Right well this songfic is set after the episode when Marion "dies" set to the song "I'll take the tears"

Robin's POV

Song belongs to A1, does anyone remember them?

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Don't speak
Seal your lips.
Please don't say a word

He remembers arguing with her about arguing with him while she lay there.

He laughed, even up until her death she argued. It was who she was and he wouldn't change- wouldn't have changed her for the world. He hoped that if she rested her tongue, her body would follow the lead. It usually worked. She was a lady of her word after-all.

Maybe I won't remember the words I have not heard
I see that you're in love
I know it's not with me.
But I don't want the truth to haunt my memory.

He remembers bringing up Gisborne; he curses himself for looking for a fight with her in her weakened condition. However the pity she showed him, left a pool of doubt in his mind, a seed of fear was planted in his heart. He claims to never give up on anyone, but she made no such promise. What if she moved on? What if Guy had her heart? Would he still fight on…

It's never too late to relight the fire
It's never stopped burning for me.
The flame, it never died inside of me

... without hesitation.

How is it now that I can tell you I love you
How is it only now that it's too late.
What can I do?
The love that we had is torn in two.
So you take the smiles from all of our years
I'll take the tears

He blames himself, his weakness. How is it that he can look at his own death and come out with a smile and a witty remark, yet he couldn't say three simple words to the woman he loves. How is it that he waited till he was sure she couldn't hear him, to utter the thing that she was desperate to be told. He was silent until the day when she couldn't speak back.

I sit and reminisce of times that we once shared.
You gave me more than love
But never thought I cared.
My feelings were all for you.
Although it didn't show.
I only told you on the day you let me go

He curses himself again. He curses Djaq. He curses King Richard and his crusades. He curses everyone and anyone that hands had helped shape the outcome of today's tragedy.

However more than anyone, he blames himself. For leaving, for causing so much pain, for returning and causing more. He remembers the time they shared and does the worst possible thing to do in times of grief, he thinks of the times they could've had.

It's never too late to relight the fire
It's never stopped burning for me.
The flame, it never died inside of me

Now he can hear his name being called, while he cries on her deathbed. For one heart-stopping moment he thought it was her sweet voice, deceived into thinking that God decided not to reclaim his angel. But it was not meant to be.

They were coming; the ones who caused this were approaching.

Now I realize that you're no longer mine.
But I'm hoping that the pain will ease in time.
Although you're leaving, I won't say goodbye.
Because I know you're here with me inside.

"Let them come" he growled, picking up his weapon. With one last fleeting look at Marion's body he charged to the entrance of the cave. Marion may be free from her pain, his would stay with him always and he was going to make sure that a share of it was distributed to the soldiers outside.

For her.

For his love.

For Marion

….I love you….

well there you have it