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Dillon began to notice the light beginning to peak through the curtains, and rolled over. He looked down at the blonde haired beauty that had slept in his bed all night. He never realized how when the light reflected on her blond hair and her light skin, she looked more beautiful than ever. He wished more than anything that he could make her realize how much he loved her. But, she was a Spencer, and he needed to realize that Spencers really do not let themselves love. He thought to himself, "I thought the Quartermaines were screwed up. I really want to put my arm around her, but I think that if I do, it will wake her up and then on, will come the pain!" He put his arm around her, and she stirred.

Lulu looked up at Dillon. Then, it all came back. She had let him spend the whole night in her bed. She had touched him again, and let him touch her. She knew that she should be pushing him away, but right now she just did not have the energy to deal with that. She moved closer to him, as he slept. She felt him staring at her earlier, but she guesses that he must have fallen back asleep. She looked at the way his hair stood in every direction in the morning. She had forgotten all about that, all about how great his hair really looked in the morning. She could not believe she was thinking about these futile things. He really looked good though. She wanted to wake him, and tell him how much she loves him, but knew that she could not.

Dillon rolled over and looked at her. "Let me guess, get out of your bed?"

Lulu stroked his face, "Do you have any idea what your hair looks like in the morning?" No wonder you use so much hair gel. I would too, if my hair did that."

Dillon found himself being extremely confused but decided to go with it, instead of fighting with her. "Hey, I can not help it. This hair is awful. You try to keep it contained." He decided that he was going to get really bold and try to kiss her. He leaned over and brushed his lips against hers. She surprisingly put her arms around him. She melted in the kiss. Dillon reached down and pulled the blanket away that was separating them. He went to reach into the drawer, when the door opened.

A few minutes earlier, downstairs...

Luke Spencer was enjoying his morning glass of scotch, thinking about his life. He was beginning to really think about how he could have entered this marriage with Tracy. He thought that it was going to be a marriage of convenience, and now he found himself actually loving the snarky redhead. He heard those all too familiar stilettos come down the stairs. "Good morning, wife."

Tracy looked at Luke, and was genuinely happy to see him. She walked over and gave him a kiss. "Good Morning. I have to get to ELQ. I have a meeting this morning. Who are you going to be annoying today?"

Luke shot her a look. "Wife, how many times have I told you that nagging does not look good on you? You are starting to sound like a real wife."

"Watch your mouth." Then, the phone rang. "Luke, I got to go. Get the phone."

"Hello. Lucky, slow down. Sure, of course I will. Let me go get Lulu, and I will be right there."

Tracy looked concerned to her husband, "What's the matter?"

"Lucky and Elizabeth's baby just had to be taken to the hospital. He stopped breathing. Elizabeth was able to get him resuscitated, but now an ambulance is rushing them to the hospital. I have to go to my son."

"You are right. He needs you. Do you want me to cancel my meeting?"

"No. I am just going to go upstairs and get Lulu."

Luke ran from the master bedroom to the stairs. He hoped that his daughter was awake. They had to get there quickly. He was not a great dad, but when his children needed him, they knew he was always there for them. He did not bother with knocking, and swung the door open. "Lulu," Luke should not have been, but was shocked by the intimate embrace of his daughter and step-son, "Get the hell off my daughter"

Dillon and Lulu pulled away from each other and attempted to cover themselves with the pricy blanket. Lulu was the first to speak, "Dad, don't you knock?"

"I normally do but this is an emergency. Gumdrop, I can not tell you what to do, but get dressed now!"

Dillon interrupted, "Luke, I can explain."

Luke snarled in a loud voice, "Sure you can, Quartermaine. Leave my daughter alone!"

Lulu was tired of Dillon always getting the hard part of everything that always happens, "Dad, This is not Dillon's fault. "

"Lulu, there is no time. We have to get to the hospital. Lucky called?"

"Is Lucky okay?"

"It's the baby. He stopped breathing. They got his heart rate going, but he is being rushed to the hospital.

"Dad, give me five minutes."

"Okay, I will be downstairs." Luke walked to the door, and then turned around. "By the way, there is going to be a conversation, Young Polanski you can count on it." He closed the door.

Lulu jumped out of bed. "I have to find my clothes. "

Dillon sat up and wrapped his arms around her. "Lu, baby Jake will be okay. Just trust it. "

"Dillon, how can you say that? Babies are not always okay. What if he dies? I do not think they could handle it. It would be so wrong if the baby died. She chose to keep her baby. He can not die." Lulu threw her arms around Dillon and just sobbed. "It would be unfair. "

"Lulu, this is not about our baby. It is about Lucky and Elizabeth's baby."

"I know. I just do not know how to handle this."

"Well, do you want me to go with you?" Dillon asked.

Lulu smiled and looked at him, "Dillon, my dad is waiting. I really do not think that my dad wants to deal with seeing us together right now. It just would probably help if you didn't.

Dillon looked at the floor, "I get it. This is about you pushing me away and not wanting me in your life again."

Lulu sat next to him, "No, I do need you in my life. I just don't know as what. I just need to get to the hospital. Give me a call later?"

"Sure." Dillon watched as Lulu grabbed her shoes and dashed out the door. He really wished that she would just let him in.

Lulu put on her shoes as she walked down the stairs. She walked in the living room to see her father downing some sort of drink, "So, I guess I will be driving, then?"

"I guess so. Let's Go."

Lulu and her father spent most of the trip to the hospital in silence. She knew that she should say something, but was unsure of what. She knew that she did not want to be having this conversation about Dillon with her father. That she was sure of. Finally, Luke broke the silence.

"So, you chose between your suitors?"

"No, not really"

Luke looked at his daughter who emotionally seemed more like him every day. "Gumdrop, if you have not chosen then what are you doing with Young Spielberg?"

"Dillon wants me back. I am just having a difficult time opening up. I just think that a physical relationship is all that I can handle with anyone."

"To risk sounding too much like your father, I just hope you are being careful with your heart."

"Dad, you always tell me that. What does that even mean, anyway? I think that maybe I am being too careful with my heart is all. Lulu pulled up to the hospital and quickly found a parking place. Luke and Lulu walked into the hospital, and quickly found Lucky. Lucky greeted them with a worried smile.

"Dad, Lulu, I am glad you both are here. The baby has stabilized. It just was touch and go for a few minutes. I did not know how to deal with it."

"Don't worry, Cowboy." Luke tried to reassure his son. "That boy is a Spencer. Spencers are strong, especially the male ones."

Lulu interrupted with a smile, "Hey, we female Spencers are strong too." Lulu began to think that everything would be okay. It was just a false alarm. Jake would be okay. She then relaxed for the first time in a while, and her mind drifted once again to Dillon. She really did care for him so much. All of a sudden, they heard the intercom.

"Code Blue, Pediatric ICU. Code Blue, Pediatric ICU."

All three of them ran in a hurry. They hoped to God it was not Jake. Lucky ran to the window, as his worst fears were confirmed. Baby Jake was surrounded by hospital staff, and the doctors were trying to resuscitate him. Lulu looked around and she saw Elizabeth crumpled outside the nursery in agony. She knew that they had to make her leave, so they could work on the baby. She set aside any hostile feelings she was having about her sister-in-law and ran to her. She put her arms around her and rocked with her.

"Elizabeth, it is okay. Shh. He will be okay. Be strong! This baby needs you to be strong." Lulu pulled Elizabeth to her feet, and walked her over to Lucky.

The brunette fell into Lucky's arm and sobbed. They both watched afraid that they were going to lose their young baby, before he even had a chance to make his mark on this world. Lulu's glanced at the heart monitor, and prayed that Baby Jake would be okay. The doctor glanced at the time and Lulu screamed.

"No, you can not call it. It is too soon. Come on, Baby!" All of a sudden, the heart monitor started beeping. Jake was back. His little baby heart was fighting to survive.

Lucky breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you, God." Dr. Kelly came out, and took off her gloves.

"We have gotten Jake stabilized, Elizabeth. He must really feel all the love that people have for him. We have put him on a regimen of cardiovascular drugs and high-powered antibiotics. Hopefully, that will help. Lucky, Elizabeth some decisions need to be made about his breathing. I recommend that we place Jake on a ventilator until these medications have a chance to act. I do not think that his heart could start back up again, if it stops."

Lucky and Elizabeth both agreed, as Lucky spoke, "Do whatever you need to save him."

Kelly went back in the nursery as Elizabeth, Lucky, Luke, and Lulu talked amongst themselves.


Luke and Lulu walked back from the cafeteria in silence, both still in shock over the day's events. Finally, Lulu spoke. "I just feel so bad for them. I think I am going to sit out here. I just want to rest for a little while. I think I am going to call Dillon, and see if he wants to come down here. I could really use his support today."

Luke knew that she did need Young Spielberg. "Lesley Lu, we still need to figure that out, but if Dillon can help you today, go ahead and call him." Luke walked towards the nurses' station, and saw his wife get off the elevator. "Luke, how is the baby?"

"He is stable for now. What a day! I really need a drink."

"How about some coffee?"

"Lead the way, wife."

Tracy and Luke were beginning to be so comfortable with each other that they were able to talk about everything. Luke knew that he should tell his wife what he saw this morning. "So wife, you will not believe what I walked in on this morning."

"What? Do I even want to know?"

Luke went on, bracing himself for the conversation that he knew that they would be having. "I went upstairs to get Lulu, and found her in bed with Dillon."

"Luke lets deal with Lucky's problems and then we will deal with our wayward children."


Lulu Spencer picked up her cell phone as she walked the hall. She went to her contacts and quickly found Dillon's name. As she was hitting send, he came out of the elevator.

"Lulu, I know you told me to stay here. But, I needed to be with you. How is the baby?"

Lulu threw her arms around Dillon. She was so glad he was here. She really needed him. She knew that, as usual, Dillon would make her feel better. "I am so glad you are here. I missed you so much. It got so bad. I was so scared.

Dillon hugged the beautiful blonde tighter. "Lulu, honey, what can I do for you? You know that I am here for you."

Lulu smiled at him, "Just hold me."

"You should have asked for something difficult. That is too easy."

Dillon and Lulu found a sofa in a waiting area. He sat down and she leaned against him. He knew that, in no time, she would be pushing him away again, but for now, he needed to give her the support that she needed more than anything in the whole world. He felt himself drifting off to sleep.


Georgie Jones was feeling pretty good today. She had gotten her Economics paper back, and had received an A. She felt like nothing could ruin her good mood. Sometimes, she truly hated going to volunteer at the hospital, but today she could handle it. She walked up to the nurses' station to clock in, and her good mood was broken. She saw Dillon, her former best friend, her former boyfriend, who was briefly her husband. Most days, seeing Dillon made her happy that she would see him, but seeing him huddled on a couch asleep with Lulu, the woman who came between them, just depressed her. Dillon opened his eyes. Georgie thought, "Great, now he knows that I was watching him." Dillon got up and walked toward her.

Dillon tried to force a smile. "Hey, Georgie. How are you?"

Georgie put on the plastic smile that her sister had taught her, "Hi, Dillon. What are you two doing here??

Lucky and Elizabeth's baby is back in the ICU. We are making sure that everything is okay. Lulu is freaking out, and we are all so worried."

"So, you two are back together?"

Dillon realized how calculated and insensitive Georgie had become. Here he was telling her about Jake fighting for his life and all she could think is how things are with him and Lulu.

"Georgie, are you really so shallow that it does not matter to you about an innocent baby fighting for his life? All you care about is whether me and Lulu are back together." Dillon found his voice becoming louder. "Why don't you admit what this is really about?" Dillon snarled

Georgie glared at Dillon. "What is that supposed to mean?"

"You don't care if me and Lulu are back together. You just want to know if I am sleeping with her. You can not handle the fact that I have moved on."

"Is your ego that big? I don't care if you are sleeping with her or not. Doesn't it bother you that you are related though? You two are a regular freak show."

"Ok, technically, yes we are. But, we were not raised together. We did not even know each other until her dad married m mom, so that discredits the whole incest issue."

"You sure protest a lot, Dillon. Maybe you realize you are a freak."

All of a sudden they were broke out of their war of words, "Georgie, do not criticize my son. I may not agree with Dillon dating his step-sister but do not call my son a freak ever again. Look at you; you willfully dated a sexual predator."

Georgie looked at Dillon with hatred in her eyes, "Well, Dillon, you finally got your mother to love you, didn't you? I have to get to work. Take your whore, I am sorry your sister and shove her up your ass." Georgie stomped off.

"Thanks mom for defending me. I know that you do not approve."

"Sweetheart, I think that you and Lulu together is a huge mistake, but I will not let plain as mayo Georgie Jones insult you."

Dillon put his arm around his prickly mother, "Aw, mom. I did not know you cared so much."

"Dillon, we are all going to have a conversation about you and Lulu but for now you should get her home. It has been a long day."

Dillon looked over to where Lulu had been previously sleeping, and she was gone. He went back to the ICU and saw her talking to Elizabeth. This was good. He did not truly know why Lulu and Elizabeth were not getting along, but he was glad to see that she was there for her. Dillon walked up. "Lulu, we should get home."

"No, I do not want to leave the baby."

Elizabeth stopped Lulu. "Lulu, we appreciate you being here, but Jake is doing better. He is off the ventilator. Why don't you just go home and if there is a problem then we will call you later?"

Lulu agreed with her sister-in-law. "Okay, I just hate being so far away. The mansion is clear across town. Elizabeth, do you mind if I stay at the house?"

"Of course not. I just hate the idea of you being alone tonight."

Dillon interjected, "I could stay. I could sleep on the couch or whatever."

Lulu softly said, "Thanks Dillon."


As Dillon and Lulu drove through town, they drove in silence with the top down to Dillon's sports car. They grew closer to the house. Finally, they reached their destination.

Lulu opened the lock and let them in. "Dillon, are you hungry?"

"Yeah, I could go for a pizza."

"That sounds so good."

Lulu looked through her purse. "I seem to be out of money, though."

"Don't worry about it. I will use my credit card." They ordered the pizza and as they ate, they channel surfed. Lulu knew that she should bring this up.

"Dillon, were you going to tell me about the fight with Georgie earlier?"

Dillon looked down. He really hoped that Lulu had not hurt that. "I am sorry that you heard that. Everyone says that I have changed so much, but I do not recognize Georgie most days. We used to be so close, and now I don't even know her anymore."

"Well, Dillon, you have changed, but so has she. Hell, so have I."

"Lu, I know that some days I am awful, but I just do not know what to do about it. I find myself getting so angry. I think that I don't truly know when I did change."

Lulu looked at the floor and spoke, "Dillon, it was when I aborted your child. I took your heart and soul. Do you remember the day that you had to do the press conference about the Enduros?"


"Well, Georgie hit it right on the nose. We became two cynics bound by adversity."

"You know, one of the times me and her were arguing about you, she told me that despite everything, we are closer than ever. I guess it did come true. We are both so different."

"I know." Lulu glanced at the clock. "We should really get to bed. It is getting late."

Not wanting to push any boundaries, "Well, Lu could you just bring me a blanket?"

Lulu leaned in to kiss Dillon. She brushed her lips softly against his. "Come on, Dillon. Let's go to bed. Just sleep though. I still am so unsure."

Dillon put his arms around her and walked behind her up the staircase. He stripped down to his boxers and tank top, and she grabbed on of her brothers oversized t-shirts, and got into bed. She slipped into Dillon's loving embrace. "Hey, Dil?"

Dillon replied sleepily, "Yeah."

"Don't give up on me. If I push you away, and tell you I hate you, know that I am just scared. Someday I do hope to be able to let you in."

Dillon leaned over and gave the beautiful blonde a searing kiss. Her tongue wrapped around his. She felt him stick his hand on her back under her shirt. She deepened the kiss. "Dillon, I want you."

He began to lift her shirt. He kissed her neck. "Dillon, do you have something?"

"No, I don't."

"It's okay."

Dillon pulled away from her. "No, it is not. We better wait. We don't want to get pregnant again. Let's wait."

Lulu hated this. She really wanted Dillon, but knew he was right. "Okay, Good night, Dillon."

"Good night, Lulu." Dillon and Lulu fell asleep in each others arms and both slept peacefully.


Dillon and Lulu arrived at the hospital. Lulu walked up to the ICU nurse and inquired about Jake. She walked back over to Dillon, with a smile plastered. "Dillon, they moved Jake to Pediatrics. He is doing good." They walked down to Pediatrics, and were greeted by Lucky.

"Lulu, Dillon we just tried to call you. Jake is going to be fine."

Lulu hugged her older brother. "Lucky, that is great. We will be in there in a minute."

Lulu hugged Dillon. "Dillon, things are going to be okay. I can feel it." They fell into a kiss, which intensified. Neither seemed to care about where they were. All they knew is that this kiss felt so right. Lulu thought to herself, "I really like him. I hope that someday I can let him in." When their kiss finally broke, Lulu started to laugh. "Great, now we have to have the how we cannot be together conversation with our parents. You know that it will turn to the sex issue. That is a conversation that I never thought that I would have to have with my dad."

The thought of it made Dillon laugh, "I can't wait." They fell into another kiss, while silently dreading the conversation to come soon.