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(Dark Dreams 3, Serpentine. A remake of Chapter 17, heheheheh)

Kaida woke up in a dank call with the mother of all headaches, and the need for blood. It was grimy, the air was stale, and the scent of iron and blood met her nostrils as she struggled into consciousness, after having it being taken from her by whatever the heck that Shahdee-wanabe had used on her and the Prince both.

She sat up, feeling the weight of heavy iron chains binding her loosely to the wall on her wrists and ankles. She looked at them, and she looked around.

She was sharing a cell with the prince, who, of course, was chained to the opposite wall and still out cold. To her left were bars which showed her the rest of the prison, most of the cells were empty, but for a few in which she could see the others were also chained up.

Skrew this crap. She thought. There were no guards in the direct vicinity, so it was time to get out. She focused upon the shackles on her, and aged them so that they crumbled right off due to rust. She rubbed off the excess and went over to the prince, a small smile playing on her lips.

She bent down and captured his lips into hers, rousing him with a passionate kiss, which he soon returned, if drowsily.

And then she proceeded to tickle him.

"Gyah!!!" He exclaimed, jerking up so swiftly that he accidentally hit his head against the back wall, "Ouch! B(beep)it!" He hissed, rubbing his head, and frowning down at his shackles. "Where are we…oh, right…captured, got it." He groaned. "So are we escaping now?"

"Oh, I don't know, having you chained up like this is kinda kinky." She purred, straddling his lap with her hands snaking around his neck.

"I'm not sure I know what that means, but I'd love to find out once we get out of this mess." He said, smirking up at her.

"So would I!" A familiar voice piped up.

"Wait your turn!" The both of them snapped at once.

Kaida rusted off the prince's shackles and the two of them kicked the cell open so they could rouse their friends as well.

"First order of business, kill every son of a b(beep) on this ship, while simultaneously killing the b(beep)s right along with them. The prince and I are going to handle this part of the plan, for reasons that you will make you scream and likely demand to know what the heck just happened to us." Kaida said.

"Thanks for the warning." Aizira said.

"Aizira, you and Keilic go find Kassima, the rest of you can work on making sure our ship is seaworthy after everyone's been slaughtered. Alright?" She asked.

"Who died and made you Empress?" Demanded the Prince's ship's captain.

"Kaileena you dolt! Didn't you read Dark Dreams 1: Breach!?!?" She demanded.

"No, why should I? I'm only a secondary character that hasn't even been introduced yet and, like the duke, has no name! I'm only doing this for a little extra gold, why should I bother reading the rest of the story!?" He demanded.

"Whatever, the point is that I am the Empress of Time, the future queen of Babylon, and there's nothing you girls can do about it. So shut up with the stupid questions and get to work pronto!" She ordered.

Kaida and the prince then proceeded to transform into their sand forms.

"Awesooooooooome." Kaida's crew all said.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" Orzan's crew all said.

"Blasted secondary characters, don't know awesome when they see it, do they?" Kage demanded, crossing his arms over his chest and glaring.

"It's not like they're getting paid very much." Kaida said.

"We get paid for this?!" Kage exclaimed.

"You didn't know?" Kaida suddenly busted out laughing, "Oh my gosh, you've never asked Rhea for your paycheck have you!?"


"I guess the fact that you STOLE HER HORNS sort of made her a bit loath to tell you you have a paycheck." Aizira snickered.

Suddenly, at that moment, the door busted open and several cultists stared in awe and fear, "OH NOES!!!" They cried, "THE EMPRESS AND EMPEROR OF TIME WERE OUR PRISONERS!!! WE MUST REPENT!!!"

"Hey, hey, hey!!!" Kage exclaimed, "There is no Emperor of Time in this fic, as much as the title appeals to me, that is a shameless rip-off from DarkxPrince's story 'Darkness Within', I was already named after the main character, dangit, so call me something else!!!" He ordered.

They looked at one another. "OH NOES!!! THE EMPRESS OF TIME AND HER CONCUBINE WERE OUR PRISONERS!!!" They cried.

"That's bette—hey wait a second!!! I'M NOT HER CONCUBINE I'M HER FIANCÉ!!!" He bellowed, Kaida and the others all rolling on the ground laughing at this.

After that, both Kage (aka: The Dark Prince, for those of you who don't know), and Kaida proceeded to slaughter every last cultist on the ship, making for a very grotesque blood bath with very few survivors and a lot of insane laughter. Unfortunately the violence was so grusom that the authoress, being lazy, decided not to go into detail, and is instead currently snoozing at her computer desk. A very uncomfortable position, mind you. She's going to be soar for a while after this.


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