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May 13, 2007

Dear Diary,

What a day! I'm all tired and sleepy. I ate ramen on the way home; Naruto made me pay for his too since he forgot his money at home. Today was a BIG day for him, since HE came back to Konoha with his new 'team'. HE really changed. A lot. But still cold and seeking power. Ah, I wish everything was just the same as it used to be. I met his new teammates, Karin, Suigetsu and Juugo. Karin gets on my nerves. She acts just like Ino and me when we were 12 or something. I wonder if she knows why he came back. Yes, she probably knows.

Suigetsu, on the other hand, reminds me of someone... or is it the sword? It looks so familiar. Anyways, he has sharp teeth like a shark's. Maybe he's from Mist...? I think we get along just fine, considering neither of us like Karin.

Juugo looks a little bit like Naruto. He doesn't act like him, thank God. I wouldn't want another Naruto roaming around Konoha (although I'm suspicious that he and Ino are related. Somehow.) I feel a little sorry for him, having a curse seal on him. He doesn't want to kill people!

Tsunade-sensei is thinking of a way to punish HIM for leaving Konoha. I know, it's getting a little annoying that I say HIM instead of... you know. I'm supposed to watch over his new team tomorrow, showing them around, making sure they don't go crazy and kill innocent bystanders...

I'll just go to sleep now...



She closed her diary just before her computer showed a message from Naruto. She had turned it on for research, but she finished already.

To: Sakura

From: Naruto

Subject: Ramen

Sorry for making you pay for my ramen Sakura-chan! I'll make it up to you before you go out tomorrow! Oh, and can you tell Hinata-chan 'Thank you' for buying me a new night cap? Mine was getting small.

By the way, wanna come to my party tomorrow? We're celebrating teme's return. We're gonna make him eat ramen! PLEASE COME! Even if you don't wanna face him, can you do it for me? For Hinata-chan? For Ino-pig? For Ramen???

You know you soooo want to come. It's going to be so much fun! Even Kakashi-sensei's coming! After the first part of the party, all of us are going swimming. I know you love swimming, so why don't you just come? I promise to keep teme out of your sight. If I can. And if by this point you still haven't changed your mind, how about I make a list of why you should come?

1. It won't be the same without you!

2. That Karin girl is coming, so a perfect chance for you to embarrase her! (And even if you don't, Shark-boy might)

3. I think you're the only one who can keep Ino from screaming into my ear.

4. Uh.. you love swimming. And cake. And ice cream (you know you do! Don't deny it!)

6. I don't know... because you secretly have a crush on me?

So will you come? Tell me! 'Cuz I'm going to tell Tsunade-obaachan to make you come even if you don't want to (She's coming too... Let's hope she won't hit me.) I just noticed I don't have number 5. Oh well.

Bye! Dattebayo!


Sakura pondered on if she should go to the party.

Ya know, your/our sensei gave us the WHOLE day off tomorrow.

'...I thought I got rid of you.' Sakura groaned, having to know that her inner self was back. 'But, she has good advice.'

Thank you. I'm flattered.

'Damn, I forgot you can hear my thoughts.'

Well, I'm you, so yeah. And by the power invested in me, YOU WILL GO TO THAT FRIGGIN' PARTY!

'You can't make me, can you?'

I'll talk about Sasuke all day if you don't.

She groaned and with a quick reply of "Fine. I'll go." she fell asleep, cuddling into her pillow.


"Sakura-chaaaan!" Said person covered her ears and hid under her head under her pillow. 'Stupid alarm clock.' she thought.

It ain't your alarm clock, pinky. Her inner moaned, obviously not fully awake. 'Then what is that annoying sound?' She uncovered her head, walked towards her window and peered out.

"Sakura-chaaaaaan! Sakura-chaaaaaan! You didn't tell me if you're going to the party of not!" The Uzumaki shouted, cupping his hands around his mouth. 'I'm going to kick him when I get down.' She sighed and nodded, yelling a "Yes" back, just incase he didn't see her nod. Before she left to brush her teeth and shower, she saw Naruto doing his victory dance.

It took half an hour for her to brush her teeth, take a shower, get dressed and eat breakfast. Naruto, of course, being the unpatient one, was jumping up and down. Sakura came down wearing a tank top and a pair of shorts. Her hair was left down and she was wearing sneakers.

She sweatdropped at the sight of Naruto. "Naruto, calm down."

Before she could say anything else, an ANBU poofed infront of them. (Ehehe... I love the word poofed. Reminds me of Fairly Odd Parents, which of course, I don't own.)

"Haruno-san, Hokage-sama requests for you to be at her office." and he disappeared. Waving goodbye to the blond, she sped towards the Godaime's office, where she found her sensei yelling.

"YOU! HOW DARE YOU TAKE MY SAKE!" Tsunade was beyond pissed, beyond mad, and even Hell was afraid of her.

Suigetsu, who was looking around trying to avoid her glare was sweating. "I thought it was water, ok? Yeesh, what do you expect from someone from Mist?" Sakura rolled her eyes. Everybody knew not to take anything from Tsunade or from her office. Even Naruto, who learnt it the hard way.

"Er, am I interrupting something?" She interrupted.

The Hokage sighed, rubbing her temples. "Ah, Sakura, just in time." The pink haired girl bowed. "You may all go now. Follow Sakura, or else I'll punch you all to Mars." Suigetsu shivered at the image of being sent to Mars. (Do they even know what Mars is? Just curious.)

Karin, pretending to be polite; she actually wanted to scream: WHAT? Follow that twerp?, smiled and nodded. She bowed before going out and scowling while her back was turned to the Hokage. Juugo, however, actually smiled a real smile. He walked out of the room, being as silent as Sasuke. Suigetsu just nodded and bit back a retort to Tsunade. Sakura followed them out after saying, "Hai."


Outside, Sakura showed them around the village. She bumped into a lot of people, like Tenten, who was getting ready for the party, Shikamaru, who was looking for Ino, and Naruto, who was actually looking for a decent conversation. She let him join them.

"So, I asked if he could put more chicken in my ramen, and guess what he says. Well, he says, "Do you have enough money?" I was so pissed! Then, I asked if there was more squid. He says, "Nah, but if you don't mind catching some..."" Sakura, Suigetsu and Juugo listened to him complain. Suigetsu snickered, Sakura sighed and Juugo was being Juugo. Karin was daydreaming about Sasuke.

Sakura cut him off. "This, is my bestfriend's family's flower shop. All kinds of flowers you can imagine. There are even poisonous ones, kept somewhere I don't know." She pointed to a bright, yellow flower shop filled with flowers, packages of seeds to grow your own and more. They entered into the shop.

"Welcome!" Ino smiled brightly at them when they walked in.

"Ino? What are you doing behind the counter? I thought your parents looked after the shop..." Sakura sounded confused.

Ino sighed. "Mom is sick. Daddy's out doing something. I'm stuck here. Need I say more?" Sakura giggled.

"Oh, I can't be that bad. You are going to the party, right?"

"True, true. Say, who are they?" The girl with hooped earings pointed to Sasuke's team. Emerald eyes narrowed.

"They're Sasuke's new team, Suigetsu," she pointed to him, "Karin," a point at her, "And Juugo." Inner Sakura congratulated Sakura for actually saying his name. Ino grinned.

"Oooo... new friends? I'm Yamanaka Ino, best friend of Haruno Sakura over there and former president of Sasuke's fanclub." Sakura rolled her eyes, thanking Kami that Ino was over Sasuke. Or else if Ino found out Karin was obsessed even more with Sasuke, there would've been a big, bloody mess.

Everybody noticed that Naruto had disappeared by then. 'Probably gone to eat ramen.' Suddenly they heard chanting outside. It sounded like, 'Fight, fight!' Sakura and Ino quickly bolted out, the others following. The sight was blinding. The bright light from Rasengan and Chidori was hurting the villagers eyes, but the chanting still continued.

"STOP!" came Sakura's voice. It held anger and fear at the same time. Anger for both of them trying to fight each other again and fear for both that they might get hurt or die. Everything came to a stop. Navy and blue eyes stared at her. Naruto's lingered with fear. Sakura turned to Naruto.

"You." She said in a deadly voice. "Are in big trouble. You KNOW Sasuke just came back. You KNOW Tsunade-sama said not to fight him. You KNOW I hate it. You ALSO KNOW that you're betting your whole life like this!"

Naruto whispered, "I didn't mean to."

"You didn't mean to?" she snapped at him. "You didn't MEAN to? Do you know how worried I'd be if you got hurt? Do you?"

He sheepishly grinned. "Aw, you do care."

Sakura turned to the Uchiha. "And you. Already getting into trouble! I can't believe you! I thought you would be better than Naruto, but I guess I was wrong. You make me sick." She whirled around, "Ino, take them back to the Hokage. I'm going back home." She ran. In the distance, she heard Karin yelling something like, "How dare she! Yelling at Sasuke like that! Let me at that bitch! Hey, let me go!"

The medic-nin stayed inside her room for what seemed to be hours. She spent her time on the computer or reading. A chatroom popped up and Ino was talking to her.

xPrincessDeadly: Hey Forehead-girl. You okay? Naruto's been bugging me to tell you he's very sorry x100000000. How annoying.

CherryPocky: Hi Ino-pig. Not so well. I just can't believe that they haven't changed when around each other. I'm worried.

xPrincessDeadly: Saku, admit it. You're in loooooove. Which one, I don't know. But my suspicion is leaning closer to Naruto.

CherryPocky: You know, Naruto is totally dedicated to Hinata. Did you see them holding hands on Friday? It was so sweet:D AND he helped her get over her shyness.

xPrincessDeadly: So you admit you're falling for Sasuke all over again? Damn, Forehead. I thought you'd be way over him. But it's better you than that Karin girl. She's creepy. Reminds me of us when we were obsessed.

CherryPocky: I'm not! Besides, I think Karin and Sasuke are perfect for each other.

xPrincessDeadly: You have got to be kidding. You're right though, I can just imagine it... Oh, wait a minute, 'k?

:DWM has just joined the chatroom. (WM stands for Weapons Mistress)

Slushies'nPlushies has just joined the chatroom.

:DWM: What an interesting conversation...

Slushies'nPlushies: Konnichiwa Sakura-chan, Ino-chan, Tenten-chan.

CherryPocky: Hey Tenten, Hinata. Can I ask you something, Hinata?

Slushies'nPlushies: Sure...

CherryPocky: Did Ino help you make that name?

xPrincessDeadly: Of course. Don't I have a creative mind?

CherryPocky: For a pig.

xPrincessDeadly: Hey!

:DWM: Break it up ladies, break it up. We don't want to you two to wreck your computer, would we?

CherryPocky: Fine.

They talked for two hours until Ino and Tenten had to go get ready for the party. Hinata was baking a cake for the party. Sakura stretched her arms and legs. 'Ah, I guess I should read my emails now.'

What about the party?

'What about it?'

Aren'tcha going to get ready?

'I still have time.' She opened up her inbox and inside were bunches of letters Naruto sent her, saying how sorry he was. She deleted all of them; she knew Naruto was like this and had already forgiven him. While reading some emails, one caught her eye. 'Chainletter? No, invitaion.'

To: Sakura, Hinata, Tenten, Ino, Shikamaru, Kakashi, Anko, Shizune, Iruka, Chouji, Naruto, ect. ect.

From: Somebody

Subject: You're Invited!

Yes you. You're invited to a party on Wednesday at 5:00am to whenever, near the alley behind the park. Bring snacks, drinks, whatever you have. Do not ask anybody who goes who I am, since nobody knows. I'm just someone who wants to have a good time. No tricks up my sleeves, hopefully no one will get hurt.

Invite anybody you want!

Wear anything you want!

"Another party?" Sakura questioned herself.

I believe so.

She thought about it while getting ready for Naruto's party. Once she stepped out of her door, she said, "I'll go, I have Wednesday off and nothing to do. Besides, almost everybody is going to be there, so no dangers there."

How wrong she was.


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