"Sasuke, are you really so far bent on revenge that you can't see that everything you worked so hard to achieve is given up on revenge? Revenge will only bring emptiness and suffer. Everything that heals that pain is gone," said Naruto. "WHAT DO YOU KNOW?!" screamed Sasuke. Naruto just stood there smiling as Sasuke prepared his classic chidori. "I'LL WIPE THAT GOOFY SMILE OFF YOUR FACE FOR GOOD!" roared Sasuke over the chirping. "Go ahead Sasuke. If killing me will help get what your arrogant spoiled Uchiha ass wants, then fine. I'm tired. Tired of chasing and pretending. Do me a favor. Kill me teme," whispered Naruto as Sasuke charged.

The impact was heavy and anyone near the area was shaken. Sasuke's eyes bulged. Naruto Uzumaki was dying. No one could survive a chidori to the heart. Naruto coughed up blood, "Nothing is ever as it seems. Even if you have it bad, someone always has it worse. Your family is dead. So what? Your brother betrayed you. So what? My family is dead. My father died a hero. His child, me, was treated like a monster because that child saved the village. My best friend, Sasuke Uchiha, betrayed me. He may be a traitor, but once the village hears how he killed the village monster, he'll be welcomed back with open arms. Nice. Was I born to be used, to have pain taken out on me? You needed power for revenge. I needed power to SURVIVE." Sasuke could only stare and tears started to form in his eyes.

"You baka! Don't die! You never give up!" yelled Sasuke at the dying sack of flesh. Naruto weakly cupped his cheek, "I should've told you. Maybe then you wouldn't be so lonely. My father was the yondaime. My father used me to seal the Kyuubi within. The village resented me along with the next generation. I was never an idiot. My real name is Hikari Uzumaki Kazama. I'm a girl. Teme, I love you…" Her hand fell but was caught by Sasuke. His tears were uncontrollable. He felt that Hikari's hands were cold. She stopped talking. She stop breathing. She was dead. "No! Don't leave me! I'm sorry! I love you! Please! Don't! Go!" Sasuke cried.

He looked at the figure. The powerful genjutsu was gone. Now lay a beautiful sight in his arms. Her hair was golden and long. Her skin was sun-kissed a moment ago, but now a pale color. Her eyes were the most crystal clear blue before Sasuke closed her eyelids. She was shorter than him, a skim body, and well-endowed. Her whisker marks representing that she is the Kyuubi vessel, were fading by the second. Hikari was never the monster. I am. Thought Sasuke. He laied her down gently and picked up a nearby kunai. Sasuke sliced his throat and smiled as he fell over her body, much like the position his parents died in. Maybe, atleast, if possible, I could join her in heaven. If not, let me rot with the Kyuubi in hell.

If someone saw the two figures, they would see a destroyed area, a pool of blood surrounding them, and a smile plastered on the face of each dead figure. A real smile. Not a smirk or a goofy smile. This is what the Kyuubi saw.

He was dying, yes. However, he didn't die as fast as his vessel. He was amused. His container was under genjutsu and he couldn't even figure it out. Because Hikari was the sunshine of Konoha, even the great Kyuubi was softened. He felt bad for her to die this way. Because of him, she suffered from birth to death. Even the one she cherished most, she died not knowing he cared. Pity. Maybe I can still do one thing to change all this. But with my life withering away, I can only go back so far, not far enough to stop myself from attacking or from stopping Itachi. Five years is my limit. Okay, Hakari and I will travel back to when she became a ninja. The Kyuubi grabbed the dead body of Hikari and pulled her into the cage. Still holding on, he performed a jutsu hoping that this time, there won't a tragic ending.