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Warnings: Character death, and…that's about it…

Harry awoke, sweating. He had been having the same dream, repeatedly, for over two months yet it never ceased to horrify him. A voice from below alerted him to the fact that he had been screaming again. Ron sat up in the next bed over.

"Harry…just one night……can you please stay quiet for just one night?" he muttered dejectedly.

"Sorry Ron…s'not like I can help it." Harry replied, sadly.

It was her face, the thing that haunted him every night. Her lifeless face. He was with her in her last moments. He was there holding her as her skin paled and went cold, as the life left her eyes. His tears had run down her face as she took her final breath, as she spoke her last words, "I love you Harry and I always will." Her blood had covered his body. Her pained face was mirrored in his. He had hugged her to him rocking back and forth. He had screamed that night and every night since, as he relived those agonizing moments. He had lost part of himself when he had lost her…when he had lost his one true love…his happiness…his Ginny.

Harry knew who had killed his Ginny. She had been careless…she never knew that Harry had been there the whole time, a bottle of champagne in one hand and an engagement band in his pocket. She hadn't noticed him as she had swiftly left Ginny's flat, dripping blood through the halls, frizzy brown curls flowing behind her. Harry had run to Ginny but it was too late, she had bled too much already. There was no hope…even with magic, she would be dead within a few seconds…she had only time to say those last words before she went limp.

Hermione hadn't cried at all. At her best friend's funeral, not a single tear, real or fake, had graced her ivory cheeks. Harry wasn't surprised, yet he longed to know what had possessed Hermione that day…why she would kill her, once beloved, friend.

Ron had gone into shock. Shortly after, his shock was replaced by overwhelming grief. His grief, however, was ended, abruptly, by Hermione's acceptance of his prior marriage proposal. He was ignorant to her position as Ginny's murderer and they were married. They had been on their honeymoon before their final year at Hogwarts had even started.

The routine continued. Ron fell back asleep as did the other occupants of Gryffindor tower, Harry passed out exhausted into a dreamless sleep, and in the girls dormitories, Hermione giggled under her sheets.

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