"We should cast a cover charm." Shirts were being unbuttoned. "Someone could see us." She was kissing down his bare chest.

"Give me my wand" Hands on her breasts. "I'll do it."

Bra was off and the charm was on. "Come here." He leaned down to lick the hardened nipples.

It was a hot summer night, and Hermione had her legs wrapped around Ron´s waist on the hammock in their back yard.

They'd decided to eat ice cream sitting in the moonlight after one disastrous try to make pudding chocolate in their new cooker. It burned, thanks to their earlier snogging session in kitchen.

The ice cream had been forgotten at the backyard's table.

Ron rocked into his wife, making her feel his desire against her hip. She unzipped his trousers, looking intensely at him.

Ron groaned, grinding his pelvis into hers, increasing the heat made by the friction.

Hermione moaned, and Ron removed her skirt, which he threw to the floor and started kissing her belly down to her bellybutton. The trousers joined the skirt and her hands went down to clutch his arse.

The kisses became intense.

Hermione always lighted Ron's fire, no matter how: bickering, nagging, snogging or shagging. Ron enjoyed the feeling of being connected to her through their bodies. To feel he completely: the aching, the heat, the pulsing, the release, and the anticipation of another time.

The air was filled with the sounds of moans and skin against skin.

When Ron was almost scoring, Hermione tried hiding the intensity of her release, sucking into his shoulder.

They were quiet for some minutes, waiting for their heartbeats to return to normal


They looked at each other surprised.

Crookshanks looked at them and laid down under the hammock.

"Ron, you forgot to lock the door"

Ron smiled " Sorry"

At least the bloody cat couldn't tell anyone what he saw