked Kakashi straight in the eye. "The only thing you need to know is that I need to get stronger. That's it."

Sasuke looked over at the blond 'Need? Why?'

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