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It was another normal day for Eva on Alwas. She work up to a sunny day. She don't have to race that day and she was really to see if she could find Aikka and hang out. She get change and want to the 'kitchen' to find that Jordan talking to Don

"so do you think i can use you counacaker to call my Mother?" he asked

"will ya fine but make it quick" he said Eva\molly sat down at the table

"hey Jordan why are you calling you mother?" she asked as he want by her he turn

"what Eva don't tell me you forget what today is?" he said

"she thought for a moment "no i have no clue what today is" she said

"what! Today is mother days molly. You know a day were you thank you mom for every think them of everything they did for us." he said

"of hay that's today huh." molly said

"ya come on you can at less gave you mom a call." he said

molly look at the ground "no i cant do that." she said in a sad ed voice

"what molly come on you have to at less one." he said as he took molly's hand trying to puled he with him

"i said no Jordan." she said she was getting mad think that she could never talk to her mom ever.

"oh come it would make her happy." he said as she puled he to Don's office

"I SAID NO AND I MEAN NO!" molly yelled at Jordan as she took her hand back and she ran out with out eating.

"man what's her provem?" Jordan asked himself as saw Molly ran out.

Molly ran as far as she could from the earth pit. She stop when she reach the town. She could see that everyone was with their mother/ 'man this sucks i guess everyone celebrated Mother's day.' she thought as she saw a little girl giving a gift to her mother. 'man am so out of her' she said to herself

"hallo there molly." molly turn to see who was talking to her to see Satis the old catfish Alien

"what do you want Satis?" she asked.

"how me nothing i was just walking around and i saw you. So tell me my child why do you seem so glum? Why aren't you back at your pit calling you mother?" he asked

"that non of you of your coursed." she said as she stared to walk away.

"do you want to talk about it?" Satis asked as he followed her

"no. i just want to be alone." molly said as she left the town

"oh cone on its not good to keep things blotted up you know." he said

"ya right that so not true. I've been bottling things up since i was 5. now leave me alone!" Molly yelled

she stared to run

she ran to the lack. She sat there for a while . She remember her last mother's day. It was the day her mother die


"happy mothers day mommy!" Eva said as she jump on the bed. Her mother and father woke up to find a hyper littler girl on there bed.

"oh hello baby." she said as she pick Eva up.

"here mommy this is for you i hope you like it." she said as she took a pare of goggles out.

"hi there baby i love them i think am going to use them today at the racers " she said as she kiss Eva on the cheek

when her mother crash the moment she show the ship in flames she get off her father shouters and she ran to her mother.

When she get there they were able to put half of the fire. Eva ran to the half burning ship she was some how able to see her mother

"mommy mommy wake up mommy." she said

"ur Eva is that you honey?" she said as she open her eyes she took out her goggles and gave them to her "here Eva i want you to have thees back i love them but i... wont be... needing... them were am going." she said

"No mommy you can't die" she said

"am sorry baby remember that i love... you." her hand drop and she was now die.

end of flashback

Eva count help but cry. Tear come down her face.

"what is the matter child?" someone asked Eva wiped her tears and turn to see a Nourasian women

"oh it nothing." she said as she stood up.

"you cant fool me. You were crying would you like to talk about it?" she asked

"i don't think you would understand no one could." Eva said as she stood up. She look at the Nourasian she had long red hair and like all Nourasians she had brownish skin and pointy eras. She also had blue eyes, she ware a smiler close as Aikka exit with out the Amor,

"may i asked you why you are not with you mother on this holiday?" she asked

"i don't have one anymore" Eva said getting tried of people keep asking her.

"oh you poor child and you father were is he?" she asked at this point Eva bro k down . Tera's fell to he face. Making her vision a little crowed. The woman then puled her in a huge. It stared to ran. "come with me my dare. I don't want you to catch a cold now do we." they both stared to walk. Eva had no clue were they were going.

5 min later.
they arrive at the Nourasian's pit. "what are we doing here" Eva asked

"this is were my son is and i want you to meet him" she said as you both enter the pit

"Aikka! Get me 2 towers" she yelled and in no time there come Aikka with 2 towers he stop ed when he saw Eva

"Mother Molly what are you doing here?" he asked as he stared to walk again

"you two know each other already?" she asked

"yes we have meet." Aikka said "so why is she here?" he asked

before molly could answer the Queen said "i found her all alone near the lack crying and i brot her here because i want to know what was worried" she said "now be a dare and go make us something to eat. While i get Molly something to wear. Come Molly" she said and she lead molly to her room. Once there the Queen took out some close. "you might have to stay here for the night if it keeps raining like this she said "here put this on and then you can tell me what's wroge." molly just nod and put the dress on.

The dress was like the one the queen ware. "you look so pretty in that dress i will have to asked my son what he thinks later when he see you. Now come sit and tell me everything." Eva couldn't help but like her. She sat down and told her everything

"my mother die 11 years today. In a reaching accede and i saw her when she die i talk to her in her death bad and after she die my father want crazy he left me all alone in a boring school were everyone called me a orphan. I count stand it i was there for 10 years wanting for him. And every time she didn't come i would tell myself that he was to buzzy and that he'll come next year or call but he never did i got tired of it so i left the that dumb ass school in the hopes of seeing my dad again but when i saw him again he was cold he wasn't the same parson that i love he wasn't the dad that i know and love. So i lied to him i told him that i was molly and like that he gave me a job. When i found out that he was coming here i hid in the stuff so that he wont leave me again. But no i have to be the pilot and i just don't know if i will ever have the coreag to tell him that am his daughter!" Eva finally brock down she told the queen every think. She couldn't take it anymore. Satis was right it was bad to bottle up feeing and she had been doing it all her life and it was killing her inside little by little. The queen hug her once more like only a mother could.

"you poor child you have suffed so much in such a young age to. Tell me child what is your name?"

"E..Eva" she said sobbing

"that a beautiful name it such you." she said

there was a nook on the door "mother the food is done." Aikka said as he entered "Molly what's wrong?" he asked when he saw her crying

"its nothing Aikka. You know what? you are so luck to have a mother that is so caring." Eva said as she wiped her tears away.

"Molly would you like to stay here to day? It is still raining and i wont want you to catch a cold." the queen said

"uh such if you and Aikka don't mine." Eva said she felt so much better.

"ur no not at all it wound be a pleaser Molly." Aikka said blushing a bit when he nodes what Eva was wearing. The dress that the queen had lend Eva kinda hugged her body. Aikka could truly see how beautiful Eva was.

"i think my son likes you in that dress Eva." the queen wisped to her. Eva blush the queen just smiled "Aikka please close you mouth before eat a fly." the queen teas. Aikka turn a deep rad as she the queen laugh "come lets eat it is mother day after all." and with that the 3 of them went to eat.

That whole day was like a dream for Eva it was like having a mother again. The queen kept on making fun of Aikka saying that he like 'Molly' which was true but Aikka just don't want her to know.

The end

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