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"So you are don the mater and you are the one who is support to take care of molly?" the queen asked

"yes that right what do you want?" he asked ruly

"Am here to talk to you how could you treat this wonderful girl like she nothing she is part of this team and if I ever hear that you done something to her you will just hope that the Avatar is kind enough to help you to hid from me!!" she yelled at him she looked so mad and seem really to hit him

"And who do you think you are to tell me what to do?" Don asked her

"I think am a mother and as this child had not a mother or father I have the right to worry about her and care unlike her basted of a father who just leaves her but then again am such you know how that is don't you?" she asked

"What are you talking about?" Don asked

"don't act dumb you left your daughter in a boarding school that right I know I use to be a fan of Maya way not just because we had the same name but because she was going what I always waned to do and that is to be free to be what I want to be who I want and I followed up on what happen to her family and I found that you left your only daughter Eva in a boarding school with no vistas what so ever. What kind of father is that?" Don looked at the Queen and was shook he had no clue that the polite know about him leaving his daughter it has been so long since some one broth her up. How could that be…. He don't know what to say

"no if I ever hear to say or do anything to Molly again you will pay am such this girl hates her father as much as your daughter hates you for leaving her." the queen the turn to Eva "I must go Molly please come for tea tomorrow I would love to get to know you better you are a wonderful young lady." she said as Eva nodded

"Ok Maya I would love to go with you."

"Good now I must go but I will see you tomorrow after your reach.." and with that Maya left

"MOLLY I want to see you in my office right always!!" Don said once Maya was gone.

"Yes sir." Eva followed her father and they went to his office

"Now tell me who is your father so I can call him." Don said looking at Eva who just looked at him not knowing what to say….