Angel Of Darkness

Chapter 4

Sakura's POV

'Ok, let's see… I got some type of meats, a…some carrots, potatoes, watermelon; some other types of vegetables …some strawberries, and some sweets. ' I thought as I walked down the darken road towards an old abandon warehouse at the end of a street.

I signed as I got to the front door. "I'm back!" I called as I walked into the house then closed to door, went to the kitchen and unloaded everything.

I heard someone or something mutter things under there breathe then a loud yawn come into the kitchen. I then turned around and saw a small, golden, stuffed animal with small white wings on it's back that flapped back and forth as he flew towards me from the doorway. "I brought home grocers," I smirked. "And some sweets!"

The little stuffed toy then snapped up his head with a huge smile on his face. "But not until after dinner!" I called as I finished putting everything I didn't need anyway and started to cut up some meat.

"What!! Why not?!!" It yelled into my ear making me flinch.

"Because you can't be eating junk all the time you have to have something healthy—"

"I do eat healthy."

"Yes, having Strawberry's with cake is very healthy. But that's all you eat healthy! You need healthy and less junk!" I took a breathe and before it could protest I finished, "And strawberry shortcake is not even better, Kero."

The stuffed toy named Kero pouted, but then gave in with a sign. "Fine… but just this once. And don't be surprised if I don't like it."

"Ahhh!!! What is this!!???" A small voice yelled from inside the small dinning room.

"I call it Mash…I don't know what it is really called." I said as I watched Kero face change emotions from happy, confused, and annoyance. I giggled, "So…?"

He looked up. "Wot?" He spoke as he chewed making me laugh. He swallowed and wiped some bits of sauce around his mouth off. "What?" he said again more clear.

"How do you like it?" I signed as a grin appeared softly on my lips.

…silence… "Itsnotthatbad." He mumbled.

"What was that? I couldn't hear you?!" I smirked as I knew I won.

"I said…" Kero paused and squirmed around a little not liking the fact that Sakura again was right. "It is not that bad."

"Aha, I knew it!" I said smiling at him as he hung his head down in defeat.

I looked over at the old, dusty, grandfather clock. '7:49' I signed then got up with are dirty dishes, placed them in the sink, washed them then placed them away. I was then going to go upstairs and go to bed, but was interrupted by Kero calling me. I turned around. "What?" Was all I said, feeling really tired all of a sudden.

"Can I come to work with you tomorrow??" He bagged. "PLEASE!!! PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY AND STRAWBERRY ON TOP!!!" He whined…Loudly making my ears ring.

"Fine. Whatever I don't care. Just stop whining so fuckin' loud. Your making my ears hurt." I said shaking my head a little.

"YEAAAA!!!!!!!!!!" Kero yelled flinging himself on me giving me a big…well, a small hug.

I smiled a tired one and hugged him back, but after 2 seconds after I pushed away gently and said, "Come on. Let's get to bed. We have a big day tomorrow with delivers."

And with a tiny nod from Kero they went upstairs and went to bed. But for them not knowing tomorrow was going to have one hell of a backfire call.

Hey, sorry I took a long time to update, but I've been kinda busy with the family and everything, how it is summer and all. And I'm really sorry for the chappie being so short. Oh, and people I'm redoing My Angel...Alot..