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This Wasn't Supposed to Happen

Chapter One – The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore

A huge smile swept across Haley James' face as she looked at her baby son. All black hair and blue eyes, he was exactly like his daddy. This boy was going to be a heartbreaker.

"Hey" A voice spoke softly behind her, as she reached into the crib, smoothing her finger down the soft delicate skin of her son's hand.

Turning to acknowledge the new figure to enter her baby boy's room, she responded. "Hey yourself."

"Is he still awake?"

Haley laughed. "Yup, he's wide awake. All blue eyes. Waiting for a good night kiss from you I think."

"Oh, really?" Nathan Scott smirked, his eyes full of delight. "Hey little man" he continued. "Did you want a goodnight kiss from your daddy?" Putting his training bag down, Nathan walked to the crib and leaned into it, kissing his son lightly on the forehead.

"Ah he's all about his Daddy" Haley laughed, loving to watch the interaction between Nathan and their son.

Backing away from the crib, Nathan wrapped his arms around Haley's waist, pulling her tight against him.

"Hey" Haley smirked. "Look."

Nathan and Haley both looked over at their son, as his eyes began to slowly close, he was fighting the tiredness that was about to consume him.

"Oh I'm good" Nathan softly spoke, before turning to his girl. "So many talents" he laughed, arching an eyebrow.

Haley's eyed widened. "Talents? Talents?!" She questioned. "I've not seen the evidence of any of these 'talents'?"

Nathan pulled Haley even closer to him, brushing his lips past hers, teasing her. "Well Miss James, I think we've got evidence of my 'talents' right there." Motioning toward the crib, Haley laughed.

"Well Nathan Scott, can I see some more?" Haley moved her arms, and wrapped them tightly around his neck, pulling him forward until their lips met.

"Hell yeah" Nathan replied, lifting his girl up and out of their son's room.

"Baby" Haley giggled "I'm not sure he'd have known what we were up to"

"Oh really?" Nathan's famous smirk spread across his face, as he pushed Haley against the wall of the hallway. "The screaming would've woken him."

"Screaming?" Haley was laughing again. "Nathan Scott you are so sure of yourself"

Nathan's hands began to trace their way down Haley's back, under her shirt. "We'll see who's right" he mouthed, before pushing her lips against Haley's, kissing her with so much love and passion.



"Haley, sweetheart? It's me." Brooke's voice shook Haley from her dream.

"I brought Tyler to see you" Brooke lifted Haley and Nathan's son in his car seat and placed it on the chair between them. "He's missing you"

Haley shrugged, turning away from her son.

"Hales, come on honey. I know this is awful, we're all so torn, but Tyler needs you."

Haley turned to face Brooke. Mascara lines were all down her face, the pain in her heart so visible in her eyes.

"Brooke, take him out of here. Now." Haley didn't look at her son. Her voice was cold and without emotion.

"Haley, please. He's been crying so hard. He needs his mom. We're all so upset, we just don't know how to comfort him."

Haley's emotions surfaced, and tears began to roll down her cheeks. "He needs his mom?!" Her voice was raised and pained. "No Brooke, he needs his daddy. That's what he needs, that's what I need." Haley was hysterical. Yet more tears streaming down her already tear stained face.

Brooke stood up, and tried to hug her friend, but Haley pushed her away.

"He's a baby Brooke. It's not rocket science. Take him out of here."

Brooke looked deep into Haley's eyes. She'd never seen her so cold, so empty.

"Ok. Well, Peyton and I are going to take him to Karen's. Try and settle him. Ok?"

"Whatever." Haley couldn't turn to look at Brooke, the sight of her friend only made her hurt more.

Leaning forward, Brooke kissed her best friend's forehead. "We all love you" she whispered. Before picking up the car seat, and its precious cargo, and leaving the room.

Haley's eyes watched Brooke and her baby leave, before turning back to the other figure in the room, the cold hospital room.

I've been twisting and turning, in a space that's too small
I've been drawing the line and watching it fall
You've been closing me in, closing the space in my heart
Watching us fading and watching it all fall apart

Haley shuffled back in her chair, pulling the blanket draped over her further over her face. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes. Desperately wondering how it had come to this. How her perfect world had crumbled around her, in just a few tiny moments.

Well I can't explain, why it's not enough
So I gave it all to you
and if you leave me now
Oh just leave me now
It's the better thing to do
It's time to surrender
It's been too long pretending
There's no use in trying
When the pieces don't fit anymore
The pieces don't fit here anymore

Leaning toward the bed that sat next to her, Haley took the figure's hand.

"Nathan?" Haley fought through her tears to speak. "Nathan? Baby? Ty is missing you. I'm missing you." Haley's voice broke with tears. "Come back to me? Nate, I don't work without you."

You pulled me under, I had to give in
Such a beautiful mess, that's breaking my skin
Well I hide all the bruises, I hide all the damage that's done
But I'll show how I'm feeling, until all the feeling has gone

Haley closed her eyes, her hand still firmly gripping Nathan's, trying desperately to remember. Trying to shake herself from the nightmare she was living.

Haley turned over in her sleep, reaching her arm out to Nathan. She found nothing but empty bed. Lifting her head, she opened her eyes, scanning the room for Nathan.

"Nate?" She shouted, confused in her sleepy state. "Nathan?"

No reply. Immediately she thought the worst. Jumping out of the bed they shared, she began to run toward their son's room. "Nathan?" She continued to yell as she became increasingly concerned.

Then she saw it. She'd never forget the image. She found her boys, both sound asleep. Tyler n his crib and Nathan on the floor next to him, his hand jammed through the wooden spars, grasping his son's tiny hand in his.

Haley melted. There they were her family, her life. Walking into the room she lay on the floor next to Nathan. Inching her body closer to his, he moaned; still sound asleep, before wrapping his arm around her tiny waist.

Well I can't explain, why it's not enough
Coz I gave it all to you

And if you leave me now
Oh just leave me now
It's the better thing to do
Well it's time to surrender
It's too long pretending
There's no use in trying
When the pieces don't fit anymore
The pieces don't fit here anymore

Haley opened her eyes, taking a huge breath when she was faced with her reality. He lay there, so motionless, cuts over his face and down his arms. Haley couldn't make sense of it, it didn't make sense. He'd been there this morning, his usual self, laughing and joking, smirking away in the way only he could. But now, now he'd gone and left a shell, a broken shell.

Oh don't misunderstand, how I feel
Coz I've tried, yes I've tried
Still I don't know why
No I don't know why, I don't know why
Why I can't explain, why it's not enough
I gave it all to you and if you leave me now
just leave me now it's the better thing to do
Well it's time to surrender
It's been too long pretending
There's no use in trying
When the pieces don't fit anymore
The pieces don't fit here anymore

The pieces don't fit here anymore

"Don't leave me Nate. Baby, don't leave me?"


Brooke re-entered the waiting area, Tyler in hand. Luke and Peyton sat, upset and waiting, Waiting on news, waiting to wake up, similarly praying that this was little more than a bad dream.

Luke stood up, taking the heavy car seat from Brooke. "Well?" he asked. "How is she?"

"Broken" Brooke replied. Kneeling down to meet Tyler's face in his seat she looked right into his eyes, her own welling with tears.

"This was never supposed to happen this way, not to them" She spoke, reaching for Tyler's tiny hand.