1. Starting Line

He rolled side to side, becoming entangled in his bed-sheets. A cold sweat poured down the beauty's face, that same countenance was contorted in sadness and pain. Once again, Allen was visited by dreams of his beloved father, on the day that Allen himself had destroyed Mana. He woke up, sitting up quickly.

'I must get over this...if I can't forgive myself, I can never continue to walk forward...'

He was so unsure of all he did, was he going to stop moving on day? Just stand in one instance in time, and never move forward again? Allen shook those thoughts out of his head; no, he wouldn't think such a thing, worrying would only hold him fast to the time he was in now.

'I promised,' he thought, 'I promised to keep going forward.'

Allen decided that getting out of bed would be best for now; he couldn't stand to be still, if one could call him that, and instead opted to walk to the cafeteria, where he could bury his worries in his gluttony. Allen, being the parasite-type he was, needed to eat for both himself and his anti-akuma weapon, so he usually ate about half his body weight a day.

Allen had another problem though, one he couldn't blame on his innocence. This problem was his atrocious sense of direction; he was sure that if there was an award for getting lost, he would most certainly win. But then again, how could one not get lost in this maze he called "home"?

'I can't believe I'm still getting lost after all this time...'

Truth be told, it really hadn't been all that long since he'd come here, just a few months. And to add to his shield of excuses, he wasn't even present at the castle through most of those months, but instead out on missions. Still, Allen's sense of direction was a shame even with his given excuses. He was wishing a kind and smiling face would suddenly turn into the hall he alone was in and graciously led him to the cafeteria. Unfortunately, no such person appeared.

'I'm lost, incredibly lost...again. I'll be lost all night at this rate...eheh... all because I was restless... How cruel fate is.'

It was rather late though, around midnight, anyone who worked out in the field should be asleep at this time; exorcists can't suffer from insomnia, else they impair their fighting abilities and judgment. Allen couldn't blame the others for being asleep, as he knew he should be too. The youth sighed, shrugging his shoulders wearily. He'd love to backtrack to his room but he had already forgotten which hall he last took, everything begins to look the same after a certain amount of wandering. Allen took a minute to lean against the wall of the hallway, and tried to grasp some memory of the halls he had just traveled down. It wasn't working. What Allen wouldn't do for a friendly face. Unfortunately, what he got was far from what he hoped for.

Allen collided with something hard as he turned the corner, and stumbled backwards a few step.

"Watch where you're walking, Moyashi. What the hell is a brat like you doing up at this time?"The unforgettable voice of none other than Kanda Yuu hit Allen's ears hard; must the older boy always sound so angry?

"S-sorry... and I was just getting ...a snack," Allen said, looking to the side indignantly. He wasn't about to say he was lost, he simply would not admit that to Kanda Yuu of all people, anyone but him. Why? Because Allen couldn't stand the raven-haired exorcist, he was Allen's constant rival, and most importantly Allen wanted this person's respect, if for no other reason than to prove he was worthy of it. His efforts seemed fruitless though, as it seemed Kanda was dead-set on never acknowledging Allen.

"Right, and can I assume you're going in the exact opposite direction of the cafeteria because you are lost, Moyashi?" Kanda asked in an "I'm really too tired to be dealing with idiots" tone. The older boy rubbed his temples, as though Allen's presence was enough to give him a migraine. Allen felt like doing the same, he couldn't stand Kanda's presence; it simply disrupted his normal, kind way of thinking. Allen sighed again; even if he did tell Kanda that he was not lost he knew Kanda wouldn't believe him. Though Kanda was not the most book-smart person, he had instinct, and some damned good instincts at that. Mainly, he was extremely good at telling a lie from truth; but that wouldn't stop Allen from denying his lost state.

"No, I'm not lost..." A weak defense, he only just realized that he had no reason why he would be going in this direction if he was not lost, and therefore could not think of a good excuse to back up his actions.

"Right, and I'm your twin. Come on Moyashi," Kanda said, taking Allen's wrist and pulling him in the opposite direction. Allen was confused, was Kanda alright in the head? Did he realize that he was making physical contact with the cursed boy? Kanda was usually not the type to touch anyone, specifically Allen, unless it was to hurt them.

"W-where are you taking me?" Allen asked, in his half-asleep stupor he failed to realize the obvious answer to his own question.

"Where else, Moyashi? The cafeteria... I was headed there myself anyways, I might as well bring you there. Stop getting lost already, I won't help you again."

Allen was dumb-struck, The Kanda Yuu was being...dare he think it, nice? Was he showing some form of compassion, or at the very least consideration? Allen, not being able to think of anything to say- though he was sure that if he could, it wouldn't have made it out of his mouth- stayed silent. Finally, the two boys reached the doors to the cafeteria, doors Allen knew very well. He faintly wondered if anyone would still be in the kitchen. The two walked in, and Allen weakly tried to tug his arm out of Kanda's grasp; had the older boy not realized he still held the younger's wrist? Kanda looked down, realized he was still holding onto Allen and quickly let go of him, then looked back ahead.

"Um... is anyone still back there...?" Allen asked, looking back into the kitchen. Luckily for him, Jeryy was still there.

"Oh my! What's my favorite cutie doing up? And this late with Kanda no less? Please tell me you're keeping things pg?"

Allen, in all his cute cluelessness, cocked his head to the side, a blank look on his face. He was tired, that was excuse enough for not understanding. However, Kanda understood perfectly what the cook was asking, and he glared accordingly.

"What do you think baka cook?" He asked, in a pointed voice that screamed "You really better not say anything like that ever, ever again." The motherly man pouted at Kanda's glare, and crossed his arms over his chest.

"So what can I do for you cutie?" Jeryy asked, ignoring Kanda's glares and focusing his attention on his favorite little bundle of cute.

"Ok... um... three bowls of Domburi, five bowls of gyudon ramen, an order of yakitori, and ten dished of Mitarashi dango is all," Allen said, thinking that as this was a midnight snack, he shouldn't eat much. Jeryy looked a little surprised by the comparatively small order, Allen usually asked for a paragraph of food.

"Ok sweetie, comin' right up," the cook said. Then Jeryy looked over to the scowling exorcist that was Kanda, and decided to ask the rude gentleman if he was here for anything.

"Tempura," he answered simply, the cook could think of which type would suit him best for the moment. Allen and Kanda both waited together outside of the kitchen's window, an awkward silence floating between them. Allen shifted on his feet uncomfortably. Finally Jeryy came back with the meals prepared. Allen gratefully took his, finally he could drown out his thoughts with his beloved dango, and assorted other things.