Chapter Nineteen



I want to thank Ulyferal for being my beta-reader and giving me Feral's female name. Also I will be adding a few characters of my own so if you want to borrow them you will have to ask first! Disclaimer: I don't own the SWAT Kats they belong to Hanna-Barbera!

Two weeks had passed since Chance had last seen Feral. It wasn't as if he didn't want to see her...he did...badly... but he kept making excuses not to go. He was nervous about the possibility that she might not forgive him. This kept him tense and unhappy. He couldn't sleep and had lost his appetite. When he did sleep it would begin with dreams of holding her...making love to her then changing to nightmares of her angry face as she told him to get lost.

"Chance, you can't go on like this," Jake said unhappily, watching his friend pick at his dinner after work on a quiet Friday evening.

"I know, Jake. I just can't make myself see her after the terrible things I said to her," Chance said sadly, pushing his food away and rubbing the back of his neck.

"Ahh...buddy, you'll never know until you do!" Jake urged him.

"But what if she won't see me?" Chance said worriedly

Jake sighed, "She'll see you! I saw how much she cared about you."

Chance looked at his best friend, "You sure? What if…"

"Enough with the what if's, Chance. I saw how Feral looked when you rejected her on the day she told us who she was. She was so hurt... and still she cares for you. When she brought you home, I could see the pain in her eyes but also the determination to let you go if that's what you wanted. That's a sure sign of someone who cares, Chance." Jake said plainly then added, "By the way, she's decided to keep the name Ursula."

"Really? That's great, it suits her," Chance said, a small smile twitching his lips then his face went serious again.

"You're right, Jake. I need to stop procrastinating and face her," He said firmly.

"Good!" Jake said warmly as he stood up and put his plate in the sink patting Chance on the back in passing.

Chance sat thinking about what he should say to her. This was going to be the hardest thing he had ever done in his life. Without another word, he got up, grabbed his jacket from the back of the chair and left the kitchen. Jake smiled to himself as he cleared the table and got ready to do the dishes. He hoped everything would work out for his partner and Feral.

The tabby headed for the garage, grabbed the keys for the tow truck from the desk and headed for Professor Hackle's place.

A week earlier Feral had succeeded in finding a place, with a good bit of land and privacy around it, to purchase. What made it even more valuable was the abandoned military observation post hidden in the hillside below it. James had found it on old military maps. When they checked it out, they discovered someone had placed a small two storey house on the hilltop above it. Though collapsed in some places, the outpost was still sound and James felt it could be repaired to make a very workable base for Valkyrie using the blueprints Professor Hackle had designed for her.

The house itself was small but comfortable. The upper floor had a living room, kitchen, bedroom and tiny study. It also had a small deck overlooking the city in the distance. A generator in the outpost could provide power for the home so that Feral was totally self sufficient and wouldn't be affected by any outages from the city. James said it would also prevent anyone from wondering why she used more power than a normal residence needed.

On the bottom level of the house was a two car garage. She would convert one side of the garage into an office/waiting area. The other would be her work space. Feral had decided to do what Chance and Jake did since she also had a talent for fixing mechanical things. So she would open her own garage but wouldn't do any towing. Since she was located on the other side of town from the guy's garage, she wouldn't be in competition with them. The drive to the house was a small paved road from the main highway giving her privacy but making it easier for customers.

James said it would make a side road for her behind the house where it would make the entrance for the jet, bike and her own vehicle to exit. Many trees and huge rocks hid the back area quite well so that no one coming to her shop could see it at all. It would take a month or two before her base was operational and she hoped Valkyrie would not be required as she needed to get her business going.

It was all coming together better than she could have hoped for. Next, with the help of Callie, Felina and James they moved her personal belongings from the storage unit where Felina had placed them. It made her feel a bit better to see her stuff again though the male clothes would have to go, except for some of her sweats and her enforcer t-shirts. Some of her other stuff didn't suit her new self very well.

That's when Callie suggested they go shopping for new dishware, female clothing, towels, and curtains. Feral groaned and objected that she liked her old dishware and towels but Callie firmly said she needed to update herself. Frowning Feral looked to her niece for help and was shocked to see Felina agreed.

She grumbled the whole way to the mall. Thankfully, this trip was a lot different than that first nerve-wracking one. Picking out the appropriate dishware, towels, and curtains were fairly easy but when they went to the clothing store.

"So, Ursula what do you think?" Callie asked holding up a pair of silky panties.

"I don't think so. I'm not ready to wear something like that." Feral said, swallowing nervously.

"Why not? You can wear it for someone special later." Callie coaxed.

"W-w-What?!" Feral blurted, blushing furiously.

"Come on, Auntie! Haven't you notice all the toms ogling you?" Felina said smirking, as she looked around at all the toms craning their necks to catch sight of her aunt.

Feral didn't think she could get any redder and was glad it didn't show that much under her dark fur. She had noticed the males staring at her but wasn't interested. They didn't know, of course, that there was only one tom she would let see her in that type of underwear. Turning away so that the she-kats couldn't see the pain in her eyes, she thought miserably,. 'God's, why can't I get him out of my mind?"

Without turning around, she pleaded, "Could we look at something else, please?"

"Auntie, let me just buy a few, please?" Felina begged her, holding up another pair of slinky underwear. 'Why do I get the feeling its more for them then for me?' She thought in mild amusement.

"Fine." She said, resigned, beginning to move off to look at other apparel while Callie and Felina decided on some of the panties and went to pay.

By lunch time, the three of them were sitting at the food court, eating. It had turned into a really nice outing and Feral was enjoying the company when she spotted someone she didn't want to see.

"Oh, no." She groaned sliding down her chair to try and avoid the approaching male's attention..

"What?" Callie asked trying to see what had upset Ursula. It was Felina who spotted him first.

"It's Steel." She said unhappily.

Callie turned to look in the direction Felina was and spotted Steel heading their way. Callie turned back around and stared at Feral questioningly.

"So? It's not like he knows who you are," she said puzzled.

"No, he doesn't know me but he did run into me a while back," Feral said unhappily.

"So? What happened that has you upset?" Felina asked.

"Uhm...well I literally ran into him bodily when I was leaving a store while I was just starting my heat cycle. He rudely came on to me, I shoved him off and ran," Feral said in embarrassment.

"Whoops! That couldn't have been nice," Felina grimaced in sympathy.

While the three she-kats were talking about him, Steel had spotted Felina and Callie. He huffed and was going to go a different direction when he saw the delectable she-kat he had run into months ago. Changing his mind, Steel strutted up to the table ready to turn on the charm and woo this she-kat again.

"Oh no! He's seen us!" Feral said in annoyance.

"It's okay, we'll get rid of him," Callie promised her.

Steel smoothly approached their table, grabbed a chair and sat down close to Feral. "Hello, beautiful, nice to see you again!" He purred seductively as he leaned close to her ignoring the other two she-kats.

"What do you want, Commander?" Felina said coldly.

"I don't believe I was talking to you, Lieutenant," he said nastily not looking at her.

"So how are you doing, lovely?" Steel asked Feral.

"I'm not really interested in you. Why don't you find someone else to bother, " Feral said stiffly.

"Ah, don't be that way. Ya know, you ran off last time we met. You never gave me a chance to get to know you better. Perhaps you'll let me do that now?" He rumbled persuasively.

"I don't think so. You're really not my type." Feral said coldly, leaning away from him.

"Now how would you know that unless you got to know me better?" He persisted, daring to place his arm across her shoulders.

"Trust me when I say I do." She snapped trying to move away but Steel just tightened his hold.

Felina watched in rising anger and indignation as her Commander continued to persist in his unwanted attention toward her aunt. When Steel became more personal and tried to kiss her aunt, Felina had had enough.

"You're harassing my cousin, Commander. That's against the law. Let her go!" Felina snapped ready to arrest her superior if necessary.

"Cousin!" He blurted in shock, jerking his arm away suddenly.

"Yes, my cousin. Sir, this is Ursula Feral. She just moved into town." Felina said with a smirk, pleased at Steel's discomfiture.

Steel looked at Feral then Felina and finally saw the family resemblance. He blanched, quickly got to his feet and muttered "E-excuse me, I have…something…to attend to."

With that Steel hurried away like his tail was on fire, leaving the three she-kats alone. Callie, Felina and Feral watched him disappear from view then burst out laughing at his unseemly haste.

"Well, that sure got rid of him." Callie said still chuckling.

"Yeah, he shouldn't bother you anymore, Auntie." Felina snickered then asked in concern when she saw her aunt grimace, "You okay?"

"Having him touch me has made me feel icky. I've always hated the little prick but now I know how a female feels around him and all I can say is...Yuck!" She said in disgust. "I want to go home and wash his scent off."

"Yeah, I can understand that. I have to go anyway, the mayor wants to hold another golf tournament so I'll need all the sleep I can get." Callie said in annoyance.

"I've gotta go too! Got a double shift tomorrow." Felina said in agreement.

They gathered up their bags and headed for the exit. Callie dropped Feral off first since she lived the furthest away. She would drop Felina off next. They helped her take her stuff up the stair next to the garage and into the house laying their arm loads onto the couch as Feral had asked.

"Thanks for helping me move and reset up. I really appreciated it." Feral said warmly to the pair as they prepared to leave.

"You're welcome. It was fun. See you soon!" Callie said.

"Take care Auntie!" Felina added.

She waved good-bye then closed and locked her door. Sighing, she began putting away her new things then took a shower to remove Steel's scent from her fur. By the time she was through it was dinner time. She fixed herself a light meal and prepared for bed. She had a lot to do tomorrow getting her shop set up. Yawning, she slipped on one of her new p.j.s then turned lights off missing the small lamp in the living room. She went to her new bedroom and slipped into bed falling asleep almost immediately.

An hour earlier, Chance's paw hovered nervously over the security call button at Hackle's place. Gathering his courage, he pushed the button.

Over the speaker, James voice floated out, "This is Professor Hackle's home, may I help you?"

Clearing his throat, Chance asked, "It's Chance Furlong, may I see the Professor?"

"One moment," James said.

Chance gripped the steering wheel tensely, 'What if he won't let me in?' he thought desperately.

Moments later, James voice said, "You may come in."

Chance let out a sigh of relief as the gate swung open and he drove to the front door. James greeted him and led the tabby to the kitchen where Hackle was eating dinner.

"Good evening. What can I do for you Chance." Hackle smiled warmly holding a cup of tea.

"Uhm, I wanted to see Ursula, is she here?" He asked nervously.

"Oh, Ursula moved out a week ago...," Hackle began before Chance cut him off in anguish

"Wwwwhat!" He blurted, "Where did she go…? I really need to talk to her?!" He begged, his heart sinking.

"Easy, Chance! Ursula just moved to her new place on the other side of town. Let me give you her new address," Hackle soothed the obviously upset tom. James brought him pencil and paper which Hackle used to quickly scribble Ursula's address down.

Smiling gently, he handed the paper to Chance. "Here you go."

"Thanks Professor, I really appreciate this." Chance said clutching the paper.

"You're welcome, my boy." Hackle said.

James escorted Chance out and opened the security gate. Chance hopped into his truck and raced back through the gate and down to the highway at a dangerous speed making for Ursula's new home.

On the long drive to her place, Chance kept going over and over what he intended to say to her. He truly hoped she would forgive him. Even though Jake had assured him that she cared for him as much as he did her, he still had doubts. But he shook them away, he loved her, he just had to make her see that...believe it...because he couldn't live without her.

He finally arrived at a really nice place nestled in the trees on a hilltop. He parked in front of the garage and found the staircase leading up to the house on top. He saw a light glowing through a window as he reached the small porch. He stood hesitantly for some minutes debating with himself.

'Stop it! Just ring the bell and see what happens!?' He admonished himself then taking a deep breath he rang the bell. At first no one answered. He decided to knock instead the second time. 'I can't tell if she's hearing me or not.' he thought worriedly. 'Maybe she's not at home.'

Feral woke groggily, wondering what had awakened her. Sitting up in bed she finally heard a loud knocking on her door. 'Who the heck would that be?' She thought fuzzily. 'No one knows my address yet except Felina, Callie and the Professor and they wouldn't be here at this time of night and James has powered down,' she muttered irritably as she grabbed a robe, pulled it on and went to the door.

"Who is it?" She called out first before opening the door.

"It's me Ursula...Chance."

She heard his distinctive voice through the door. She froze for a moment then opened the door as far as the security chain would allow. It was Chance standing there under the soft glow of the porch light. He looked nervous and tense.

"What is it, Chance?" She asked cautiously.

"Can I come in and talk to you, please?" He begged her.

She stared at him a moment longer before sighing and closing the door enough to release the chain. She pulled it open and gestured him inside. He stepped through and turned waiting as she closed the door. She leaned against it crossing her arms across her chest.

He stared at her a moment. She looked beautiful with tussled hair and her sleepy look. He had obviously woke her. How had he ever thought this was the Feral he had hated. This lovely dream standing before him wasn't anything like the old Feral. This realization made his stupidity even worse.

She blushed under his intense stare and lowered her eyes but otherwise didn't move.

"You are so beautiful," he breathed huskily. "And I was so stupid for not letting go of the past and punishing you for it. I came to ask you to forgive me for the nasty things I said in my drunken anger," he said with heartfelt sincerity.

She swallowed, this was what she'd hoped for but it seemed far too easy, "How do I know you mean it, Chance? You seemed so certain of your hatred of me. Why should I believe you now?"

"I said those things while drunk but that's no excuse. I had no right to shove your loss in your face. I am so sorry," he said holding out his paws.

"Please believe me, I've never been deliberately cruel to anyone especially not a female. I was just so badly shaken and angry when you told me the truth. I felt my feelings for you had been betrayed." He tried to explain.

"If that's true then why are you here?" She demanded. "Haven't you hurt me enough? Now you have come to ask my forgiveness for your rudeness...then what?... you turn your back on me again?" She said bitterly. 'I won't let him hurt me again...I won't,' she thought angrily.

"After thinking about it and having Jake rail at me, I finally got it through my thick head that I was seeing a totally different person from the one I knew before. I realized I truly wanted this new person who made me feel things I've never felt before and because..." he halted at a loss for words to convince her he was sincere.

"Because...why?" She said tightly.

Chance took a breath, "Because I love you."

Feral didn't know what to say or how to react. She could only gape at him. He loved her! She'd never dreamed he'd confess such a thing. She thought he would apologize for his bad behavior but still reject her and never have anything to do with her again...but this!!!

Chance watched her shocked face. Obviously she had never expected him to say that. He felt it was time he proved he meant it. He stepped toward her, pulled her body against his and kissed her.

Her mind went on overload, the kiss was wonderful and she found herself eagerly pressing harder against him. 'Oh yes! He wants me!' Her thoughts sang as the kiss deepened.

Chance was relieved, she wanted him, he could tell by how eager she was for him. He devoured her mouth as if he were drowning and she was his only lifeline. He realized they both craved each other intensely and the time they had spent away from each other had intensified that need.

He finally pulled away to let them catch their breath. She whimpered at the loss but moaned when he buried his nose in her neck and rumbled, "Ahh, Ursula I want you so much. Let's give a relationship a try, no matter what comes of it, I will still love you," he told her warmly.

She shivered in his arms... the feel of him... his scent, all conspired to drive her insane. She nearly missed what he said. When it sank in, she breathed huskily into his ear, "I love you too! You've made me feel things I've never experienced before in my life. I want to know what it's like to be truly happy."

"Then I'll make sure to teach you!" He growled possessively taking her mouth again. His paws explored her, gliding over the satin p.j.s, brushing his thumbs over her nipples and making her arch against him. He moved his paws down her back and kneaded the sensitive spot at the base of her tail causing her to groan and writhe in his arms.

Ursula groaned and held nothing back as she let him send her flying. She mewed and stroked his back finding and caressing his sensitive spots as well. He growled in her ear making her heart stutter in excitement.

Rumbling in his chest he pulled Ursula's hips up. "Put you legs around my waist," He ordered hotly. She complied.

Now she could feel his hard erection pressing against her wet heat through their clothes. Arousal spiked even higher, as Chance humped her against the door.

She cried out in pleasure as the pressure of their bodies ground against each other in rising fire. Chance growled at the feel of her chest rubbing against his and that hot, wet heat pressing against his kathood. The intensity was too strong and they had denied each other for to long to hold out.

She tightened her legs around him like a vice when her climax struck, he roared after her as he came as well. As they caught their breath, Chance was amazed. He'd never been with anyone where frottage had succeeded. It just proved to him how much she affected him.

He licked her face in pleased satiation. She returned the favor by nipping his chin and rubbing her cheek against his. Between them their sexes still throbbed from the climax they'd shared and was beginning to inflame them once more.

Chance groaned, he simply had to possess her utterly or go crazy. Just her writhing anew against his now returning hardness was more than he could take. Kissing her deeply again, he panted, " Bedroom...where is it?"

"Over there…pass the living room…door open." She panted excitedly. The feel of him against her sensitive sex was incredible. It felt wonderful to be carried by him across the room.

Chance wasted no time heading through the living room, down the short hall to the bedroom. He was pleased to see a king size bed as he swung her around and laid her tenderly onto it. He closed the door and stared down at her with dark lust filled eyes.

She shivered at that looked and couldn't help but display herself for him. Without a word, he stripped down to his boxers and crawled onto the bed. He kissed her again as he undid her shirt. He took one paw and cupped the nearest breast, gently squeezing it in his palm then took the nipple between his thumb and forefinger and rolled it between them.

Ursula gasped at the shockwave that zipped through her as he did that. She lifted her hips to press up against his hard member sending a jolt of pleasure through his body. Chance rumbled a purr leaning down to lick and nibble the nipple under his fingers. He gave it a gentle suck. She practically screamed at him as the pleasure of it hit her hard.

He made sure to switch to her other breast and give it equal attention. By now, Ursula was writhing and bucking her hips under him restlessly. She dragged her fingers down his back and sides increasing his pleasure. She traced his heavily muscled chest, trailing down to the top of his boxers and back up again. Chance felt her hesitate to touch him intimately. Probably because she'd never touched a male before which of course made sense since she was known for not caring for males when she'd been one.

Being gentle, realizing this would be her first time as a female, he took his time so as not to scare her. He gently pulled her clothes off. He smiled warmly at her as she blushed at being naked before someone for the first time.

He leaned down to kiss her deeply as his fingers reached down and caressed her sex. She gasped and bucked at the amazing touch she still was trying to get used to. It was so wonderful. She nipped his chin and licked his face in her excitement. Grinning wickedly he released her and moved down her body. She groaned in disappointment when he'd stopped touching her but screamed in shocked pleasure as he began to lick her soft folds.

Her paws gripped the sheets as Chance licked and delve his rough tongue into her clitoris. She smelled delicious to his nose and it made him harder than he could ever remember. He was forced to place his palms on her hips to keep her from moving around so much.

To Ursula it was the same intense pleasure she had experienced on that wonderful first time on Anakata Island only it was so much stronger since there were no clothes to interfere with the sensation. It kept building and building until it broke over her in a rush of wave after wave of pleasure.

Chance continued to torment her as her climax rushed through her bringing her back to stiff arousal again. As she was coming down from her orgasm, he stripped his boxers off freeing his stiff member. He laid down on her again to kiss her deeply.

She could feel his hardness pressing against her belly. 'He's given me so much pleasure, I need to return the favor.' She thought giddily. She caught him by surprise as she rolled them over. Now being on top, she sat up and straddled his legs and stared down at his straining kathood. Feeling a bit nervous, she decided to start at the top. She leaned back down and kissed him for a few minutes then released him to lick a path down his body. Just like he did, she licked and sucked gently on each nipple and was pleased when he groaned in pleasure.

Feeling she was on the right track she continued her path downward until she reached his proud staff. Studying it a moment, she hesitantly grasped it in her paws and began an up and down massage watching Chance closely to see if he enjoyed what she was doing, the dark look he gave her and the gasp were enough to tell her she was doing alright.

The feel of his cock in her paw was amazing, 'Kats Alive! I've never felt anything like this before,' she thought as Chance moaned and bucked his hips as she had done.

When Feral stopped touching him, Chance nearly cried out in disappointment till she took him into her mouth. Gasping in surprise, he clawed the sheets as she licked him with her tongue and swirled it around the head like an ice cream cone.

He thought he would explode as she returned to sucking him hard. He couldn't take it very long and came in one long groan and she continued to suck him dry as he came slowly back to earth. She grinned in triumph as she moved back up to kiss him.

He smiled at her in return. "That was fantastic, you did that real well," he complimented her. She blushed.

"I've never done that before," she murmured glowing with pleasure.

"I know and for a first timer, you did great," Chance said pulling her close to kiss and nuzzle her for a little while. They traded tender touches and rubbed against each other until they were heating up again.

This time Chance coaxed her to get on her paws and knees. He nipped her on the shoulders causing her to moan then caressed her folds once more until she was hot and wet once more. He covered her back and pressed himself against her clitoris but didn't enter right away. He let himself rub her sensitive hood over and over again until she was begging him to do something. Smiling at her pleas, he lined himself up and pressed in a little. She immediately tensed. He halted and gently caressed her sides.

"It's alright Ursula, I know this is your first time. I'll not hurt you I promise," Chance soothed.

"I...I'm afraid...I never done this before!" She said, a bit fearfully.

"I know but it will be good, I promise," Chance repeated coaxingly.

"It's not that, I...I've never been with anyone before even as a male," She said trying to make him understand.

Chance froze at that. He thought, like most did, that the Chief Enforcer had been sexually active but to find out he had never had a lover, shocked Chance. It was a good thing he had taken his time and been gentle even though he wanted her very badly. He wanted her first experience to be a good one.

"I'm surprised but since I knew you were a virgin as female I've been going slow. Don't worry, love, you're safe in my paws. There will be a little pain at first but then its gone quickly and its nothing but pleasure after that. Trust me!" Chance said lovingly as he once more kissed and nipped her to get her to relax.

Grateful that he wasn't upset by her revelation, Ursula relaxed and let Chance take her. He grabbed her ruff in his mouth which caused her to gasp and relax even more. He pressed in once more and slid smoothly into her in one firm thrust. He pierced her barrier which caused her to whimper a moment.

He held still to allow her to adjust to him and when he felt her relax again, he began a slow, smooth rhythm that picked up speed as she joined him in meeting his thrusts. He groaned at the hot, tight, feel of her as he increased the pace. She became insistent as the heat spiraled upward. Her claws dug into the bed as his thrusts became harder and deeper. She tightened around him unconsciously increasing his pleasure.

She cried and screamed as they climbed higher and higher. Her climax hit like an express train starting from her toes and running through her brain. She screamed again and clenched tight around him. He released her ruff and roared as he poured his seed into her greedy channel.

They trembled with after shocks for several long minutes. Ursula had slid flat onto her stomach with his comfortable weight pressing her down into the mattress. They were sweaty and heaving for breath. She could feel his heart hammering through her back.

When he had recovered enough, he rolled off her taking her with him until they lay on their sides. He spooned her hot body against his own and nuzzled her neck tenderly.

"Are you alright, my love?" He asked softly.

"Oh yes, that was so incredible. Thank you, Chance," she murmured dreamily enjoying his body wrapped close around hers and the wonderful afterglow she had heard so much about but had never experienced before now.

"You're welcome, Ursula. May I stay the night? We can do this again in the morning," He whispered seductively.

"Hmm, I think I like that idea. Yes you may. Maybe you can teach me some other things that feel good too," she purred happily.

"Oh, I think I can do that," he chuckled turning her face toward him for a kiss. "I love you Ursula," he murmured.

"I love you too, Chance," she sighed and cuddled back against him, sleep closing over her.

He wrapped his arms around her body more snugly and draped a leg over hers before joining her in loving slumber.