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Takes place around a week after the last chapter ended. Over all, the fiction spans the course of just two months including Dursley time.

Words: 8,153

Chapter 5

Third Time's The Charm

The Ministry of Magic was bustling first thing the next day. Lucius Malfoy, looking splendid in a long, dark green velvet robe with a satin cloak, swept down the long atrium towards the holding cells. Every once in a while, someone would stop and stare at him, but Lucius just threw them a haughty sneer and they quickly, and shamefully, turned away. Running on behind Lucius was the Minister for Magic. Cornelius Fudge had somehow – miraculously – become Minister again when Rufus Scrimgeour was murdered in a Death Eater raid just before Voldemort was defeated. But, Lucius didn't particularly mind, after all, Cornelius was rather easy to manipulate; unlike Scrimgeour who hated the very sight of the Malfoys.

Fudge was once again sporting his god-awful lime green bowler hat, which clashed terribly with his orange and white-stripped robes. It wasn't any wonder that Lucius was walking so far ahead of the other man. Plus it was rather funny to see Fudge run.

Lucius continued to walk down the long, winding corridors, hallways he knew rather well since the cells were where he and his Death Eater friends had been kept before they were sentenced to Azkaban. He shuddered at the memory; and then smirked as he remembered who exactly was in the cells now.

The closer he got to his destination, the bleaker the corridors became. The lights dimmed. There was only one, very low powered light spell every three meters. Lucius had to trail a gloved hand along the wall as he walked because he rather thought he might trip over. Fudge actually did trip. Lucius heard a thump and looked behind him, an eyebrow raised in distain, as he looked down on the fat man who lay sprawled on the floor.

"God Merlin, man, get up, we haven't all day." Lucius barked out and turned around. He carried on walking, smirking as he heard Fudge stand and complain quietly about he pain in his backside. "Pain in the arse is right," Lucius hissed mutinously, as the Minister continued to lumber on loudly.

Lucius wrinkled his nose as an unpleasant smell wafted towards him. Fudge snorted as he noticed the disgusted look on the blonds face. "They stink don't they?" Lucius nodded, inwardly sneering at the pointlessness of that comment. He already knew they stank, for Merlin's sake.

"Have they not washed?" Lucius knew very well that the only washing allowed was the cleaning charms Aurors performed. Or, if you were very lucky, a freezing cold bucket of water.

"They won't let us 'freaks and our freaky things' near them." Fudge said disdainfully. "Freaks! He called us freaks Malfoy!"

"He will pay, and pay dearly." The aristocrat growled, his eyes narrowed as he remembered the punishments Harry had received from the man for merely being a 'freak'. "He will pay." He repeated and Fudge shot him a confused look.

"Well of course they'll be going to Azkaban." The Minister said with a smirk.

Lucius allowed the corner of his lips to twitch just slightly, before he blanked his face and stopped in front of the one cell that held specific interest to him. "Ah, Mr. Dursley. I'd say it was pleasant, but I'd hate to lie." The man snarled at him. "Mrs. Dursley," he added with a mock bow, "and you must be Duddikins, or is it Diddydums?"

"Ridiculous names either way." Fudge muttered, but Lucius catch it and chuckled faintly. Fudge looked rather pleased with himself for making the tight-laced blond laugh in public.

"Now Cornelius," Lucius began and then paused to brush his hair back from his face.

Fudge lent forward, slightly, waiting to hear what Lucius had to say. "Yes?"

"I was thinking, it wouldn't be enough to just sentence them to Azkaban. Don't you think?" Fudge hummed and hahhed a little but never actually got to give an answer as Lucius began to talk again. "After all, Muggles cannot see the Dementors so they don't really have the same physiological effect as they do on Wizards. Can you imagine the public reaction to you if these people get off so lightly? They might even try to throw you out of Office again. What if Dumbledore becomes Minister?"

"Never!" Fudge cried, absolutely appalled by the idea. "What should we do, Lucius? What can we do?"

"These people hurt Harry Potter."

"Yes," Fudge muttered, "yes, they hurt the Boy-Who-Saved-Us. They need to be punished. What would you suggest?"

"Oh no, Cornelius, I couldn't. These decisions fall to you, so you may take credit for them." Lucius simpered, mentally cackling at the idiot of a man in front of him.

The Dursleys in their cell trembled at the conversation going on before them. They honestly couldn't understand what was so special about Potter, nor why what they had done was so bad. Petunia Dursley snorted; they didn't feed the boy like a pig, so what? He was finished growing, he didn't need that much to eat, unlike her Dudley. And didn't Potter have a roof over his head? And honestly, how was she expected to love a freak like Potter?

"Let me see…" he trailed off with a thoughtful expression on his face. "Isn't your son Potters boyfriend?"

"He is." Lucius raised an eyebrow, wondering where this conversation was leading.

"I bet your son would be very angry with the Muggles."

Lucius smirked; it seemed he and Fudge were on the same page. "I believe Draconais would dearly love to kill them." He sneered at the Dursleys, who flinched away from him.

"Well, maybe not kill. I'm sure there are plenty of Potters friends who would like to make their feelings known, wouldn't you say Lucius?" Fudge smirked to himself; very proud of the idea he'd come up with, all by himself.

Lucius knew what the man was thinking, but let it be. After all, there would be plenty of Muggle lovers against the idea. Better to let Fudge deal with the backlash than have it affect him, personally. "Yes, Cornelius, I believe there would be. Severus Snape and myself included, of course. Potter has rather grown on us during the past week."

The Minister for Magic nodded again, a large smile on his face. What a wonderful idea, he mused silently. Everyone would surely be pleased that he was avenging the abused Boy Hero. No one could possibly find fault with this idea; it wouldn't be possible. To be against his newest idea, meant they didn't care that Potter had been harmed to such an extent.

"We should set out some ground rules, don't you agree Lucius?" The blond nodded sharply. "It wouldn't do to have them die before the trial."

"I agree Cornelius. Shall we say no Unforgivables, no fatal Curses, no permanent mental damage. Azkaban would hardly be worthwhile if they were driven insane before they arrived, hmm Cornelius?"

"Quite right, Lucius. And, shall we say no rape either?"

"Why? My good man, what goes around comes around. That filthy Muggle raped Potter at least twice. I say have at him, all ye who can bare to touch him." Lucius smirked at the gob smacked look on the Minister's face. Fudge's eyes were wide and his mouth hung open unattractively. His hands reached up slowly and plucked his lime green bowler from his head. His hands clenched around the hat, crushing it into a ball as he stared in horror at Vernon Dursley.

"HOW DARE YOU!" Came a shriek from within the cell. While Vernon and Dudley had gone pale and began to tremble, Petunia had jumped to her feet, her face red in anger and her hands balled at her side. "How dare you horrid little freaks accuse my family of such dreadful deeds? How can you even insinuate that my husband would even touch that filthy little brat?"

"Accuse?" Lucius asked with a smirk. "Insinuate? My good-" he snorted, "-woman, we have proof, evidence given under Veritaserum. We don't accuse or insinuate; we know your Muggle husband raped Harry Potter twice; once with the help of your son. So no, we don't dare 'accuse' you. We are telling you."

Fudge straightened out his hat and placed it back on his head with a determined nod. "We are also telling you this won't go unpunished. Lucius, who do you think should go first?"

"Severus, I believe. And then I'm sure Draco would enjoy a visit as well."

"And yourself, Lucius?" Fudge asked, wiping his brow with the back of his sleeve. He shifted nervously from foot to foot as he waited for an answer.

"I believe I would just like to watch, if I may, Minister?" Fudge nodded.

"Right," he said, "I'll have the paper work drawn up, and I'll owl you with the details. It was nice to speak with you again, Lucius. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help Potter, won't you?"

"Oh I will, Cornelius," Lucius assured, with a smirk on his face. He shook hands with the Minister for Magic. With one last sneer in the Muggle's direction, he said, "see you in court." Before he turned on his heel and made his way from the holding cells, his hand trailing along the wall until light was sufficient enough for his to strut as he usually did. He sneered at anyone who looked at him, and made his way to Smeltings to speak with Severus.

His hand clenched around his Portkey when he arrived in the Apparation Room; the only place within the Ministry building not surrounded by wards. With a small 'pop' he handed on his feet inside Severus' – and Potters' – apartment. Harry, who was sitting on the couch reading a book, jumped a foot in the air when he looked up and saw Lucius smirking down at him.

"Bloody hell!" He breathed, his hand pressed over his heart. His book dropped to the floor.

Lucius bent down to pick it up, apologizing for startling Harry at the same time. He flipped the book open, smirking at the page Harry had been reading. "Ah, Wilfred Owen. Amiable Muggle, I dare say."

"You know him?" Harry asked, excitedly.

"Yes." Lucius smirked. "A little. Is this for school?"

"No, this is my book. I like him. And Plath, and Blake and Poe." Harry flushed at the look Lucius was giving him. The man's brow was creased and his eyes narrowed in thought before a smile flitted across his face and he relaxed.

"Amusing, no, that you seem to enjoy rather morbid poets?" Harry blushed slightly. "But Owen, he has merit. Truthful if I recall. 'My friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie: Dulce et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori.' A lie indeed." The blond sat on the sofa, beside Harry and handed the book back.

"It is sweet and fitting to die for ones country." Harry whispered. "A lie indeed," he repeated with a sad smile, briefly remembering the deaths of people he knew at Voldemort's hand or wand. "What do you think about Blake?" Harry asked softly, leaning forward to listen.

"'I dreamt a dream! What can it mean? And that I was a maiden Queen guarded by an Angel mild: witless woe was ne'er beguiled!'" Lucius quoted with a flourish, a small smile on his lips. His son had never been very fond of poetry, nor had Severus, so it was pleasant to be able to talk about his passion with someone who actually listened.

Harry grinned back, "'And I wept both night and day, and he wiped my tears away; and I wept both day and night, and hid from him my heart's delight. So he took his wings, and fled; then the morn blushed rosy red. I dried my tears, and armed my fears with ten-thousand shields and spears.'" Lucius clapped softly and Harry blushed, feeling pleased that he could remember half the poem off the top of his head.

"'Soon my Angel came again; I was armed, he came in vain; for the time of youth was fled,'" Lucius said and then simultaneously they finished with, "'and gray hairs were on my head.'"

Harry giggled slightly and opened his book again. "'He loves to sit and hear me sing, then, laughing, sports and plays with me; then stretches out my golden wing, and mocks my loss of liberty.'"

"Ah," Lucius said appreciatively, "one of my favourite Blake pieces." He took the book back and skipped a few pages. He raised his eyebrows as he read through one poem silently. "Sea Lullaby?" He asked. To him the poem sounded more like an ode to murder. He chuckled faintly.

"Elinor Wylie? Yeah, it's the only one I know by her, but I rather think it's good." Harry grinned at the elder Wizard. When Lucius had first started to spend time at the apartments – even going as far as to offer to sleep on the couch, until Snape decided to enlarge the room and add an extra bedroom – Harry had been very worried and scared that the blond would try and make Draco hate him again. But instead, Lucius took every effort and opportunity to spend time with his son's boyfriend. Harry found it very strange, at first, having people that weren't in his close circle of friends be interested in him and his opinions. But Lucius was kind to him, which in itself was strange, as Harry had always thought that Lucius Malfoy was a cold, heartless bastard. But the blond was proving him wrong.

Harry actually enjoyed spending time with Lucius over the past week. Draco was ecstatic as well, he hadn't stopped grinning – in private – since Lucius had given Draco his approval.

They had just launched into a conversation about Yeats when Severus entered the apartment, frowning and waving a letter in front of him. "Lucius!" He snarled as he caught sight of the blond man. "That damned owl nearly scratched my eyes out it was in such a hurry. How long has it been flapping around outside?"

"I did not notice it, I am afraid." Lucius said, before turning his attention to the letter. "Is that from Cornelius? The owl would have been wearing a green collar." Severus nodded. "Oh good." The Potions Master handed the letter over and Lucius opened it quickly, reading the contents with a smirk on his face. "If you'll excuse us Harry, Severus and I have some business to take care of."

"We do?" Severus asked as Harry mumbled 'goodbye'.

"We shall finish our talk later, if you wouldn't mind, yes?" Harry beamed up at him, feeling much better once he knew Lucius wasn't leaving because Harry bored him. "Come Severus, this will not wait." As they were out of the door, Lucius handed the letter over.

"Draco's in the library." Severus said, knowing what Lucius was about to ask. "it's in the basement of the building and only available to Smelting students." Severus couldn't figure out why they just didn't build a library in the school.

"Then you'll have to lead the way." The blond followed his friend towards the Muggle library where they found the younger blond and, without telling Draco what was going on, they made their way to the Ministry of Magic.

Dear Lucius,

My idea had been approved. I am very pleased by the positive response the idea had received. It just goes to show that Potter has more loyalty that You-Know-Who and Dumbledore had put together. Nonetheless: to the point.

Snape and young Draco have first shot at visiting those Muggles. They shall be in the same cell as they were when you were here earlier. Once you have left the premises, a short announcement will be printed in the Daily Prophet. It will be addressed to close friends of Potter's. Any of which may visit with the Muggles before the trial date, providing they do not kill, main, or torture them to insanity. As much as I am loath to allow such a crude act to occur, rape may be allowed.

The punishment should fit the crime, after all. Enjoy your day.

Cornelius Fudge; Minister for Magic.

Draco sent the Dursley's a cruel grin as he stood outside their cell, his wand raised. "Abscindo!" He cried, and laughed as hundreds of shallow cuts sprang up across the fat, trembling body in front of him. Petunia Dursley shrieked and tried to throw herself in front of her son, trying to protect him, but only succeeded in ending the Curse. "Abscindo!" He hissed, smirking as this time it was the Mrs. Dursley who began to bleed.

"Serpens ab Aquatilis," Snape drawled out in a deadly whisper. His wand flashed a pale blue before sparks began to slither out of the tip and curl up on the floor in the shape of a snake. The cobra lifted its head, the hood flaring out and hissed. It looked for a brief instant as if it were shedding its skin as it moved. But Draco squinted; looking closer and gasped as he realized it wasn't shedding skin, but water. Fat drops of water were falling from the snake and evaporating once they touched the floor. The snake was made of water.

Snape waved his wand again. He lifted his arm up and the snake rose so it was resting on the end of its tail. The he pointed his arm straight out in front of him and the snake dived towards the Dursleys, making them shriek in fear and cower. Then Snape's arm moved up again and he jabbed the wand forward. The snake hissed and raised itself up before diving towards Vernon. As the man screamed, the snake disappeared into the man's mouth and down his throat. The fat man began making horrific gurgling noises as the snake flooded his lungs. His eyes were wide with terror and the other two Muggles were screaming along with him. Draco shuddered at the noises Dursley Sr. was making, but only because he couldn't help imagine if Harry made such pitiful, horrifying noises when he was raped.

Draco's eyes narrowed and Snape waved his wand, vanishing the snake. Vernon fell, panting, to the floor and cried in relief as he sucked in huge lungfuls of air. "Iuguolo," Draco said, his wand pointed at Dudley's left hand. With a clap like thunder the hand exploded, fingers flying in all directions as Dudley screamed for all he was worth before fainting. Vernon wet himself, eyes trained on the ruined hand.

"I thought we weren't to maim?" Severus asked amusedly.

Draco shrugged and Lucius said, "Any good healer can fix that."

"Enervate," Snape said casually, giving a lazy flick of his wand. "If you are taking that attitude, then I suppose there is nothing to do but to join in. Cutis Amputo!" His wand was pointed at Petunia this time. With a slow smile spreading across his face, he watched strips of skin peel off of her face and fall to the floor. Her hands darted to her face, trying desperately to stem the blood flow. She sobbed hysterically, her eyes wide and her shoulders trembled as she slipped into shock. With a roll of his eyes, Snape cast another spell on the woman; to bring her out of shock and keep her out of it.

Lucius added his own spell to the mix. One to slow blood flow: just in case she bled to death before they were finished playing with her. "Could we possibly continue?" Lucius drawled, sneering at the smell and the sight of the three Muggles. Especially considering Vernon just wet himself again.

"We could, father." Draco drawled back, a grin on his face. "Shall we?" he looked to Severus.

"We shall." The man said with a cruel smirk. "Erumpo," they repeated together, both of their wands trained on Dudley's right hand. Lucius sighed, wishing he had remembered to ask for wine. There was nothing like a good Merlot to wash down the horrid taste in his mouth he always got when he was around Muggles – even when he was watching them die.


After Draco left the library, Blaise found himself feeling rather lonely. So, he left his books on the table and headed outside, looking for someone to talk to. He found Seamus and Hermione sitting on a bench outside the building their apartments were housed in with books open on their laps. "Hey," he said as he sat down beside them.

"Hello," Hermione said with her eyes never leaving the page in front of her. "Where's Harry?"

"Back in our apartment I think." Blaise sighed, "I got bored of doing homework, especially since I'm on my own now. Draco went off with his father earlier." Seamus nodded in agreement, closing his own book and dropping it to the floor.

"Well, I want to do well, even if you boys don't." She huffed and stood up; carrying her books underneath one arm. "I suppose I'll see if Harry is interested." She turned and walked up the path leading to the main doors of the apartment complex. She knocked on the door to Harry's apartment and smiled when the door opened a fraction and two green eyes peered out at her through the gap. "It's me, Harry." The door opened wider and Hermione stepped into the room. "Are you alone?"

"Yes." He said quietly as they made their way to the sofa. "Lucius was here, but then he and Severus had to leave."

"Blaise said Draco went with them." Harry smiled.

"I figured as much. Are you here to help me with this essay? I was asking Lucius what his opinions were but Severus interrupted before I could get anything useful."

"Malfoy's dad has read Yeats?" She asked with wide eyes. "I thought they were too 'Muggle' for him."

"Yeats wasn't a Muggle." Harry giggled. "Lucius said Yeats was part elf. I can't decide if he was joking or not. Also, did you know, Poe was almost kissed by a Dementor and that's why he always seemed to morbid and depressed?" Hermione gasped and listened intently. "And Ted Hughes was a necromancer. When Plath died, Hughes brought her back to life and kept her in his basement!"

"Ok, that last one is a lie." She said with a scowl.

He grinned and shrugged apologetically. "Yeah, sorry, I couldn't resist." He smiled as she lent over to hug him. She smiled as he hugged her back. It had taken Hermione almost four days to come to terms with the fact that his uncle had raped him, but now they were back to normal. The day after he and Draco had first kissed, Ron and Hermione had cornered him and demanded answers. He had told them everything: if Seamus, Draco and Snape could deal with it, so could they. Hermione had burst into tears and Ron had threatened to kill the Muggles if he ever got his hands on them. But neither could meet Harry's eyes.

It took Hermione four days to stop looking at Harry with pity and notice he was practically healed already. It took Ron six days before he could even look at Harry without getting angry on the brunette's behalf, and that was only after Seamus beat him up for making Harry think Ron thought Harry was dirty. Hermione really didn't understand boys sometimes.

They read over the specified poems by Yeats that they were expected to write an essay on.

As Draco was leaving Azkaban, he convinced his father to allow them to stop over at Gringotts. After a quick trip into the Malfoy vaults and another trip to Malfoy Manor to get everything set up and make sure his mother was out, Draco allowed himself to be escorted back to Smeltings. At the same time, the Daily Prophet was printed an express copy offering the chance to punish the people who had harmed Harry Potter – even though hardly any people at all knew how badly the Saviour had been treated. With a smile, Lucius and Severus headed to the nearest café, planning on wasting enough time for Draco to finish his arrangements.

An owl came barrelling in through the door of the apartment as Hermione opened it to leave, hours later. She gasped and ducked down, as the bird flew over her head and towards Harry. He unfolded the letter from the owl's leg and smiled.


Take the Portkey. I have a surprise for you. Trust me.


"I think I have a date, Mione." He said with a small smile.

She walked through the threshold. "Have fun," she said over her shoulder, closing the door behind her. He ran his hands down his clothes, straightening out the wrinkles but he was too nervous to change. His hand gripped the Portkey, which was a small Muggle sweet, in the shape of a heart with 'love me' written on it. The love heart grew slightly hot as he held onto it, and they both disappeared together.

Harry looked up from where he landed on the floor. "I is Dinky," a house elf informed him as Harry picked himself off the floor. "I is to bring you to master Draco."

"Where are we?" Harry asked as he followed the house elf down the long corridor towards the dining room.

"We is at Malfoy Manor, master Harry, Sir."

Harry's eyes widened. "It's beautiful." A few of the portraits that were staring at him as he passed under then began to preen at the comment.

"Hello Harry," Draco greeted the moment Dinky pushed open the two large doors that led into the dining room. Draco was seated at the top of a very long table; he was in the chair to the right of the head position – which Harry assumed was Lucius' seat. "Traditionally, you're supposed to sit beside me. But I think it would be more romantic if you sat opposite me." That would have been Narcissa's seat, Harry mused.

Dinky took Harry by the elbow and led him towards the table. He pushed Harry into the chair and with a click of his fingers it was tucked close to the table. Harry let out a startled gasp and Draco gave a small chuckle in response. "I've missed you, today. Father said he was speaking with you."

"Yeah, I was hoping he'd help with the answers to that essay we have to write for English. Snape interrupted though. But Hermione and I did it together anyway. We finished just before your letter came." Harry blushed faintly as Draco continued to stare straight at him. "How are you?"

"Very well." He smirked. "Do you like my surprise?"

"Oh very much!" He gushed. "Thank you. What's for dinner?" he asked as his eyes roamed over the table, which was only set for two. There were around five different forks beside his plate and Harry gulped.

"Don't worry. Just use whichever one I use. You'll learn, love. I promise." Harry nodded and tried to relax. "As for dinner, you'll have to wait and see." They spoke for a moment longer, about nothing important but Harry felt like it was the most important conversation of his life. Every conversation he had with Draco was important as far as he was concerned. Harry jumped slightly when a house elf popped in beside him and began to fill his glass with a deep red wine. "Merlot," Draco told him, "father's favourite."

Harry took a hesitant sip and quickly put the glass back down. "I've never really had anything alcoholic unless you count Butterbeer. I don't want to get drunk on our first date."

"Would you like some water?" Harry nodded and the house elf disappeared for a moment. It reappeared a second later with a second glass, this one filled with water, which he sat down besides Harry's plate.

The starter was brought out, which was made up of garlic bread, rolls, and finger sandwiches. Neither Harry nor Draco really ate many of them. The house elfs left the first course on the table and Harry smiled at the sight. "It looks delicious." He whispered. There was Caesar salad, and caviar with pieces of chicken. Harry happily took the chicken and left the salad and caviar to his boyfriend. "Ew… fish eggs!" He groaned as Draco put a large spoonful in his mouth teasingly.

"It's lovely." Draco teased with a smirk as Harry cringed.

The second course was a choice of lobsters and oysters on another salad of some sort, fresh salmon with new potatoes, or hippogriff steaks with one of two side sauces; either Firewhiskey flavoured barbeque sauce or olive and chive salad dressing. Both Harry and Draco looked rather ill, for different reasons, when the Hippogriff choice was announced. "Let's never speak of it again," Draco suggested with a shudder.

Desert was by far Harry's favourite course, and Draco's too if the amount of cake he consumed was anything to go by. There was bowls of ice cream as large as someone's head, there were huge pieces of fudge and chocolate cake, there was tiramisu or banoffee pie to choose from, or even a Canadian special: coffee with lots of maple syrup and cream. Harry had to try a little bit of everything; most of these things he'd never seen before, only heard Dudley talking about how nice they were.

When they had finished eating and the house elves had cleared the table, Draco swallowed nervously and downed the rest of his glass of wine. Harry followed suit. Draco's nervousness was making him nervous too. Draco pushed a book across the table, and Harry turned it around to read the front cover. 'Understanding the Bond: What is Bonding and What Does It Mean For You?'

"Harry, I really, really, really care about you and I enjoy spending time with you and I think that I was made entirely to love you." Harry's eyes widened as Draco stood up out of his chair and walked towards him. "I should have said this first, but I love you. A lot. And I was wondering, if you wanted, would you bond with me?" His hand dug into his pocket and a second later he was holding a square velvet box out towards the brunette.

Harry took the box and opened it slowly. Inside was a silver ring with the Malfoy family crest on the top of it. "It's to signify that you belong to a member of the Malfoy family, and are to be treated as a Malfoy." He blushed slightly as Harry picked the ring from the boxed and turned it around in his hand.

"Belong to?" He asked suspiciously, "like a slave?"

"Merlin no! It just means you're bonded. It's all in the book. You don't have to answer, until you read the box. The Potter's should have a bonding ring, but the goblins at Gringotts wouldn't let me check without you there. If you agree, maybe you wouldn't mind getting it?" His hand flexed slightly, smiling at the imaginary weight of a bonding ring on his finger.

He turned and walked out of the door leaving Harry alone with the book about bonds, and the ring. He lay the ring down on the dining table and opened the book to the contents page. He skimmed the contents quickly. His eyes lingered on 'Accepting a Bond' on page 79 but he skipped back to page 76: 'Bonding and Belonging'.

Forming a bond with another person is similar to marriage in the exchange of vows. However, unlike marriage, vows are exchanged on a magical level and cannot be undone as simply as a couple can divorce. The only instant in which a bond will dissolve is when one partner physically inflicts harm on the other.

When a bond is formed the magic from both parties leaves their body briefly and fuses together momentarily in the surrounding space before drifting back into the Witch or Wizard. Since the magic had fused at one point, the bond had formed. Bonding is literally a fusion or a joining. One the magic has joined; most wards and spells will recognize one partner as the other at times. For instance, if one partner was the owner of an ancestral Manor, the wards would recognize the married-in person as the owner of the building as well.

The bonding rings signify belonging. As blood is important to the old families, the purer you are the more respect you receive. However if a Mudblood were to marry a Pureblood, and wear a bonding ring signifying belonging to a Pureblooded family, they would be treated equal to the Pureblood by default. It does not mean they belong to their partner, but rather to the family and the bloodlines.

Some people wrongly link bonding and slavery into the same category, but that is incorrect. Bonding is a symbol of love and devotion to another person; it is practically unbreakable and must only be used in cases where both parties are very sure and willing to enter into the bond. When two members of the ancestral families join in bonding, they exchange bonding rings, which symbolizes mutual devotion to one another and marks them as equals in the eyes of society; regardless of whether one is Purer than the other.

The only words that really mattered to Harry were that people used the bond when they were very sure and willing, which in Harry's mind, meant very much in love. With a small smile, he picked the ring up off the table and slipped it onto his ring finger.

He'd known he was in love with Draco for a while now, but he had never been sure if it was too soon or not. But Draco had said it first, so there was no chance that Harry could scare Draco off by saying it back. He paused: what if Draco thought Harry was only saying it because he did? No, Draco wouldn't think that. He knew Harry didn't lie about things this important.

Harry cleared his throat and called for Dinky, who appeared with an over exaggerated bow. "I is taking you to master Draco now." He took Harry by the elbow and led him down the corridor quickly.

"I was hoping you'd say yes," Draco said as Harry was pushed into the blond Wizard's bedroom by Dinky. The room was lit by candlelight, which flickered and cast shadows on the walls. There were rose petals scattered across the floor, cutting a path towards the bed. Harry's eyes widened as he caught sight of Draco who was only wearing a pair of pyjama pants.

"What?" Harry asked, taking a step away from the blond.

Draco sat up, looking worried. "You didn't read about accepting the bond, did you? I had certain pages marked for you."

"I didn't notice, sorry." Harry stuttered, his face flaming in embarrassment. "Why are you practically naked?"

"It is expected we make love now." Harry made a strangled choking sound and took another step backwards. "I thought you had read the marked pages in the book, I am sorry." Harry was frantically pulling at the ring, trying to get it off his finger. "It won't come off until the bond dissolves, Harry; if I ever hit you, it'll fall off."

Harry looked up with wide eyes. "I don't think I'm ready to have sex."

"I'm so sorry, love." Draco made his way off of the bed and towards the brunette, before pulling Harry into his arms. Harry pressed his face against his fiancés neck and sobbed lightly. "When you accept the bond the first stage is physical. We have to come together in intercourse for our magic to first begin to fuse. Then the bonding ceremony where out magic leaves us and joins together again will happen a few months later." He paused, "if we don't have sex, the bond will mutate."

"What happens?"

Draco looked away. "The last recorded incident occurred in 1657. Madeline Ravenswood wasn't allowed to bond physically before the ceremony with fiancé Gerald Richards. Her magic continued to be called by Richards'. The magic calls to each other, Harry. Ours are beginning to; can't you feel it? Ravenswood was the only one wearing a ring. She became a Squib a month before the ceremony and died a week after that."

"I could die?" He asked in a quiet voice pulling away. "I want to be with you, Draco, but I'm so scared. What if it hurts?"

"It might, but I honestly don't want to hurt you. I love you Harry, so very much and I want to make love with you, and belong to you and have you be mine in return. I have no idea you'd put the ring on before reading the pages I folded down for you." He ran a hand down the side of Harry's face, gently, lovingly. "I love you."

"Say it again, please?"

"I love you." He repeated firmly, pressing a kiss to the side of Harry's mouth.

Harry took a deep breath and pulled away from Draco. Before the blond could comprehend what was happening, Harry had peeled his robes off and dropped them to the ground. Draco whetted his lips as he felt the blood rushing south. Harry began to unbutton his shirt, before shrugging it off of his shoulders. He kicked his shoes off and pulled off his socks. He looked up at Draco and smiled. They were both only wearing a pair of pants now.

"Say it again." His breath hitched as he walked closer to the blond.

"I love y-" Draco began but he was cut off as Harry's lips crushed themselves to his own. With a moan he pulled his fiancé against him, holding their bodies tight together, trying to get even closer to the delectable brunette.

Their tongues duelled viciously, both wanting to get the better of the other, both demanding dominance and showing stubbornness. Then Draco pinched Harry's arse, and the brunette gasped and allowed Draco the opportunity to force his tongue into Harry's mouth. Harry moaned as Draco explored his mouth, tracing his gums and teeth and running along the top of his tongue as well. They pulled back, panting heavily and clinging to the other's shoulders.

"Don't hurt me?" Harry asked, his entire body trembling as Draco manoeuvred them both back towards the bed.

"Never." Draco promised, swooping down to steal another passionate kiss. His hands slid down Harry's body, tweaking at the body's nipples making the brunette gasp into Draco's mouth. His fingers found the zipper on Harry's trousers and pulled it down. Harry tensed up slightly, but Draco's other hand began to card through the black locks and Harry moaned again as Draco tongue prodded at his lips. "I love you." The blond whispered against Harry's ear.

"I love you too." Harry smiled at the awed look that crossed Draco's face as he heard the words for the first time. The blond grinned and swept Harry into his arms, carrying him bridal style the last few centimetres to the bed before laying him down gently. He tugged the trousers down Harry's legs and let them drop off the end of the bed onto the floor. He lay down on top of Harry and licked his lips.

"What do you want me to do?"

"What do you mean?" Harry asked, his eyes wide and innocent.

"Do you want me to, you know, just do it? Or would you rather I-" Draco stuttered, nervously running a hand through his hair.

"Can we just do it please? Before I lose my nerve?" Draco nodded. Despite the fact that it wasn't the romantic first time he had imagined they'd share, he knew that if they didn't do it soon, Harry would panic and they wouldn't do it at all. And anyway, they had the bonding night to explore each other more fully. Harry took a deep breath as Draco accioed a tube of lubricant. "I'm ready."

"You'll enjoy it, I promise. I'll make it good." He grinned as he slicked his fingers up. "Second time's the charm, right?"

Harry just smirked. "Third time." Harry corrected. "This will be my third time. But it's the only one that will matter," he promised, pulling Draco's head down for a kiss. Harry closed his eyes as he felt one finger prod at his arse hole. His entire body tensed up as he remembered someone else pressing against that same place inside him. He let out a sob, but calmed the moment he opened his eyes and caught sight of the messy, platinum blond hair. A colour only one other person had.

He kept his eyes fixed on Draco's hair, concentrating on the colour and not that fact that Draco had one of his fingers inside of Harry's arse. A second joined the first and Harry arched in pain as he was stretched. Truthfully it didn't hurt as much as Vernon shoving his cock into him hurt, but it was uncomfortable nonetheless. But Draco was being so patient and gentle; the blond spent five minutes twisting and scissoring one finger alone before he even added a second, and Harry had to admit, while it was sweet, it was also frustrating.

"Please more," he moaned as he arched his back again. This time in pleasure as Draco trailed a nail across Harry's prostate gland.

A third finger pressed into the brunette's body and Harry gave a groan, making Draco pause briefly. Harry arched his back, thrusting his hips, fucking the fingers inside of him. "More," he demanded and Draco began to move his fingers again. Harry's eyes were still fixed on Draco's hair, musing on the uniqueness of the colour as Draco pulled his fingers out. Harry gave a disappointed whine, as he suddenly felt empty.

"Soon, my love," Draco promised in a whisper as he reached for the lube again. He spread the sticky liquid along the length of his cock, making sure he was slick before he threw the lube off the bed and positioned himself at Harry's stretched hole. "Ready?"

"As I'll ever be. Third time, right?" Harry gave a small smile, which soon became a wince as Draco pressed into him. Soon the head of Draco's cock was engulfed by Harry's tight heat, and he felt so very full. It was a lot large than three fingers, Harry thought as Draco nudged forward, sinking another inch into the raven-haired boy beneath him. Harry gave a groan as he was finally filled, and Draco was in him to the hilt. They both clutched at each other's shoulders, trembling; one with pain and the other with the need to move.

"I'm ready," Harry said at last, and Draco pulled out an inch before pushing back in. Soon, Harry was comfortable enough for Draco to pull out enough so that only the head was still breaching the other's body. With every thrust, Draco aimed to hit Harry's prostate, and judging from the cried the brunette was letting out, Draco was doing a good job.

Harry's eyes had slipped closed soon after Draco had entered him, but unlike he feared Vernon Dursley's face had not flashed behind closed eyelids. Instead, all Harry could see, could hear and feel and smell was Draco Malfoy. His fiancé.

Draco was making him feel so good, and Draco was making the most erotic noises as he fucked Harry, that Harry didn't feel the least bit guilty enjoying something he had feared and loathed weeks before. He would never forget what Vernon Dursley had done to him, never, but he was healing, and he would put it behind him and move on with his life. Draco making love with him would fill his dreams form now on, Harry decided. He wouldn't let those bastard Muggles control his life; Vernon wouldn't win!

"Oh shit!" Harry screamed as Draco's hand encircled his cock and began to jerk it, hard and fast. Harry's fingers clutched at Draco's hair, his eyes flying open to meet mercury coloured eyes staring directly down at him. Draco's face was a picture of ecstasy as he came, spilling his seed within Harry's body – and with his seed, Draco exchanged a piece of his magic. He panted, leaning down for a kiss as he continued to stroke Harry.

Harry moaned; his abdomen felt like it was on fire. It burnt and it tingled, but it felt so good. The sensation travelled down to his groin and made his cock throb, as his back arched and he came across Draco's hand and his own stomach, a cry on his lips. "DRACO!" He screamed as the blond's mouth left his. "I love you."

"Love you too." Draco smiled as they were both surrounded by a faint red glow. The first stage of the Bonding was complete.


Two days later the Dursley family was sentenced to life in Azkaban, and Minister Fudge looked extremely pleased with himself when he noticed how twitchy they were being. After the article was published in the Daily Prophet, many people took the opportunity to 'visit' the family of Muggles. Ron included. Although, no one told Harry about it because Harry being Harry would somehow blame himself.

Albus Dumbledore was fine 45,768,890 Galleons and 89 Sickles for the neglect of Harry Potter and banned from working with children for five years for the charge of endangerment – Lucius had decided to bring up the Philosophers Stone incident, not to mention allowing the school to remain open for half a year with a Basilisk running loose.

As a group of Aurors were dragging the Muggles from the room, Harry raised his wand and pointed it at his uncle. With a word, he hexed the man impotent. Draco, Lucius and Severus shared a wince at the very idea of never being able to get it up, but congratulated Harry on sticking up for himself. Hermione had merely rolled her eyes, like many times in the past, and muttered, "boys!"

"We should go back to Smeltings, then." Harry said with a groan.

Hermione laughed and thumped him on the back, "oh really, Harry! We only have less than four months. It's not nearly enough time to revise before the NEWTs start."

"This Muggle stuff better come up, or we're all screwed!"

"That," Draco added with a sneer, "is why we brought Magical books with us."

"Oh?" Harry looked at Hermione who nodded.

"Oh Harry, you haven't even looked at them?"

"I don't have any! No one came to bring me to Diagon Alley!" He sighed and really felt like banging his head off a wall. Draco wrapped an arm around his waist comfortingly.

"You can have mine." Hermione offered, "I've finished with them."

"Then why are you complaining about a lack of time?" Draco asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I still need to make a study schedule and revise everything at least twice." Both of the bonding partners rolled their eyes. Harry took Hermione by the arm and led her out of the courtroom. The three took hold of the Portkey Professor Snape held out, and disappeared as Lucius waved goodbye. Harry looked up at the large building that had terrified him when he first arrived. But now, all he saw was a school. Just like Hogwarts – because he was safe now.

And clean.

He squeezed Draco's hand and Hermione smiled as she followed them inside.


Lucius Malfoy watched them leave and turned around, making his way through the Ministry building towards the Department for the Regulations of Weddings and Bonding. "I'd like to apply for a bonding permit," Lucius ordered rather than asked.

"When would you like to bond?"

"My son and his fiancé," Lucius sneered at the man, "would like to bond during the Winter Solstice."

He sighed the forms for the couple and rolled them up, tucking them into his robe pocket. There was only two months to prepare everything, but Lucius had no doubt that Draco loved Harry enough to make sure everything was ready and perfect in time for December. He smiled to himself as he flooed back to Malfoy Manor. On the one hand he was imaging what his grandchildren would look like. And on the other, he was imaging his wife's reaction when she read about the bonding in the Daily Prophet.

It was shaping up to be a beautiful couple of months, Lucius decided.

He placed a square box in front of him on his desk before summoning his owl to deliver it to Smeltings. The bird took off out of the window, the Potter bonding ring clutched firmly in its beak.

The bonding would be unlike any other, he mused as a house elf poured him a glass of Merlot. He could barely contain himself.


The End

'My friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old lie: Dulce et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori.' – "Dulce et Decorum Est"; Wilfred Owen. Very good poem, go read it.

'I dreamt a dream! What can it mean? And that I was a maiden Queen guarded by an Angel mild: witless woe was ne'er beguiled! And I wept both night and day, and he wiped my tears away; and I wept both day and night, and hid from him my heart's delight. So he took his wings, and fled; then the morn blushed rosy red. I dried my tears, and armed my fears with ten thousand shields and spears. Soon my Angel came again; I was armed, he came in vain; for the time of youth was fled, and gray hairs were on my head.' – "The Angel"; William Blake.

'He loves to sit and hear me sing, then, laughing, sports and plays with me; then stretches out my golden wing, and mocks my loss of liberty.' – "song, name unknown"; William Blake.

Serpens ab Aquatilis – serpent of living water.

Iuguolo – to knife, butcher, destroy.

Cutis amputo – remove the skin.

Ted Hughes was Sylvia Plath's husband.

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