-Prologue -

"So how much did you miss me?" They were first words that left Catherine's mouth as she exited her Denali, looking over to a smiling Sara, who had just arrived in time to see the Tahoe pull up onto the drive. The blond had been away for the weekend to a convention and it was true, Sara had missed her.

"You have no idea babe!" Sara explained breathlessly, having just finished a 5 mile run. She stood up from where she was lent on her knees catching her breath, she moved forward - she kissed her girlfriend lovingly moving her hands to the others waist. The two ended up leaning against the Denali door, eyes closed, making out like two love sick teenagers.

"Mm…" Catherine pushed Sara back, and made a face of mock disgust – "You're all sweaty babe…" she explained holding Sara at arms length. A smile fell on both their faces.

Sara just lent forward again, pressing herself against Catherine purposely, breathing heavily and growling lowly in a seductive tone into the others ear spoke – "I thought that was how you liked me hun!" letting her hand slide south a little from resting on Catherine's waist to push into the back pocket of the blonds jeans.

Catherine let out a laugh before slapping Sara on the arm, "Hey you, self control! The neighbours…"

Before she could finish Sara pressed her forehead against Catherine's, she looked into the blonds eyes and with a serious voice spoke "…would love the show!"

Again Catherine laughed, and slapped Sara. She kissed her quickly on the lips before pulling back. "Help me get my stuff inside and I'll give you a private show!" She teased the brunette a little more by pulling on the waist band of Sara's tracksuit bottoms.

"Oh god I missed you!" Sara growled with frustration, smirking as she kissed Catherine one last time then turned to collect the other woman's stuff from the back of the Denali. She'd only gone for the weekend but in true Catherine style she'd over packed. Taking out the large bag Catherine came around and took out the files and papers along with her hand bag.

Sara smiled at Catherine before heading to the house, the blond took this time to sit on the back of the Denali and take a deep breath – guilt becoming fiercer with each passing moment, she now felt sick to her stomach and close to tears- what had she done? She thought she'd be able to face this, come back to Sara and act like nothing had happened but it was harder than she'd expected it to be. She couldn't even begin to think about making this ok. She didn't have a clue how she'd be able to go into that house and touch and hold Sara like she had before the weekend away. Images of everything that had happened began to flash in her mind. Images making her remember how she'd royally fucked up!