Summary: Watari forces the entire investigative team to take a week-long vacation from the Kira case. Ryuuzaki L is quite uncomfortable with this newfound free time, and searches for ways to entertain himself, much to Raito's annoyance. Hilarious insanity follows. Takes place during the time period where L and Raito were handcuffed

The light shone through the window onto the nearly-dark hotel room floor; the curtains had been pulled across most of the windows in the room, giving it a slightly depressing mood. After settling down into his normal (although still quite strange) sitting position L begins to wonder how on earth Watari could have turned on him like that. He's always prepared for the worst, but somehow he caught himself blindsided this morning, unprepared and defenseless against him...
Dropping the 564th sugar cube into his small teacup filled with his usual diabetic-coma inducing drink L sat in his chair pulled up to the computer monitors. "Isn't it a bit strange that Commander Yagami hasn't shown up yet?" Matsuda asked in a slightly concerned voice. Shifting his arms out of his pockets and crossing his arms he continued, "It isn't like him to be late to police business." Leaning against the wall near Matsuda, Raito closed his eyes and let out a small sigh, "He probably just got stuck on a phone call from headquarters or something, I doubt anything is wrong."

A slight frown now appeared on L's face. Spinning his chair around to face Raito and Matsuda (along with the rest of the investigative team that was gathered in the room) he began to speak, "Watari also hasn't arrived yet," lifting up his cup that contained the 99 percent sugar 1 percent tea concoction he continued, "He hasn't answer my calls, I even had to fetch my own tea this morning." Matsuda leaned forward and asked in almost a whisper, "You don't think... Kira could have..?"

But he was cut short by a loud beep from L's Wall-O-Computer Monitors. "Ahh!" L muttered as he spun his chair around to face the monitor that was currently showing the entrance to the building, "There is Watari and Yagami-san coming in now." Lifting his thumb to the corner of his mouth as he stared at the screen with his owlish eyes he continued, "But why are they both late, and together?"

Minutes later both of them entered the main room. "Sumimasen," Yagami bowed slightly, "I hope we didn't worry you for being late." Watari spoke as well, "I was just discussing something with Yagami-san and lost track of time." L stood up and motioned to an empty seat nearby, "That's fine, take a seat and we can begin going over the Kira tapes aga..." "Actually" Raito's father interjected, "We won't be viewing the Kira tapes again today, Ryuuzaki."

At this L straighted up slightly and stared straight at Yagami, slightly taken back by his 'announcement'. "Father, shouldn't that be up to Ryuuzaki?" Raito asked as he raised his eyebrow, he was slightly taken back by his father's comment as well. "I think I need to explain," Watari said as he turned toward Yagami. "Very well," Yagami agreed.

Stepping forward the gentle gray-haired man continued, "Ryuuzaki... You look horrible." Ok, maybe he wasn't quite as 'gentle' today... L sat back down in his knee-hugging position, and half closed his eyes as he replied, "Arigatou, Watari-san." He sighed, "You know what I mean Ryuuzaki, I'm concerned. You haven't slept, or moved away from that computer monitor, in days. The circles under your eyes have darked considerably, you can't keep going like this." He paused and looked around the room at the stunned investigative team, "That is why you, and everyone else, are going to take a week-long vacation from the Kira case starting today. Commander Yagami and I have agreed it's for the best."

Matsuda's jaw dropped, Raito stopped leaning against the wall and stood up straight in surprise, but L just sat there staring at Watari.

"That won't be necessary." L began.

"I think it is." Watari replied.

"No, I think not."

"Well I think so."

This conversation was quickly declining into an immature argument... almost such as a child argues with a parent over not eating his vegetables...

"I'm perfectly healthy, the investigation is still on."

"Then explain your eyes, they don't look healthy."


"Emo? Ryuuzaki?"

"Yes, Watari. It's a very 'in' style right now, and is characterized by dark eye make-up for one thing."

"So, your eyes aren't like that due to lack of sleep? But rather women's make-up?"

"Make-up isn't for women only. Misamisa thinks EMOs look HAWT wearing it!" Misa blurted out, which caused some confusion to Raito... "So... does that mean Misa thinks Ryuuzaki is... hot..? Oh My..." he shuddered visibly at the thought. L pondered for a moment while Misa interrupted, "If I say no, then his point stands. If I say yes then I admit (falsely) to wearing make-up... Raito, Matsuda, and the rest wouldn't let me forget that... Which is more important, Kira, or humiliation?"

Meanwhile Watari was still staring down at the insomniac waiting for his answer.

"Yes. I am wearing eye make-up in fact."

A short giggle could be heard coming from Matsuda's direction...

"Then you don't mind washing it off to prove it?"

"I don't want too." L Stubbornly replied as he shifted his legs into an 'Indian style' position and crossed his arms over his chest. The resemblance to an 8 year old in a classic I-don't-have-to-listen-to-you-you're-not-my-daddy fashion was now complete. "Besides, I am L, the leader of this investigation. Thank you for your concern, but neither you nor Yagami-san has the authority to halt the Kira case." Satisfied with his rebuttal, L spun his chair around once again and began typing.

"Watari may be concerned, but there is nothing he can do to stop this investigation (even if it is only for a week)" Or so that's what L thought...

"L or not, I can be persuasive..." Watari whispered into his ear as he leaned in closer. A small smile crept across his face, he almost looked like Kira right before he began one of his manical 'I'mma-God-bow-down-before-my-awesomeness' laughing fits.

This caught L's curiousity, "What is he up to...? I've never heard Watari be so bold. Is he actually going to try and blackmail me over this? Why is this so important to him?"

"Either take a short one-week vacation, or I may be forced to stop supplying you with your daily sweets. " Ok, now he definitly had a smile on his face resembling pure evil... "Tea & sugar, small animal cookies coated in fudge, marshmellows, chocolate balls, caramel bits, ... and strawberry cake..."

L's huge owl-like eyes almost popped out of his head, and his thin hands stopped typing on the keyboard abruptly. Normally he isn't like this, nothing can get to L and make him lose his cool. But Watari was an exception, because they had known each other for so long; they had a very close relationship and he was quite possible the only person L could ever let his guard down around. But not this morning... which is possibly why L lost his composition for a moment there.

Leaning back into his chair and calming himself down a bit, L replied to the threat, "That's fine Watari-san, I'll simply have the bakery down the street deliver something." Ha! Little good that plan did; as long as you have money (such as L) you can have any type of sweet delivered to you by some store.

"But not my triple-layer white strawberry cake, Ryuuzaki. That one can't be replaced by some mass-producing commercial bakery." L simply stared ahead at the computer screen. If it weren't for his almost always lack of emotion one would probably say he looked angry, not Raito's 'Bang-your-head-against-a-desk-and-scream-out-loud-while-looking-completely-insane' TM angry, but angry non the less. "Percent sure that Raito is Kira: now 4. Percent sure of Watari being Kira: now 96! Sigh,which is more important, Kira, or cake?"

Glancing down he sighed before whispering, "You win Watari-san... a week off for the whole investigation team..."

"Ryuuzaki..." Suddenly L was broken from his thoughts of this morning and brought back the reality of his bedroom. Raito lay in the bed next to the small couch L was sitting on. After all, Raito had been kept up for days due to L's inability to leave the computer desk and actually attempt going to sleep. But since Watari's 'hostile take-over' (as L called it) this morning, L had nothing better to do than to at least let Raito go back to bed.

"Ryuuzaki!" Again Raito's voice mumbled, which finally got L's attention.

"Yes, Raito-kun?"

"Go to bed. Sitting there thinking about the Kira case isn't helping anything." Raito had a point, L thought as he got into the other bed. "But... there is no ... way I can... sle..."

"Huh, figures," Raito mused, "The insomniac fell asleep the second he hit the bed..."