Tied for Pleasure

She groaned when his tongue licked her chin and neck. She strained her arms but they stayed bound.

"Don't think you can get out of them," he said rather amused by her ear and nipped the earlobe.

"Fine," she sighed but tired one more time making him laugh. A deep rumbling seductive sound. He pulled back off her body and kneeled between her open naked thighs. His hot black gaze scorched her body and she licked her lips.

"I love you tied," Hades said huskily and she grinned despite herself.

"You should see how much I love you tied," Persephone said.

"All in good time my dear," he smirked wickedly. "I haven't even started yet."

"I'd be really angry if you were," she laughed.

His gaze went from her lips, down to her breasts where he filled his gaze on her hard pink nipples. He bent down and licked one making her gasp. Then he licked and teased each one in turn. She moaned and became wetter with every one of his caresses.

"Oooh," Persephone sighed when his tongue trailed down to her stomach. He marvelled at her taste and softness of her skin. It was so wonderful to touch, stroke and tease. His fingers slid down her thighs and with his right hand, he cupped her between her legs. She rocked her hips and groaned a little when he rubbed his hand and slid one finger between her wet folds. Persephone pulled fiercely against the ropes holding her down and nearly screamed in frustration. He had forbidden her to use her powers to untie herself. He laid back over her, slipping into her another finger. She could feel his erection against her stomach, hard, and she knew, aching to be inside.

"Good?" he mumbled as he kissed her, drowning in the depths of her sweet mouth.

"Yess…" she hissed when his fingers gave a series of hard thrusts into her, a foretaste of what to come.

"Better?" he breathed totally captivated by the erotic way she looked. Faster than she knew his mouth joined his fingers and she pushed her hips forwards, desperate for satisfaction. He had her climax and he watched the way her body shuddered from it. But Hades didn't stop there, he kept probing in with his tongue and fingers till her orgasm started all over again. This time he was going to join her. She groaned when his mouth left her but was pleased when he settled himself over her entrance, his tip coming into contact with her hot and sensitive flesh.

"Gods…" it was his turn to groan and he wasn't even inside yet. Taking her buttocks in hand and, pulling her hips up, in a fluid motion he drove deep inside. She cried out at the fullness of him and for a moment they were still allowing the sensation to wash over them. He then started slowly, drawing out then in again, each time going just a little harder and deeper than before. She twisted in her bounds, cursing them for keeping her from touching him. Persephone ground her hips against him meeting each thrust with her own. Their bodies were slick with sweat and he hungrily kissed her open mouth. When she came her scream was smothered by his mouth and seconds later he joined her.

Withdrawing from her after a while he untied her wrists and pressed butterfly kisses on her wrists and fingers with such tenderness it made her heart melt. He laid himself next to her and she smiled as he curled around her protectively.

"We should do that again," she said lightly and he nodded, burying his head in her soft hair.

"But I'm thinking that the chained one should be you," she continued teasing him and stroked his bare arm which was around her waist.

"I'm already chained to you," he whispered. "But of course I have to have my fair share."

Persephone laughed and turned in his embrace rising to her knees. With a impish smile she took up the bits of silk he had used and lifted up his arm.

"Oh yes, you do."

The End

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