"Mother?" Tyler called as he entered his home, Reid following at a more leisurely pace.

There was a strange black Dodge Ram sitting outside his house, sitting in the bed of the truck was an equally strange black BMW F 650 GS motorcycle. He'd seen neither before and neither seemed the type of vehicle that was usually seen at his house. Pogue's maybe but not here.

"Mother," he called again as silence continued to flow through his home.

Suddenly a lot of banging was heard from up stairs.

"What the hell?"

Reid smiled as his friend cursed and started up the stairs. He shrugged and followed quick enough. He found Tyler standing in front of an open door thoroughly confused looking. So naturally Reid sauntered on in to find a set of drums, and a drummer to match, who presently seemed to be off in some other little world as they beat out their own, well beat.

"Um...hello?" Tyler called from behind the blond.

Suddenly the drummer had their undivided attention, arms still raised as if they'd caught themselves before their next note.

"Cousin! You've grown up," a calm, feminine voice responded as she lowering her arms and stood to greet them, running a hand through her short black hair which was styled and cut to easily be made into a fauhawk. She wore a light blue concert shirt on, some unknown obscure band's name across the front in black. As she came round her drum set it was obvious her jeans had seen better days. Rips, holes and patches consisted of more then the actual denim fabric itself.

"Um...I'm sorry, cousin?" Tyler asked still very confused.

"Cynn. You know, you father's youngest brother's widowed wife's only daughter? The shame of the family and all such things."

Realization dawned on Tyler suddenly, "I thought you were at prep school in France?"

She suddenly started to laugh, "Keep up with the program Baby Boy. The last one in France, the third one there actually, was four or some even years ago, for seven fine and fancy months. Then it was two in England, eleven months in that spotting fine country, Harry Potter guys, Harry freaking Potter, but sure I don't need to tell you wiz to the ards. Then Germany, I don't know what the hell she was thinking with that one, whole three very long months there. Then it was another one in Montreal for awhile, starting last a little closer to home, but still no good. Not even close to British Columbia, bastards. Now here I am."

"Why so many?" Reid asked slowly slightly uncertain about the Harry Potter comment.

She gave him a look as if suddenly thinking him to be slow, her dark eyes dancing with amusement, "Oh I just like a well rounded education you know. The more schools you go through the better it looks for college. I got kicked out, a lot. Who are you?"

"Oh this is Reid. I'm sorry I'm still confused. Why are you here?" Tyler asked with uncertainty. He hadn't seen Cynn in years, and she certainly did not look like this then, she was an awkward girl, always uncomfortable, always in dresses, always made to be proper and all such things. She'd been so shy but obviously had just wanted to play with her cousin and his friends, whenever she'd got up the nerve to ask her mother had always dragged her back to more feminine activities.

"Reid huh, you grew up nice too," she smiled at him her eyes racking over him.

"You're here why?" Tyler asked again, not entirely comfortable with the way his cousin was looking at his best friend.

"Oh something about a last chance and hopefully here I'll have family supervision, not that she'd ever do it herself. Something like that I wasn't really paying attention. The words Boot Camp got me though. Something about I get kicked out of here and off I go. Incentive to behave and the likes, we all know I have a problem with authority. Grown men screaming in my face wouldn't go over too well."

She said all this rather quickly and without much interest as she rummaged through a bag that had been carelessly thrown onto the bed.

"So where is-"

"Mother dearest? They are both out for coffee, discussing the laws of my confinement I'm sure."

"So you're going to start at Spencer?" Reid asked quickly.

"Wow, it sure is a good thing you're cute because you really aren't that quick are you?" She replied without glancing over her shoulder as she pulled an ipod out of her bag before she turned and made her way past the boys.

"Where are you going?" Reid questioned as they followed her out of the room, down the hall and to the stairs.

"You don't honestly think I'm going to sit here and wait for her to come back here and tell me what I can and can't do. I've decided for myself more often then not up to this point, keep it going and whatnot" She glanced at her cousin and his friend as she descended who remained silent unsure as to what was happening.

"Really good thing you're cute love," she mumbled clearly more and more unimpressed the longer they spoke as she lifted a black helmet and leather jacket off the floor by the front entrance.

Just then the door opened and two older women entered.

"Cynthara, where are you going?" The unfamiliar woman asked crossing her arms over her chest as if unsurprised by the situation.

"Mommy! I was just getting everything upstairs into my new room. Your house is really lovely Mrs. Simms, very secure and all such things," she managed to keep the annoyance from her voice, harder then one might think as she often didn't bother. Her mother was the only one who called her by her full name, which she hated. Classic rich girl name and then some.

Her own mother Claudia Simms interrupted before her sister in law could reply, "You needent bother Cynthara. You won't be staying here often. We've decided-"

"You've decided," Cynn corrected absently knowing her mother would continue on unconcerned.

"That it would be best if you stay at the dormitories. You cousin stays there and-"

"There's better security to-"

"Keep you safe-" Claudia smiled momentarily thinking her rebellious daughter finally got it.

"Locked up."

Apparently not.

"You see, this is why you can't last a year in any school."

"Private school mother. If I could just go to public school, I mean think of all the money you've wasted putting me in those places."

"After this one there's only one more place your going."


"To that facility I showed you." Her mother replied in satisfaction.

Cynn nodded in confirmation, "Jail."

"I'll not have you referring to it as such young lady. It is a fine secure facility-"

"For drug dealers and whores. Maybe I should go there I could really learn a thing or two that I could use in the real world. How do handle substantial business deals and cock wise-"

Frustration over came the woman for half a second allowing her to snap, "Watch your mouth. Go get your things."

Cynn turned back to the stairs, "Drums it is."

"They do not allow such a racket in Spencer thank goodness. I've already called the headmaster-"


Claudia continued unperturbed, "To inform him of the situation and arrangements have been made."

"That I'm a prisoner."

"Hold you tongue for once in your life!" Claudia snapped at her daughter before calming herself down, "Your room number and key."

Cynn shrugged in indifference accepted the envelope from her mother and skipped off back up the stairs.

"I'm sorry you all had to witness that. I just don't know what to do with that girl," Claudia sighed as Tyler's mother comforted her. "Tyler, it's so good to see you again. I'm truly sorry to ask this of you but could you possibly-"

"I'll keep an eye on her."

"Oh lovely. Thank you. Now there's a list of rules-"

"Always is," a yell came from atop the stairs, "Careful cousin, you better get a pen and paper there's a lot of them."

Claudia sighed, her shoulders slumping slightly at her daughters constant defiance.

"Don't worry Mame, she'll be fine. Spencer is really good for this type of thing," Reid interrupted.

Claudia looked at the boy finding that he appeared to be just as rebellious as her seventeen year old daughter, from his baggy cloths to his worn sneakers and hat.

"This is Reid Garwin," Tyler's mother suddenly intercepted and the apparent displeasure in Claudia's gaze vanished.

"Thank you dear. That's very comforting," She said with a false smile.

Tyler watched his friend smile innocently at the poor woman and shook his head slightly glancing back at the stairs.

"Now I would stay but I've a flight to catch. Tyler could you be a dear and see that she gets settled on campus?" Claudia smiled knowingly and didn't bother waiting for an answer.

Cynn threw her last bag into the back of her truck a short while after her mother had left her, yet again. Thank god.

"Are you ready to go yet?" Reid sighed leaning against the Dodge.

"O.M.G. I am so very sorry for asking you to accompany, oh wait I didn't ask you that," she reached over and tapped his cheek lightly, "Silly rabbit."

"If you are ready to go you can just follow me," Tyler interrupted, "And we're happy to help out. You are family."

"Who are you kidding Tyler? You still don't even know who I am." She smiled at him knowingly.

"I know who you are, just not who you are."

"…uh huh…" she nodded slowly before turning away to jump up into the drivers seat of her Hemi quad cab.

She listened to some soothing music as she followed a black Hummer into town half dreading half excited about her new accommodation.

New schools were always such fun.

They pulled onto the campus and she couldn't help but be slightly impressed by the grounds as she followed her cousin through to the student's parking lot, it was obvious that classes were out as a lot of students wandered the grounds, more then one of them eying up the new vehicle in their midst. More prep school sluts, trust fund bunnies and sugar baby wannabes. Oh the joy of it all. Then again there were a few fond memories scattering among her experiences. Maybe she'd have a hint of luck here but as always, she wouldn't hold her breath.

She'd been out of her truck for the whole of three minutes before the first boy looking to be a man found her. How was it that they always found her? What was it about her that screamed talk to me, I'm dying to know the intelligent thoughts are coursing though your mind? I have such an undeniable desire to have you grunting atop me for your own pleasure? Why did they all think that she cared about what they wanted? She didn't. Really. Swear it. That was the biggest disadvantage to being different, you were easy to single out and a novelty to boot.

"And who are you?" A deep voice cooed from behind her as she leaned into the back seat to pull a bag towards her.

"Unimpressed. You?" She asked without turning around.

"Aaron Abbot. You new here?"

"Wow the quota of geniuses in this place is astounding," she reached back to tuck a set of drum sticks into the back of her pants as she pulled the bag in question out.

"Ya well it is a school."

She dropped the bag on the ground and looked around in new found wonder, "O.M.G., is it? What are the chances? I'm supposed to go to school, and here it is I found one. Wow, today is going to be great."

"You did meet me."

She looked at him with a completely dumbfounded.

"You need help with this?" Aaron tried again reaching for her bag.

She stepped between him and her belongings, "Look, A.A. whatever, I'm sure this all played out real nicely in your head before you came swaggering on over here but I'm not going to play the needy little girl you want me to. I mean seriously, come on man. So how about you just wander off back to where you came from, from the look of you I'm guessing cheer leading. So go team and all that shit and bye." She turned away from him again to pull out another bag.

"Hey bitch," he snapped grabbing her arm and turning her back around.

She twisted in his grasp, grabbed his thumb and twisted hard bringing him to his knees, "Oh good lord let's get one thing straight here and now, I do not like to be touched."

She released him with a shove sending him onto his backside.

"Now go on peaches, go play with someone else," she smiled coldly.

"Just go Abbot," Reid said from where he was leaning against the front fender of the Dodge shaking his head.

"Hello Reid, how long have you been there?" She asked as she pulled her last bag free of the back seat.

"Long enough to learn that you don't like to be touched."

"Cool beans. Grab a bag and make yourself useful. Thanks," she smiled head cocked to the side giving her an almost innocent appearance.

Tyler sighed, he had no idea who this girl. She was nothing like anyone else in the family that was for sure, not now anyway. What made it worse was Reid's permanent smirk as they made their way up the stairs to her floor. Said smirk was brought on by the fact that there were two decent sized rips in her jeans that were not even fully below her ass, that and her black lace was peeking up over the top of her skinnies.

They set her bags onto her new bed while she just threw her burden in a corner.

"Do you need help unpacking?" Tyler asked uncertainly.

"Why bother, I'll be out of here in a few months anyway. Ya boot camp and all such things."

"You know if you make an effort-"

"Tyler, cousin dear, don't start. I choose to make an effort in a lot of things. Follow the masses of cattle that roam these halls is not even near the top of my effort worthy endeavors. I'm not going to conform just to stay in a school I don't want to be in anyway. All I have to do is last until my eighteenth birthday then I'm done."

"You talk a lot," Reid commented suddenly.

"And you like staring at my ass. We're even. You get a view, I get to express mine. Deal with it," she replied sweetly. "Now get out."