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"Do you believe in God, Mr.Salaam?" The one question he didn't have an answer to, she had to ask.

"Why do you ask, Petit Marlene?" He had stayed at 7th Heaven, for about 3 years, so naturally he gave her a nickname. He called her Petit, because from where he stood nearly everyone was small.

"You don't seem the type that would believe in an all powerful entity. So do you?" Marlene put her math book into her school-bag. She'd recently entered Middle-school, and naturally had enough homework to fill a large swimming pool. Matt was going to help her with her Biology assinement. Well having a Neuro-scientist as a father did have its upside.

"You have not been this persistant about a question since you asked me about my life before the cell." Matt begain.

"You still didn't answer that." Marlene interupted.

"Why do you wish to know?" Matt said with a faint smile.

Marlene always loved the shape of Matt's face. It was so sharply defined, that it gave the imprestion that a great sculptor had carved it out of the best white marble.

But it was nice to see the lines in the master piece when he smiled at her. And if you were lucky enough to catch him a night with his googles off, you'd see his glowing crimson eyes.

"I'm just curious. You rarly speak unless spoken to and even then you never give much imformation. Honastly your as bad as Mr.Valentine!" Marlene threw her hands in the air.

"Yeah well, you try live 58 years of your life not knowing how to cry, laugh, love, or hate and see how you feel." Matt sent a glare her way.

"Oh... sorry am I interupting something?" Tifa walked into the small kitchen. Matt looked down at his hands, not wanting to look Tifa in the eye.

"No, it's okay. Say Tifa where's Denzil?" Marlene glanced worringly at Matt, he never got angry.

"He's out with friends, he should be back around six. Now are ye hungry, will I fix you something?" Tifa also glanced at Matt.

"Oh that would be great! How about french toast Matt?" Marlene asked, her attitude back to bubbly.

"Um... okay." Matt muttered.

"Come on Matt, purk up." Marlene nudged Matt in the shoulder.

"No I am fine. I am not hungry." Matt didn't look up. "Do you mind if I go for a walk. I won't be long."

"Sure. Just be back in time to help Marlene with her Biology." Tifa told him softly. Matt gave a curt knod before standing swiftly and walking out of the kitchen. "Marlene... is there something up with Matt?" Tifa asked when Matt was out of ear shot. Marlene mearly shrugged.

Matt ran, he had to get away from people, before They broke their seals. Why know? Three years of nothing, not a word, and now they were growing restless.

He stopped when he'd ran ten miles into Midgar. "Why now?" He yelled.

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exsist. And then... Poof ... he was gone. We've given you to much freedom. Now go back to your darkness." Mot was the first to speak, just like in the begining. Matt clutched his ead in pain, his eye's wide in aggony and his pupils reduced to meer dots.

Then it hit, the first shot of burning pain, this made him fall to his knees. The second made him fall forward screaming in aggony. Mot was forcing his way out. The third shot was excutiating, he screamed like an injured beast. Matt roled onto his back still clutching his

head, so tightly that his claws dug into his head.

"Matt!" He heard a faint cry, male possibly. He was still screaming, and roling around in pain. A forth shot, caused him to jurk forward slightly. All Vincent could do was watch helplessly, as the form in front of him cry out in pain.

He put his hand on Matts chest, hoping to hold him still, then Matt stopped roling, he just lay there, panting, tears streaming down his face.

At the moment he'd felt the hand touch him, Mot stopped trying to escape, leaving him in pain and utterly exhausted. Matt didn't need to see who it was, he knew by the touch. Vincent. Then to exhausted to stay awake any longer he blacked out.

Vincent reached down and picked Matt up. The first thing Vincent noticed about Matt was that, he could feel every bone in Matt's skeletal body. Okay... not normal or good.

Then not wasting any time, he ran with his inhuman speed to 7th Heaven. He jumped the steps leading up to the house and knocked loudly on the door. Marlene was the one who answered the door. She saw Vincent then an unconsious Matt in his arms.

"Oh my God!" was all she said before running to get Tifa. The two came back a second later. Tifa ran up to the two and put her hand on Matts cheek. His breathing was ragged and heavy, he was sweating slightly.

"What the hell happened?!" She asked, her voice was neck deep in worry.

"I do not know. I meerly heard his screams and came running. I do not know what happened before my presance." Always polite Vince.

"Bring him up to his room, quickly. I follow in a second." Tifa told Vincent. Vincent gave a curt knod before stridding up the stairs, Marlene tailing behind him.

"Which is his room?" Vincent asked. Marlene pointed to the end room, at the far end of the hall, the door was closed.

Vincent mentaly cursed, but never the less he strod to the door, making good use of his long legs. Marlene ran ahead opening the door for Vincent who gave a small thank-you.

Vincent lay Matt on his bed, placing him in a position that he could breath easier. Tifa came in shortly after that. After Tifa finished Marlene stayed, saying she'd take care of Matt.

Matt was shaking violently in his nightmare state. So like a mother to her child Marlene sat on the bed and placed Matts head on her lap and gentaly strocked his hair and sang to him.

konna ni tsumetai tobari no fukaku de anata wa hitori de nemutteru inori no utagoe sabishii nohara wo chiisana hikari ga terashiteta

anata no yume wo miteta kodomo no youni waratteta natsukashiku mada tooku sore wa mirai no yakusoku

itsuka midori no asa ni itsuka tadoritsukeru to fuyugareta kono sora wo shinjiteiru kara Fields of hope

umarete kita hi ni dakishimete kureta yasashii ano te wo sagashiteru inori no utagoe hitotsu kiete mata hajimaru tayorinaku setsunaku tsudzuku

itsuka midori no asa e subete no yoru wo koete sore wa tada hitorizutsu mitsukete yuku basho dakara

ima ga tada kono mune de anata wo atatametai natsukashiku mada tooi yasuragi no tame ni Fields of hope

natsukashiku mada tooi yakusoku no nohara Fields of hope

Fields of hope

He was still shaking slightly but at least he'd calmed down a little. Tifa came in a moment later, with a glass of water and a bottle of something pink.

"Marlene... I need to give him this and we need to keep him hydrated so... do you mind helping me by getting him to sit up?" Tifa whispered. Marlene knodded and sat up a little straighter.

She then put one of her arms under Matt's neck and put the other around his waist and pulled him gentaly into a sitting postion. Tifa sat down in front of them, and opened the small bottle of pink stuff.

"What is that Tifa?" Marlene whispered.

"It's a heavy-duity painkiller. And since he's not awake to take tablets, it easier to give him liquids." Tifa explained pouring the pink liquid into a small spoon.

Suddenly Matt jurked painfully, and started to shake violently again. Marlene shot Tifa a worried glance. Tifa also looked worried but softly strocked Matt's cheek with the back of her hand, in a vain attempt to calm him.

Tifa shuddered at how cold Matt's skin was. She placed her free hand on the back of Matt's head and placed the spoon against his lips, Marlene whispered in his ear, reasuring him.

His lips parted slightly, and Tifa took this chance to place the spoon in his mouth. She withdrew it, and tilted his head back slightly, just to help it go down. She then placed the glass of water at his lips and slowly emptyed the contents into and down his throut.

"We'd better just leave him to rest." Tifa whispered as Marlene gentally lay Matt back down, laying him on his side. Hopefully he'd get better.

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