Laundry Day

Nora is used to doing the laundry. Every week she loads up the basket with her children's clothes and throws them in the washer. She was on Derek's load when she noticed something interesting. Under his hockey uniform, and different assortments of clothes, there was something pink sticking out. She grabbed for it, and gasped. In her hands there was a pink lacy bra.

Sure Nora knew that Derek had a reputation. And she had seen him bring home multiple girls. She even remembered once when she went to his room to get something and caught him and a girl, making out. But it was still very much of a surprise for her. Nora held the bra up more to her eyesight and noticed it was familiar.

She recognized this bra, somewhere. But where? Maybe, possibly she had seen it at the store once. Or in a catalog. No. It was too familiar. Like she had washed it before.

"Derek!" Nora heard her eldest daughter yell.

Of course! Why hadn't she figured it out sooner? The bra was Casey's. Nora knew it was all too familiar. But there was still the question on why it was in Derek's hamper. She never mixed them up. She made sure she kept the girl's clothes separate from the guys, because both Derek and Edwin were allergic to fabric softener.

And then the pieces in her mind finally fit. Nora then realized why Casey and Derek fought all the time. Why they would completely forget the arguments the next day. And why Derek occasionally grew a soft spot for Casey. They were in love.