I feel Original! I've seen stories for other holidays including x-mas, new years, valentines day, character's b-days, etc. I thought this might be something new.

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Warnings: Fluff, Shounen-ai, Mpreg

The only thing you need to know that I don't metion in the story is that Naruto already knows Yondaime was his father.

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"Here baa-chan, Happy Mother's Day." Naruto grinned at the Hoakge. He held a bottle of sake in one hand and a green gift bag in the other.

Tsunade smiled at the gesture, taking the gifts and discovering a few sets of intricate jewelry within the gift bag. "Thank you, Naruto."

"I got something for Iruka-sensei too since he's always been such a mother hen to me." He grinned sheepishly, scratching the back of his head.

"I've got something for you too brat." Tsunade murmured, rummaging through her desk.

"Baa-chan, I'm not even a mother yet." The blonde boy murmured as he rested a hand on his barely protruding stomach.

She hummed, handing him a silver picture frame.

He took it gingerly from her and glanced at the picture with wide eyes. "This is…"

"Your parents." She nodded.

"This is my mother?" His voice whispered.

"Yea. He kept that picture on his desk, I found it a few days ago."

The woman in the picture beside Yondaime wore a blue and orange sundress. She had honey blonde hair, wavy and reaching just past her breastbone. Steel-blue eyes smiled with her, her healthy peach colored skin glowing in the evening light. Yondaime, or Uzumaki Arashi was dressed in his Jounin uniform, Naruto's fox-like grin on his face as he hugged the blonde woman's waist.

"Her name was Kaida."

"Thank you baa-chan." He wiped the unshed tears from his eyes and hugged the brown-eyed woman.

Sasuke set the picture of the blonde couple on the mantel beside the picture of his own parents. He sat on the loveseat beside his husband, hugging the blue-eyed man to his chest. "Happy Mother's Day Uzumaki Kaida."

"Happy Mother's Day Uchiha Mikoto." Naruto smiled weakly, sniffling.

"Happy Mother's Day Uchiha Naruto." Sasuke smiled, kissing the other's head sweetly.