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Isabella Marie Swan's Point of View

I woke up slowly and groggily from my few hours of sleep in a room that was not mine. I looked around, shocked, but my vision was still blurred and I could not see separate details. I sprang out of the bed with a yelp and almost screamed when I looked down at myself and saw that I had no clothes on. I heard a soft, musical snicker behind me and I wheeled around after grabbing the sheet off the bed and putting it on myself.

I felt his cold arms wrap around my waist and his chin on my shoulder. I almost melted at his touch, but I had to continue standing, I was not going to look weak, it'd just make him laugh at me even more.

"Do you know how adorable you are when you're confused?" He asked in my ear, breathing his intoxicating scent all over my face. It was so not fair when he did that.

"Edward, you're making this hard for me, we both know that I have to go to see Renée and my flight leaves in an hour." I said, trying very hard not to let my voice crack, and I was proud of myself when it did not.

"Must you go?" He replied, nuzzling his nose into the crook of my neck.

"I'm afraid so, and I think I have to go now, Charlie said he wanted to drive me there, and Alice said I was coming back from my 'sleepover' with her half an hour ago."

"Fine." He huffed before turning to his closet and putting some clothes on. Oh lord, how did I not remember last night when I woke up, get a grip Bella, no need to get horny before going to see your mother for two weeks. Two Edward-free weeks. That was going to be torture.

I said goodbye to my beloved Cullens before departing through my front door. Little did I know that was the last time I would see them for a long time to come.

Charlie drove me to the airport, we talked very little, and every time we did talk, Charlie was making snide remarks about Edward and I. That was one thing I would not miss in these two weeks, Charlie's dislike for our relationship.

When on the plane I settled into my seat and took out the iPOD Nano that Edward had bought for me. I clicked shuffle and groaned loudly. There were 3,429 songs on my playlist. 'Only my favorite songs' my ass. Knowing Edward, I was just glad he didn't upload more, not like he had much more room to.

When I got off the terminal Renée and Phil were there to meet me. My mother picked me up in a hug that I would have said was back-breaking before I met Emmett and Alice, that is.

The next few days went by as a blur, but I remember my fourth day in New York (Phil had to stay in New York for two months for work) perfectly.

That morning I woke up with a dreadful headache, and I missed Edward terribly. The worst parts were not those though, one was the rolling of my stomach, and the other that something big and unpredictable was about to happen, and it would happen today.

Suddenly I got up and sprinted for the bathroom. Luckily Phil was already gone to work, and Renée went with him, she said she wanted to watch him play. That was my only break. I threw up into the toilet bowl for what felt like an hour, and I had picked up the phone, intending to call Carlisle and ask him what viruses were going around New York when I haulted.

Morning Sickness…?

Oh shit. I ran to my room and grabbed some clothes, it was overcast and rainy today so I pulled on some jeans and a simple sweater. I grabbed my shoes, a jacket and a NutriGrain bar before sprinting out the door to the rental truck Phil had gotten for me while I was here.

I zoomed the small little Nissan Sentra from towards the outskirts of New York City (good thing the apartment is on the outskirts too). I drove until I found a rather remote hospital around 50 miles West of NYC.

I went through the double doors and looked around, suddenly realizing how stupid I was, why didn't I just get the stupid test? But to answer myself truthfully, I had not left the house to go to the hospital, I had left to drive and be alone. Which is pretty much what I said to Renée in my note (even though she shouldn't be back until tomorrow, Phil's game is somewhere in Vermont). Then I saw it, I almost laughed at the irony, I was always attracted to the mythical creatures wasn't I?

I saw her, a female doctor who was crouching down next to a small child, her eyes were warm and kind, and topaz her skin was icy pale like the Cullen's and her hair was strawberry blonde and waved down to the bottom of her shoulder blades.

She gave the child a genuine smile and I caught a glimpse of unnaturally white teeth. She started to head off in the other direction as the child left, skipping out the door, his mother's hand in his. Acting on impulse, I ran after her.

I grabbed her arm, making sure to make skin contact, to finalize my theory. Her skin was cold as ice. I was right. She looked over at me, clearly alarmed. I looked at her, my eyes pleading and her expression softened.

"Do you need help dear?" She asked kindly. I read her nametag; it read 'Doctor Sara Collins'.

I looked at her again, and said so quietly I knew she'd be the only one to hear me (I've had good practice with this) "I need help, badly. Vampire help."

She looked at me in shock before dragging me into a plush office I can only guess was hers. When I looked back over to her, she was hunched half-way over. It seemed like she was debating whether or not to attack me.

I said, only in a whisper this time. "I know you won't hurt me, you're a vegetarian… Just like, just like Car-Carlisle, and Esme, and Alice, and Emm-Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie, and Ed-Edwar-rd." I said the last one in a slightly higher octave and she looked at me, worried.

Then she did something I did not expect, she wrapped her stone arms around my waist and held me to her, stopping the sobs that had yet to escape.

"Now, now dear. You need to calm down and tell me what's wrong." It struck me how much she reminded me of Esme, and Carlisle for that matter, and I ended up telling her my whole story, including the whole we-had-sex-for-the-first-time-five-days-ago-and-now-I-have-morning-sickness-but-vampires-cant-reproduce thing.

"Bella, you're pregnant." She said matter-of-factly. I could feel the carefully place boundaries I had set up shatter around me as she said these three words.

She looked at me sadly before telling me that she would help in any way she could (Her super-vampire hearing and two heartbeats coming from me, which is how she knew I was pregnant). The next thing she told me shocked me, that I would need to live with her and her family (two other vampires) during my pregnancy, because me being the first human ever to carry the child of a vampire they did not know what to expect.

That was the day I faked my death that was the day I shed my identity. I am no longer Isabella Marie Swan. I am now Belrosa Marie Collins.(A/N: My friend's mom's name is Belrosa, pronounced bell-rose-ah)

The next day I met Sara's family. First there was Derik. He is Sara's husband and he was turned into a vampire in the time of the renaissance. He can manipulate time as his power, and the first few days I get him to use his power over and over just because it fascinated me, while he and Sara would just laugh at the incredulity of my fascination.

Then there was Cora. Cora has been a vampire since the 1940's and she was changed when she was five years old. She had dirty blonde hair that goes down to mid-back and she always has a happy smile on her little face. She can control wind and water, and her favorite thing to do is to make ice with it and use the wind to 'accidentally' carry it into my bed to wake me up with a start in the mornings. I loved her so much, she was like the little sister I never had – a pang went through my chest thinking about the family I had left behind, no not Charlie and Renée and Phil, the Cullens, my true family.

Sara and Derik promised that once my baby was born that they would take me back to the Cullens, but they feared about Jasper's control, and Edward's for that matter, for Edward was strong, but they told me that my baby's scent mixed with mine would be over-bearing for Edward to handle, now at two months, Sara told me that I was almost twice as good-smelling as before.

None of her family had trouble being around me though, Derik and Sara had perfected their control years ago (much like Carlisle) and little Cora said that she never really had an inkling to drink blood from humans, she said that even mammals didn't strike her fancy, no she drank from birds, Derik said it was because of her talent – birds were either one with the air, one with the water, or one with both at the same time. I just say she a screwed up little vampire, but I love her anyway.

I am now almost nine months along, and for a journal being written about me by Sara I have to keep up with all my changes so far. I am now almost a full vampire, Sara says that when my baby is born then the final stage will be done and it will be then that my heart stops, like it would if I was in three days of antagonizing pain.

My log is as follows:

Month One: My hair has gotten thicker, shinier, curlier and it now has natural-looking blonde highlights in it

Month Two: My skin is visibly beginning to pale, but it is yet to be as pale as a vampire.

Month Three: there are maroon flecks now in the irises of my eyes.

Month Four: My figure is beginning to gain curves and my legs are slimming as I grow slightly taller.

Month Five: I have become stronger and faster, still not as strong or fast as a vampire, but much more so than a human.

Month Six: I'm having cravings for blood (The maroon flecks become topaz as I consume animal blood, not human)

Month Seven: I have finally reached the paleness of a vampire, and I have my full strength and speed.

Month Eight: My eyes now have none of the brown left in them, my cheekbones are higher and my lips are perfectly full.

Month Nine: I have started receiving my power, I can now life small objects such as pencils and books, I can talk to Cora through my mind and I can sense any non-human beings within a mile of where---

"SARA!" I screeched while dropping my pen and I heard it clatter to the floor. My body erupted in sweltering pain and I screamed out so loud I was sure people in Minnesota could hear it.

Soon Sara was in my room with me, along with Derik who was doing as he was asked without question, while Cora stood next to me, splashing water on my face or sending me a chilling breeze when the fire consumed me to the point where I could no longer take it and I would scream in agony.

The last thing I heard before I blacked out was Sara's extremely cheerful voice saying "Congratulations, it's a boy." Before I blacked out, still twitching from the pain the fire brought upon me.

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