Here's chapter three of DBMWL. Enjoy.

It had been six days since the encounter with Ka, and Matt had still not woken up. Tifa had called up Nanaki and Kai (cetus's birth name.), for their proffecional opinion. Nanaki had arrived first, he had been in Kalm, when he received word from Tifa. But Nanaki, like the other three, hadn't got a clue what was happening to Matt.

Kai arrived two days later having come from Icicle town, but he didn't come alone. He arrived on the door step of Seventh Hevean with identical twin, Yzak. The only way to tell them apart was the fact that Yzak had sky blue glasses, unlike Kai's venom green ones. "Sorry we're late, the weather was terrible. So what's the problem?" Kai asked, over dinner.

"Well... it's Matt. His demons have become... more... restless. He's had two attacks. One with Mot, the other with Ka. Ka broke through his barrier and attacked Vincent." Tifa imformed them. The two brothers looked at each other.

Then Yzak asked "Has he been exposed to any form of Mako exposure?"

"No not that I'm aware of." Tifa answeared, looking confused. Then Marlene gasped in pain, clutching her head.

"Marlene! What's wrong?" Tifa moved towards her. Kai stood swiftly and took three long strides to Marlene. He put his hands on her shoulders.

"Is it Matt?" He asked in a serious tone. Marlene knodded, Kai let out a sigh. "Thought so. He's become so close to you, that he's opened a connection between your's and his mind. Normally, I'd say your lucky, you've become his friend. But this could get serious." Kai stood up and started pacing the room.

"What do you mean serious?" Tifa asked nevously.

"If he expands the connection, his memories could spill through and into Marlene." Kai imformed them, then Yzak continued.

"This could be dangerous, if his memories mingle with hers. She won't be able to seperate them from her own." Tifa let out a gasp of horror.

"Bu... But you can stop that happening can... can't you?!" Tifa asked horror struck.

"Not if he doesn't wake up. If he stays in the nightmarish state he's in now we can't help. I'm sorry." Yzak apologised.

"Oh no. It's fine, I'll go see if I can get Matt to wake up." Marlene smiled at them before standing and dissapearing up the stairs.

Tifa turned to the brothers, "You can help them can't you. I mean if Matt wakes up." Her voice held all the fear she felt.

"We can. But this might damage Matt's mind even further." Kai said crossing his arms.

"What do you mean by that?" Vincent questioned, he'd grown fond of Matt. Both him and Matt had been experimented on by Hojo, both had demons implanted in their minds and both enjoyed the game of chess.

"I mean that, to dissconect them, we have to delete Matt's memories. In small words, he won't remember anything, who he is, what he is, what he's cappable of or who we are." Kai informed them.

Vincent lowered his head, and glared at the ground, "There's no other way then?" He muttered.

Kai shook his head, "No I'm sorry." He said sadly. Vincent stood up and made his way upstairs. Tifa stood there in shock, silently crying to herself. Yzak stood and pulled her into a one armed hug. "We're sorry." Kai smile sadly .

Upstairs Vincent and Marlene sat by Matt's bed in total silence. Marlene was fiddling with a small pendent. Vincent looked at it, "What is that?" He asked in a deep voice.

"Oh this?" She held it up, "It's his locket, He let me hold it three years ago, before he turned into Eshu. But he never asked for it back. I think he forgot about it." She let out a dry laugh. "Mr.Valentine. When Matt turned into Ka, he grabbed your wrist, and it looked like you were having a fit. What happened?" She asked quietly.

"Aparently, if you touch his bare skin, he passes on a bit of his hosts memories. But only flashes of it." Vincent explained.

Later Vincent called Ifalna Gainsborough, to see if she'd ever heard of the Salaam family, and she apparently did.

"What do you want to know?" She asked.

"I want to know what happened with the young albino son. Did he apper odd to you?" Vincent was going to get to the bottom of that vision.

"No... not that I can remember. All I remember was he was, really polite, always willing to help me. But he never showed any sign that he felt anything."

"What was his mother like?"

"She was a nice girl, she was eight months pregnant at the time. She seemed to keep an eye on what her son was doing, and was alway checking to see if his gloves were still on."

"Did she say why?"

"No she didn't. Her son always kept to himself, never interacting with other kids, he would just sit in a corner and read or draw."

"Mmm. Okay, did his mother tell you about their home life?"

"Yes actually. I asked her why she didn't bring her husband. Then she broke down in tears, and said that she was looking to leave him. He apparently abused her son and her. Nasty bloke. She asked could stay with us till she could find a home in the village. Of course I was thrilled with this. But..."


"Two years later, her husband came looking for her, demanding that she return with him. Then when she refused saying she was happy here, he slapped her and oh wait, her son went kind of beast like. He attacked his father with claws and fangs."


"Yes. And for a boy of his size, he held a lot of physical strength. Knocked a full grown man about six times his size to the ground with little effert. Snarling and hissing at him he thretand that if he came near them again, he could not be held responcible for his actions. Then his father left, no questions asked no answers given."

"What happened after that?"

"Well a year later, the son was taken in the middle of the night and I never saw him again."

"Is that all?"

"Yes. talk to you later Vincent."

"Good bye Ifalna." Then he hung up. Okay this is going to take a lot of reserch. But hey, he was good at that.

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