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Spencer sighed as she heard the familiar sound of shouting on the lower level. She heaved an even deeper sigh when she heard the familiar and disdained sound of the garage door slamming and the revving of the family's Chevy Tahoe before gunning out dangerously fast from the garage into the street below. It was like this almost all the time, day in and day out, month after month, and soon to be year after year. She couldn't figure it out. If two people hate each other so much they spend all their time together yelling, screaming, throwing things, and cursing, then why don't they just say it? Why don't they just ask for a divorce like everyone else does. Why on earth do they continue to try and keep up the failing charade of happiness in their family when one can't stand anything about their lives. Who knows, maybe it's just an adult thing or something.

She turned her head away from her thoughts as her door opened, and standing in its frame, an older man appears, with bags around his eyes, and his chest heaving from the shouting match, then quick ascent up the stairs. His eyes were glazed over with resentment, anger, and maybe even hatred. He look ten years older then he had since the move, but he seemed to disregard physical appearance with each passing day, only wearing a ruffled dress shirt with the tie half off, and loose-fitting trousers. He had yet to say anything, just looked at his daughter, his anger and hatred fading, only to be replaced with sadness and regret. When this first started, he would always come up to her room and sit down next to her as she cried quietly and tell her that it was "just a phase", or that they would "work it out", but after so many months of the empty promises, he finally stopped, realizing they were doing more harm then good by picking up her hopes, only to drop then from twice the height. He said nothing, just nodded to her before dissapearing for the next seven to eight hours, but unlike her mom who did God knows what, he did his job, and he loved it. Sometimes she thought that job was the only thing keeping him sane, having to deal with other people's problems in the place of his own. Several minutes later, she heard the door shut, but in a dejected and sad way, not an angry or resentful manner.

She sighed again,-something she had been doing a lot-, and looked outside as the Camry also drove off from the house. She then turned her attention to the outside world, noticing it was a beautiful and bright day, the sun shining and a cool breeze blowing, swishing the trees this way and that. These were the true days of summer. She had gotten out of school just days before, and she already felt the tell-tale summer boredom syndrome that came with having no friends, no social life, and being a loner most of the time. She shoved the thoughts of doubtless lonliness out of her head as she put on a pair of flip-flops, and walked down the stairs, giving a flippant wave to both of her brothers who were playing video games in the den, oblivious to everything but bashing each others brains out with the latest game, acting as if nothing had happened. She knew that they did care, no matter how little they showed it, or how loudly they denied it, but video games were their way to deal she guessed. Who knows, maybe its just a guy thing or something.

She walked slowly once outside, savoring the taste of summer. Her legs began walking her to the closest thing, the park down the street from her house, and her favorite place to think. It was quiet, quite big, and the green of the grass and trees, along with the laughter of playing children and the barking of dogs always helped calm her turbulent and conflicting thoughts. She was in the middle of said thoughts when she heard a noise. She looked up suddenly, searching for the source of distracting noise when her eyes fell on somebody sitting out in the middle of the baseball diamond, sitting cross-legged with a guitar in their hands, and lightly tuning it. She stared for a while, unsure with what to do with this person. If they were bad, she would obviously be out of yet another thinking spot, the park having excellent acoustics, and one sound on one end could be heard from the other side. She stood rooted to the spot, curious as to how well the person could play. Finally, the person -which she soon discovered upon closer inspection to be a girl- had the guitar to her liking and began playing. At first the notes were barely audible, and she could see the girl sitting with her ipod on as the music began to get louder. She smiled as the notes hit her, all very calm, and very soothing.

She continued to walk, very slowly this time as the notes swirled towards her from the mystery guitar player. She wasn't singing, but the song sounded familiar as the beat floated throughout the air. Finally, with another smile, Spencer realized it was Jumper from that one band... whatchmacallit, um, Third Eye Blind that's right. As soon as recognition dawned, the lyrics found their way into her head from memory.

I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend,

You could cut ties with all the lies that you've been livin' in,

and if you do not want to see me again,

I would understand.

She had to stop again as the music got stronger, and turned to regard the person once more. She couldn't see much from the distance she had, but from what she could piece together was that the player was a girl, maybe her age, give or take a year maybe, she had curly brown hair that fell behind her perfectly, and she was wearing over-sized glasses and was gazing at the ground as she continued playing, her mouth silently singing the lyrics. Suddenly, even as the music continued to play, she saw the head snap up and she felt her eyes on her, looking at her and surveying just as Spencer had been surveying her. Spencer felt a slight blush creep up her face, and she turned to continue walking, but not fast enough, because she still could hear the notes perfectly, as they built to the cresendo of the song, and gently swept back down to a calm ending. When she looked up again, the guitar girl was gone, and she felt herself somehow dissapointed without the music, and the calming prescence of the guitar player. She just sighed and turned back around, heading back to the house to spend countless hours in her room, listening to music to numb her from the outside world.

It had been a week since the guitar in the park incident, and Spencer became anxious for some unknown reason to return to the park, and maybe, just maybe catch a glance of that guitar girl. So with a tight smile on her face, she put back on her flip flops, and passed her brothers, who were once again at it with each other while screaming profanities at the screen. It was almost the same scene as last week, but Spencer felt lighter somehow, and the expectation of her being there, well it was enough to push the thoughts of everything else out of her head, if not for a little while. She found her legs practically running her there, coming to an abrupt stop at the beginning of the sea of green. Her head craned eagerly towards the baseball diamond as she felt her heart soar, there she was, once again, in that same spot, with that same guitar and everything. Spencer felt herself become giddy at the thought of another song from her.

I almost fainted with excitement as the first chord rang throughout the park. I found it to be as happy as last weeks song, but a little faster. The song once again rang recognition through me, but I couldn't quite place the song yet. I found myself smiling again, as I stood at rapt attention, listening to everything pouring out of the guitar. After she had finished that one, she began to play another, then another, and finally, the sun had begun to set by the time she was done, and I found myself still there, my legs numb from hours of standing, but my head buzzing with all the songs she had played in the last hour or so. She stood up suddenly and shouldered her guitar as she began walking to the opposite side of the park, going slowly, almost as if reluctant to leave. I was tempted to run up to her and introduce myself, but I didn't want to freak her out by telling her I'd been standing there watching her play guitar for the last hour and a half. She continued to walk as I continued to watch, attention still held by her, even without that guitar of hers with her. She was wearing denim shorts with a white tank-top, and her oversized glasses perched on her head as she marched forward. Finally, in the dying light and distance growing between us, I lost her, but my heart still couldn't stop racing eratically in my chest. As I walked home, I remembered one song that she had played, it was a Goo Goo Dolls song, but I can't remember which one.

Stranger then your sympathy,

And this is my apology,

I cut myself from the inside out,

When all my fears have pushed you out.

I smiled again as I walked into the coming darkness.

So the days came and went, and before I knew it, I had spent everyday at that park, waiting for guitar girl to show up and play something for me for the last month. Every day she played something, it was different, a different song, a different artist, a different CD, she even switched guitars every now and then. The songs corresponded to her mood, or so I guessed, because the songs went from happy and upbeat to quiet, angry, loud, violent, even out of tune at one point, but I always came back, and before I knew it, my life was revolving around her and her guitar. It was on a particular day that I was on my way to the park when I stopped cold, her spot, usually occupied by now was empty. My heart stopped beating, and I felt myself shaking a little bit. It's ok, maybe she's sick, or maybe she didn't want to come today, it is kind of bad weather. Maybe she's just running a little late. Yeah, that's it, one of her guitar strings snapped on her guitar, and she needed to fix it before she could come here... Yeah, that's what it is. But I waited for about a half an hour, and by now I was hysterical without her and her guitar. Finally though, I got control of my shaking and turned around to head home and return to my lonely solitude when I ran into someone, knocking myself down, but the person stayed, rooted there and staring down at me. I looked up, and found my heart had once again stopped.

There she was, in the flesh, my guitar girl. She smirked down at me, and I felt myself shrink ten times smaller under her gaze. It turned out her eyes were a deep brown, and I found myself immersed in emotion and feeling as soon as I locked gazes with her. She interuptted my flow of thought when she opened her mouth, and out of it streamed the voice of an angel, and I felt myself almost lose touch with reality for a second. Her words didn't even register, so she repeated them once more.

"Need a hand?"

A/N: This idea hit me while I was in the park today walking my dog. I was thinking about how bored I'm going to be this summer (i have 5 weeks left of school), and I decided on going out to the park and playing guitar there whenever boredom hit me, and then I guess i got the general idea from my daydreams and thoughts. Review if you can manage ) (oh and sorry I randomly switched PoV's I seem to be doing that a lot in writing, and my English grade is starting to show it)