All my life, I have been groomed for greatness, to be an Elvin warrior, although my half vampire heritage complicates things, my father took Severus, my mother as his consort despite what the Elvin court said.

All my father told them was he loved Severus and the goddess had chosen them as mates, so only by the power of the goddess was I created and able to live as a half elf, half vampire.

I took more after my father, I looked like him with my silvery-blond hair, mercury eyes, pale skin, aristocratic features, Elvin attitude and grace, and ability over the Elvin light, but from mother, although I am supposed to call him Severus at school and in public, I gained potion skills, vampire brutality, although it is easier to tame because of the elf, speed, strength and ability to smell out things like a humans unique scent, and the vampire ability over darkness, fortunately they did not terminate each other out, and with the darkness gives me the ability to merge with the shadows, although this was an tremendously complex task to master as all my physical features are light.

So I am told that I will be an Elvin warrior, killing vampires foolish enough to enter Elvin provinces, but foremost I must pass the key trial that awaits me at my seventeenth birthday, where I must prove that I have mastered the skills of the bow, Kama chain, whips, sai's, swords, gauntlets, and throwing stars as well as many unique blades that could be thrown or used at close range. I must also prove my stealth and swiftness.

My birthday is two days away and never before have I been so fretful, this trial will establish the path in life I must take, I must make my family proud they have risked so much within the Elvin and Vampire world to have me, my determination will stand, and I must will it too.

Draco Malfoy closed his journal and looked around the scantily lit dorm room, Blaise his room mate was sound asleep, Draco could tell by the even breathing his elf ears picked up, although under concealments.

Being too anxious to sleep Draco crept out of bed dressing quietly, and headed to visit Severus. Draco knew he would be wide awake as day walking vampires only have to sleep once a week.

"Lacewings," whispered Draco watching the portrait to the youthful looking vampire girl nod and open.

Draco's ears twitched around, listening for any movement, before creeping over to the potions lab, the door was slightly ajar so Draco slipped inside. Looking around Draco saw Severus leaning over a caldron with a ghastly smelling potion inside "Hello Severus," said Draco sinking deeply into an armchair.

Severus jumped faintly "Draconis you know I loathe it when you sneak up on me."

"Sorry mother," smirked Draco.

"Draconis, your not supposed to call me that outside Malfoy manor, or the Elvin realm," sighed Severus setting the potion to a safe heat before falling soundlessly into an armchair.

"How are you this evening?" asked Draco waving his wand to conjure some cakes and tea.

"I am fine Draconis," replied Severus "it's not good to eat sweets this time of night."

"I know, but I'm uneasy about the trial, I can't seem to rest well, I want to do the trial more than anything but…" whispered Draco.

"But you are scared of failing," assumed Severus watching Draco nod "do not worry Dragon, you will do just fine."

"You haven't called me that since I was a small child," smiled Draco, he loved it when his pa showed his sensitive side; it made him feel warm and loved.

Severus smiled back at his only child before pulling Draco into a affectionate embrace "You know I love you my Dragon, you're my child, and if it makes you feel any better I know you will do just fine," smiled Severus holding his son tighter.

"Thank you papa, I feel much better now," said Draco stifled by the hug.

"I'm glad Dragon, now you should get some rest, you will need your energy for your birthday," said Severus before kissing his sons forehead.

"Good night papa," smiled Draco slipping of Severus' lap and heading back to his dorms, where he fell into a light slumber.

Draco awoke first the next morning, his sleep had been restless, but he felt more tired then before 'that's it tonight I'm taking a dreamless sleep,' Draco despised dreamless sleep potions because they left him in a defenseless state, he and Severus were currently working on a potion that lets you sleep dreamlessly, but you can still wake up as easily as you normally do. "I can't wait till Sev and I get that new potion working right," yawned Draco slipping soundlessly out of bed and heading to the showers, once showered and dressed in Hogwarts robes, Draco awoke Blaise.

"I'm up," replied Blaise rolling over to go back to sleep.

Draco smirked thinking of what imaginative way to awaken Blaise this morning, waving his wand Draco sent a shock throughout his body, causing Blaise to leap out of bed hollering.

"DRACO, WHY YOU," yelled Blaise sitting on the floor holding his chest.

"Blaise you would have been late, I tried to wake you," smirked Draco "you have twenty minutes to get to breakfast, don't be late."

Blaise pulled himself off the floor and walked into the bathroom "I'll see you at breakfast," Blaise grumbled through the door.

Draco gathered up his books and walked into the Slytherin common room where Severus was standing "Hello professor," greeted Draco.

"Your father wishes you to take the portkey home this morning, the headmaster already knows," said Severus.

"Thank you professor," replied Draco while thinking into Severus' eyes 'why does he want me home now? Are you coming after classes?'

'He wants to give you some more practice time and to safely rest before your test, and yes I will be there after classes,' thought back Severus, "go on Mr. Malfoy your father is waiting."

"Yes professor," said Draco walking back into his dorms where Blaise was wearing only boxers.

"Draco don't you knock?" said Blaise dressing quickly.

"Why you don't have anything I don't have, quit being so modest," replied Draco waving his wand several times and things started packing themselves, shortly after he was packed and Draco shrunk the trunk and activated the dragon necklace portkey.

Draco arrived in the entrance hall where Lucius swept him into a hug, "I know you're nervous."

"You and your sight abilities," grumbled Draco hugging his father back.

"No Severus told me after you left him last night," replied Lucius "now you must be famished, your papa told me you haven't been eating much at Hogwarts."

"I know, I just that there is this broad aura of menace lurking near Hogwarts, I asked papa a few nights ago and he notices it too," replied Draco.

"Well you are safe here Draconis," smiled Lucius leading Draco into the dining hall, where a light breakfast was elegantly laid out "and tomorrow you, Severus, and I leave for the Elvin realm, where you will rest and gain your strength."

"Yes Dad," smirked Draco "but what am I going to do for the rest of today?"

"Whatever you wish within Malfoy manor, just don't do anything foolish," replied Lucius knowing what his son was planning to do "you and Severus can play with potions after you have been graded; we can not afford any accidents this close to your grading."

"Yes dad, may I visit the stables instead?" asked Draco, who smiled when Lucius nodded "thank you daddy."

Draco spent the entire day with the four horses in Malfoy stables, Midnight, Severus' black stallion, Lunar, Lucius' silver mane, white bodied stallion, Kameko, Narcissa's auburn mare, and Blade, Draco's silvery mane, midnight black steed.

"POP, Master Draco, Sir," asked a house elf popping into the stables.

"Yes Twiggy," replied Draco walking out of Blades stable with a grooming brush in his hand.

"Master Lucius wishes Twiggy to tell you that you are late for supper," said the house elf.

"Yes thank you Twiggy, apparate me to my room," said Draco placing the brush back on the shelf and taking the little elf's outstretched hand.


"Thank you Twiggy you are dismissed," thanked Draco slipping out of his dirty Hogwarts robes, and turning on the taps for a quick shower, walking out of the bathroom Draco snapped his fingers a few times to dry off and dress in a silver grey Elvin robe with black silk patterned embroidery, snapping again Draco's mid-back length hair was in a pleated braid complete with one moonstone jeweled circlet carved with the Malfoy crest, a winged serpent encircling a crystal orb.

"Sorry I am late daddy, papa," said Draco upon entering the room.

"Dragon nice of you to grace us with your presence," smiled Severus watching Draco sit beside Lucius and acrossed from him.

Draco just gave a light smile "daddy where is Narcissa? I thought she would be here."

"She just excused herself for a moment she will be back momentarily," replied Lucius.

Draco nodded as he heard Narcissa open the door "it is wonderful to see you again Narcissa."

"Likewise Draco, how is school going?" she asked.

"Brilliantly, I believe I am achieving O's in Potions, Charms, Transfiguration, Arithmacy, Herbology, and History of Magic if you believe me or not," smirked Draco "and that's all the classes I'm taking this year."

"That's wonderful Draco, I'm proud of you," smiled Narcissa "I'm sure your fathers are proud too."

"Yes we are, we are very proud of Draconis," replied Lucius.

Draco smiled "thank you."

"Your welcome," replied Severus "now, eat you're supper."

The rest of dinner passed in silence, and Draco was so nervous he felt like puking, walking into his room he began to pack for the Elvin realm taking only what was needed as his daddy already owned a large castle-like manor, and his room was filled with Elvin clothing, and other Elvin luxuries.

Draco packed his school work, some extra books, and a few other odds and ends along with a worn-out stuffed white dragon, which Draco had since he was born according to his fathers.

Draco sat down at his hand carved desk, pulling out some parchment, ink and a quill, he had promised to write to Vince and Greg when they found out that he would not be there for his birthday.

Dear Vince and Greg.

Things are going wonderful here, you don't need to worry, tomorrow Father, Severus and I will be going a trip, can't say where. I'll write to you as much as I can.

How are things going at Hogwarts, hopefully Potter isn't getting to cocky without me there to knock him a few pegs down, and the beaver I'm not even going to start. I will be forwarding my homework to the both of you feel free to read it over to help you both with your essays.

Missing my dear friends already,

Draconis Lucius Julian Malfoy.

Draco overlooked his letter, it was brief enough, "I hope they don't worry too much," ever since Draco was small, Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle have always been there to help him out, Draco in return for their true loyalty, taught them anything they wished to know, only the largest secrets were kept from each other, to Draco's knowledge he thought he was the only one keeping secrets, and every time he thought about it he had to push it to the back of his mind. It hurt keeping a secret as large as this one from two people who would die for you if only asked.

Getting up from the desk, Draco walked over to the window and beaconed to his eagle-owl, "here you go boy," said Draco tying the letter to the bird and giving an owl treat to him, the eagle-owl hooted happily as Draco opened the balcony doors, he was high up and the wind gave a pleasant sweep in his hair, petting the owl Draco threw his arm up and the bird flew off into the star filled night.

Draco leaned on the thick stone balcony railing watching the bird fly off, smiling gently to himself Draco walked back inside leaving the doors wide open, striping down to boxers he slipped into his soft feather, silk coated bed, and for the first time since the summer Draco slept peacefully.