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Cynn found herself not unguarded though she was more relaxed. Then again that may have been to the re-established relationship with marijuana. She knew it would be easy to blame her recent tension on her minimal withdrawal unpleasantness. She figured it probably had more to do with being home. The feeling of it pressing in on her to shut down and blend in. That it would all be so much easier if she'd just conform and do what the world wanted.

She knew that she was taking a huge risk carrying on with Reid. She was easily playing right into her mother's plans. She was risking her own very essence with this attraction that she had to him. To be with him she would have to be like them. That was not going to happen

There was something in the air around him, she knew that now that they had had time spent quietly together. It was a hum of power that put her on edge and drew her in. She had yet to mention it to him but now that she was aware of it, it was almost distracting. Although she did find herself more at ease with it's presence it still made her uncertain.

It was obvious what it was. He was an Ipswich son it was just Reid's power growing as he neared his eighteenth birthday. She knew it was just before graduation and then Tyler's right after. It was the summer solstice that the gathering would take place. She was almost curious to see what it would be like, it only happens once a generation.

Cynn exhaled from where she paused in a thicket of trees. She'd taken to walking the woods with a jay taking in the darkened colors of the frosted leaves. It just so happened that today seemed to be the day Aaron Abbot had similar plans.

"Shit." She hissed as she stumbled into a trio of students sitting around a dead fire pit passing a flask.

"What the hell are you doing out here?" Aaron snapped jumping to his feet.

Everything that had passed between them flashed before her eyes. Shit. She tossed up her hands and took a step back, "I'm just getting high man chill."

"Not so cocky without the man whore with you huh?" He snarled stalking towards her.

"Wait did you say you have weed?" One of the other guy spoke up.

"O.M.G. yes holy shit yes, I have a joint right here you guys can have my lighter too," she rummaged through her pockets and produced the paraphernalia.

Aaron snatched it from her and passed to his nearest companion.

"Well I'll just let you at it then," Cynn smiled sweetly stepping back the way she came.

"You aren't going to smoke it with us?" Aaron narrowed his eyes with the question.

"Oh no man I'm ripped as is, you enjoy," she just a couple more and she'd be out the clearing, she'd run from there.

"What is it laced with?" He continued to match her step for step palms extended.

Her eyes flashed, "What are you wack? What they hell would I lace it with? Where would I even get anything to lace it with? That is good dope there."

"You know that tongue is going to get you into trouble."

"I know," she whispered before turning to run but instead ran right into a near solid obstruction.

"Trust me Abbot she knows," Reid stood there breathing deep fists clenched as Cynn scrambled to her feet.

"Where'd you come from?" Aaron snarled.

"Over yonder. Cynn get out of here."

"She was just about to join-"

"You know damn well she wasn't going to join you in anything Abbot."

"It seems to me that you are outnumbered Garwin."

"It would seem that way to you."

Aaron lunged forward but sheer luck and Cynn's fist caught him in the side of the head before she spun grabbed Reid's hand and pulled him along after her out into the thicket.

She could here Aaron yell behind them but suddenly they were running faster and when she looked over in alarm Reid stared back through black portals and a fierce grin. She had no idea how much ground they covered how fast, nor why she could keep pace with Reid's inhuman speed, then again, it was magic. Suddenly there was a mansion she didn't recognize in front of them. They came to such an abrupt halt that Cynn literally threw up and dropped to her knees.

"Shit!" Reid exclaimed crouching down and not know what to do except tentatively touch her shoulder as she didn't really have hair to hold back.

"Mmmm…I bet that was attractive." She groaned wiping her mouth.

"Are you ok? I didn't realize that would happen."

"You've done that before?" She replied with sarcasm and nausea.


"Well then you didn't know anything I am fine just help me up here."

Reid stood quickly and helped Cynn gain her feet slowly.

"So where are we?" Cynn asked looking around to see if she could catch her bearings.

"Where the hell do you think we'd be? We're at Caleb's of course."

She gave him a complete look of dead pan.

"Not so nice when someone points out your stupid questions is it?"

She smiled.

"We're at my place now come on I'll help you inside it looks like it is going to rain anyways."

"Is there anyone home?" She asked hesitant at confronting unknown members of the clan.

"I doubt it." Reid replied with a cool tone as he wrapped an arm around Cynn's waist and assisted her up the walk. Just as they stepped in the door it started raining lightly though the horizon promised more to come.

Reid allowed her the opportunity to use the bathroom while he sat in the receiving room breathing deeply as he thought the situation over and how he would approach this. In the end he didn't really get a choice as she came to join him. The moment she crossed the threshold he was on his feet.

"What the hell were you thinking!" He snapped crossing the room in a matter of strides clearly taking her aback.

"I was thinking I have wandered in those woods like every other day for the past few weeks without incident," she said quickly cocking her head to the side confusion on her face.

"And what, you just didn't realize there were other people there?"

"They weren't exactly partying and I wasn't exactly paying attention," now she allowed a hint of a smile to cross her features.

That smile somehow made the situation worse to Reid, "And why was that?"

"I was thinking about you," came the frank statement letting the air out of his thunder.

"Ah…hm…nnn…wh…ok," he shook his head slightly, "repeat."

Her smile grew, "I was distracted because I was thinking about you. I am ever so sorry sweets, whatever can I do to make it up to you?" She stepped forward reach up to wind her arms around his neck.

He caught her wrists and held her at bay replying sullenly, "You can not go wandering in the woods again."

"Wait, how the hell did you even know I was out there."

"I got a feeling," he looked down at their hands as he moved his fingers over hers.

She raised an eyebrow, "A feeling?"

"Shut up."

"Like an ooOOoo ooo oo spooky special powers or you're paranoid?" She pulled away to perform an accompanying finger dance through the air to emphasis her point.

"I don't know, the first one, it was like a panic I guess."

"And you just knew where you needed to be."


"You were following me weren't you creep."

His patience wore thin for a moment, "I was not. Good god I mean I am a fucking warlock you know it isn't just a family joke you happen to be in on. I mean do you not remember how we got here?"

"Ok…ok…I will be more attentive when wandering the woods."

"You won't stop?"

"Not because you asked and not because A-ron is an ass."

"You do realize he could have hurt you right?" He asked willing her to see the severity of the situation. He definitely didn't want to think about what could have happened if he hadn't been thinking about her when the panic had erupted in him. What if he had been focused on something else?

"He didn't though."

"He could have!" He gripped her upper arms tightly and before he knew what he was doing he pulled her to him, his control wavered and power surged around them. She felt insignificant. He could force her to understand her mistake. He felt his anger tip into infinity before he could gain a hold on himself, then shatter as she suddenly hooked her foot behind his knee and brought him to his knees while she danced away.

"You may think I am like most girls Reid but I assure you I am not."

He lunged at her but she used his momentum against him to send him sprawling before increasing the distance a powerful grin on her lips.

"In fact I am actually surprised that you allowed yourself to be pulled away. I thought I was going to have to deal with some ridiculous notion that you'd want to stay and fight."

He couldn't help but snarl as he gained his footing, "You think I would lose against Abbot?"

That stunned the smirk right off her face, "No."

"Then what!" He exclaimed in exasperation tossing up his hands to keep from throttling her.

"God Reid you said so yourself, you are a warlock you could have killed them."

That put it into perspective, "Oh."

"Oh is right." She tossed him a glare, "Dumbass."

There was a span of silence before Reid lunged for her again this time aware of how she shifted her body as he passed allowing him the chance to catch her around the waist and pull her down with him. They scuffled for half a moment before Reid managed to swing himself across her hips holding her arms pinned by his thighs. He enjoyed her panicked struggle before settling into a position and expression of defiance.

"Are you done?" He asked passively.


He grinned at her, "I didn't think so." He leaned down to brush her hair out of her face before gripping her chin tightly to kiss her again with just as much ferocity. For all her show there was no resistance to his actions she bent to his will like wheat in the wind. It only excited him further to realize that she wanted this just as bad as he did. He pulled her head to the side to get at what he now knew to be over sensitive ears enjoying the way she shivered against his actions.

Cynn felt her eyes roll back as she moved to give Reid more room. She could feel his power rolling over her setting her nerves on intense.

Reid pulled himself back after realizing that they were still in the front room of the house. Granted there weren't many servants that attended the residence on a regular occasion but he still didn't want to think of the repercussions to be had if one were to randomly walk in. He had to push himself to stand up, looking down at Cynn as she lay very still for a second before peeking out of one eye.

"What?" She asked her voice tainted with frustrated displeasure causing him to grin.

"Get up."

It was like a light went on in her eyes as she gracefully pulled her knees under her before standing.

"Go." He jerked his head to the main hall causing her to back up one, two, three steps before turning and making her way to the door.

"Oh so now we find out how much of you is just talk," Cynn cooed as she pranced up the stairs.

"You won't find out if you keep stalling," he replied smartly his grin matching hers.

As if on cue she spun and rushed up the stairs. He allowed her a fraction of a head start before coming up after her. She was checking doors as fast as possible as he stalked down the hall towards her grinning in response to her clearly feigned panic as she opened bathrooms, a closet and his sister's bedroom doors slamming them shut immediately finding them unsatisfactory.

"What are you even looking for?" He asked after she passed up the first suitable guest room.

"You're room of course," she replied over her shoulder as he made his leisurely approach. She opened another door and her smile increased before stepping into the chamber and giving the door a half hearted close.

Reid swept forward catching the door before it snapped shut letting himself into the room he hadn't really resided in in years. It was still the same except for the punk princess sitting on his bed looking like she wasn't just pretending to try to get away.

"I don't know if this is how I pictured your room."

"I haven't lived here in awhile," he replied voicing his recent thoughts.

"Yeah I have a room like that too."

"I don't want to talk about that."

"What do you want to talk about."

"I don't really want to talk."

"Then what do you want to do?"

"Please don't play stupid Cynn it isn't attractive on you."

"I know right?" She hooked a leg around his and pushed so that she rolled on top of him gripping his hips hard.

"Can we please just do this?"

To his pleasure she threw back her head and laughed before leaning forward to give him a gentle kiss, "Of course we can."

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