Chapter One


'Thoughts or Thinking'

Also I want to thank Ulyferal for being my beta-reader and give me the name for the new hero. Also I will be adding a few characters of my own so if you want to borrow them you have to ask first! Disclaimed I don't own the SWAT Kats!

It was just another day in Megakat City. Unaware of what was happening to their Chief Enforcer the katizens went on with their daily life. Feral, on his way to Enforcer Headquarters, was suddenly ambushed by Dark Kat's creeplings and Dr. Viper's mutants. The Commander tried to summon aid but just as he reached Felina one of Vipers mutants hit him in the head and knocked him unconscious.

Hours later, Feral regained consciousness only to find he was now strapped down to some sort of table. He struggled for some minutes trying to break free without success. He turned his attention on where he was. All he could see was that he was in some old abandoned facility. 'Crud! Where I am?' Thought Feral growling and trying again to break free.

"Struggle all you want, Commander. But those straps won't break free that easy." A familiar dark voice said.

"Dark Kat?! Let me go and my enforcers may just go easy on you!" Snapped Feral.

"Not likely, Commander." Hissed a voice from the shadows.

"Viper?!" Feral said startled. 'Crud, are these two working together again?' Feral thought in beginning fear.

"Dark Kat and I need a few tessst sssubjectss for a new virussse we created and you, Commander, will be the first we'll try it on then the SSSWAT Katsss will be next." said Dr. Viper holding a hypo.

Dr. Viper moved over to Feral's right arm. He smirked as he prepared to inject the serum, "Hold ssstill Commander...thisss will hurt." Viper plunged the needle in sending the blue-green liquid into Feral's body.

At first, the Commander felt only a small stinging pain but that quickly turned into a white hot pain making his insides feel as if they were on fire. He was twisting in pain. Screams tore from him as the pain increased and seemed to be unending.

Feral was so focused on the pain he didn't hear the sudden explosion...didn't hear Dark Kat yelling at his creeplings or Dr. Viper shouting in anger...only the pain held his attention. Just as one wave would end another would begin. Suddenly the straps that held him were cut allowing him to sit up but the pain kept him flat.

"Commander, can you hear me?" It was one of SWAT Kats whose voice caused a ringing pain inside Feral's head.

"Ugh! Too loud! My head hurts!" said Feral moaned in agony.

"Crud, Razor we need to get him to a hospital now. He's burning up! There's no telling what those two did to him." T-Bone whispered not wanting to cause Feral any more pain.

"Roger that, T-Bone." said Razor calling for the Turbokat then helping T-Bone with the Commander.

They pulled him to his feet and kept their arms around him as they helped him walk to the jet. The SWAT Kats placed Feral carefully on a pad on the cargo floor of the Turbokat. Jumping into the cockpit they took off for the hospital. Before they could get far one of Viper's mutants attacked. Dripping acid into the Turbokat's engines it wrapped it's long tentacles around the jet.

"Razor, do something! Whatever this thing is, it's eating right through the Turbokat!" said T-Bone trying to shake off the mutant.

"I'm on it, T-Bone. Upper missiles away!" The missiles hit their target sending the mutant flying.

"Bingo." Razor shouted triumphantly.

"Alright, buddy! Now let's get out of here!" T-Bone said anxiously.

"Wait, T-Bone! That things acid ate right through to the cargo hold. We have to land and check the damage and Feral." Razor warned.

"Roger!" T-Bone sighed and took the jet down. T-Bone landed quickly and jumped down into the cargo hold after Razor. To their horror, Feral was gone. The only thing left of Feral was a small pool of blood.