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Chapter 29: Epilogue

"NARUTO!!!" shouted Iruka. The little boy grinned like a devil and jumped off the rooftops. Iruka and several ninja ran after the blonde bundle shouting for him to stop. The boy smirked as he hid in the fence and the ninja ran by. Unfortunately, he uncovered himself early and Iruka stood angry. The boy gulped as Iruka bonked him on the head and shouted, "What did you do to the Hokage momument!?" Naruto pouted, "I was showing them how they will one day be shunned by me, Naruto! The greatest hokage in history!" Iruka stopped only to chuckle at a fond déjà vu. He ruffled his head, "Let's go clean that up and I'll treat you to ramen." The kid lit up and flickered off to clean the momument. Iruka sighed in depression. Hikari couldn't flash at the age of 7…This Naruto is a clumsy prodigy.

Hikari and Sasuke stood side by side on a hill watching Naruto and Iruka clean the momument. Hikari giggled at the two, "I remember doing the same thing." Sasuke rolled his eyes, "Your genes ruined my kids' manners forever." Hikari glared at him and pouted, "Yeah well your blood ruined my kids' need for helping! None of them love helping around Konoha!" Sasuke glared, "That's not needed!" Hikari pointed a finger at him, "See?! No kindness in your heart at all!" Sasuke shut up knowing this would lead to yet another destructive argument and he did NOT want to pay a large bill for repairs again.

A tall Anbu spotted a blonde woman in Hokage robes. The woman had a large smile on her face with blue orbs watching Konoha. Her robes were unlike any previous Hokage for she wore a black robe with orange flames. It was open showing a jounin uniform underneath. Beside her was a tall Anbu with ebony hair. His mask of a wolf looped on the side of his head and there was a rather large Uchiha symbol on the back of his uniform. He wore no tattoo like most Anbu for his black eyes and stoic face was enough of identity. He was the captain of the Anbu in Konoha as well as the new director and manager of the Konoha Police. The married pair are known world wide for their grand accomplishments.

The Anbu walked up the hill slowly and the couple watched him approach. The blonde grinned happily, "Arashi-kun! There you are! What took so long!?" The Anbu sighed and took off his raven mask revealing equally blue eyes and equally black hair as the pair. The man was around the age of 22 and had a bright smile equaling his mother's smile which was rare. He stood beside them watching the boy, Naruto, with joy. He smirked a bit and turned to his father, "You know, this kid is like a character out of Jiraiya's story." Sasuke held back a chuckle as Hikari pouted, "Well it's not my fault your grandpa was beyond weird as to hope a kid grows up like in story books." Her eyes softened as she gazed on little Naruto below, "He may be my youngest child, but I gave him that name with the same wish as my father had for me. He will surely be the next Hokage." Arashi chuckled. Sasuke smirked, "Well unless Kyuu decides she wants the title."

Just then a blur zoomed in behind Sasuke. "What was that you said father?" said a very mellow voice. Sasuke grinned and Hikari sighed dramatically. Why is that of all the people in this world, only the queen of emos can make the king of emos smile? The figure was a slim female in a pure black ninja suit. Her hair was blonde and long flowing gently in the breeze. Her eyes were like two coal stones yet in the sun, her eyes reflect, making them appear as ruby stones. Her hair, in the sun, also reflects giving it a red tint. She raised a brow at the over-loving Sasuke and sighed as she was hugged by him.

Arashi sweat dropped and nervously stood next to his mother. The female of about 19 pushed Sasuke away and spoke, "Father, please stop fussing over me. I'm alive and well." Hikari came over and gently hugged her daughter. Kyuu was a rather special Uchiha child. Not only is she the carbon copy of her father in personality and her mother in looks, but she is also the heir of all demons. Somehow while Hikari was pregnant with her, Kyuubi must have touched the unborn child, giving her the fox's powers. While Kyuu was named after the fox demon, her grandfather, she also grew to have a great respect for him and other demons like him. She now serves Konoha as the official international bijuu leader, the first one at that. She travels often learning more about demons and gods for various purposes. Kyuu is the reason for many alliances to Konoha.

While Arashi was somewhat of a mama's boy, Kyuu was somewhat of a daddy's little girl. Arashi stepped up to Kyuu and hugged her hard, "Glad you're back Kyuu-chan!" Kyuu patted his back nervously. Although she did not show much affection, she knew very well that family came first. Her eyes lit up at the thought and she turned to Hikari, "Mother, where are Misaki and Mizuki?" Hikari giggled, "Oh those two nerds could be anywhere!"

The twins run up the hill with smiles on their faces, "MomDadGuessWhat?!" The parents blink at their amazing sync. Sasuke chuckled, "Now speak one at a time." The twins started jabbering about their new invention that will increase power in Konoha. The twins were about 12 and looked very plain. While they did have Hikari's facial features, their ebony hair only went past their shoulders and their eyes were like Sasuke's. They, while loud at home, were often afraid to be separated from each other and were rather shy around others. They were often yelled at by teachers for reading in class. They had big plans to economically expand Konoha since they grew skilled at creating new techniques, weapons, and other supplies.

Iruka and Naruto soon came up the hill only to be smothered by his older twin sisters. Arashi chuckled and ruffled his head. Kyuu smirked and gave him a high five. His parents came and each grabbed a hand. Iruka smiled gently, "Alright let's get this annual Uchiha family picture going." Sasuke frowned, "Aren't we missing a couple of people?" Iruka grinned at Sasuke's comment.

Sakura came running up the hill with full speed, spotting abruptly in front of a scared Naruto. "Yosh! We aren't late!" shouted Sakura. Sasuke smirked, "You are, by two minutes." Sakura glared as an eye glinted, "Oh….Is that so my cute little brother?" Sasuke gulped and started backing away as Sakura pulled a fist in the air.

"Stop that Sakura. You're going to scare everyone again. Or worse, I'm going to have to pay a huge bill for damage AGAIN." All eyes turned to Itachi with two girls beside him. One girl was about the age of 17, with long ebony hair and pitch black eyes. Her complexion was pale as ever but her smile was very warming. She wore pink. A lot more than any ninja should in their lifetime. Itachi turned to the girl, "Asuka, please go calm down your mother." Asuka nodded and ran off to save Sasuke. The other girl, around 10, held Itachi's hand nervously. She was quite short with short black hair tied into a ponytail and her emerald eyes visible due to her mother tying a ribbon around her head to push the bangs back. She inherited her mother's nervousness as well as her large brow. While Asuka is already a proud Anbu with a rabbit mask, the little one, named Manami, will surely follow Sakura's footsteps.

Itachi, who now helps Sasuke out at the police corporation, led Manami into the group. Sasuke and Itachi stared at each other for a moment before Sasuke stood aside and Itachi took his place next to Sasuke. The two brothers overlapped their arms and smirked at the camera. Sakura stood beside Asuka, whom stood beside Itachi. Kyuu and Arashi sat in front of the group have the twins in between them. Manami was held by Itachi as Naruto was held by Sasuke. Hikari looked at the group and let a happy tear shed before taking her place alongside Sasuke. Iruka smiled and took the picture, "I think it's the best one yet."

And so the Uchiha clan did recover. The Uchiha family, while full of individual problems, such as being hopelessly chased by many fans is common in the family, the family is full of genius children hoping to make Konoha an even better place to live. How did everyone else end up? A magical author chart:

Kyuu married a simple boy that was once her genin teammate and who chased her endlessly. Somehow she fell for him along the way. She, of course, accomplished her dream in following Kyuubi's footsteps and had one son.

Arashi married his lifelong crush, Kaeda, who is the sole daughter of Shikamaru and Temari. He is 8 years older than her and waited until she was 20 to whoo her. Afterall, the girl was his student at one point. The ended up having three kids. Two boys and a girl. As the first child he was the most powerful, but had no dream of power. He settled with being an Anbu and raised a happy family.

Misaki and Mizuki found twin males to marry and truly did increase Konoha's income until Konoha was the top resort to visit, and if you were lucky enough, to live in. Misaki had two girls and Mizuki had two boys. While they were always powerful ninja, they preferred to not fight and to not separate. Their husbands never minded living together in one household.

Naruto inherited his mom's title after she retired at the age of 50. While Naruto did inherit the title late, he did not mind. For the instant he was Hokage, it was as if there was two Hikaris running Konoha. A grand leader Naruto was. He married an orphan of Konoha and had one boy and one girl. Surprisingly, the orphan turned out to have ancestors from the same land as Hikari's mother. The children will surely turn out even more superior in the next generation.

As for all the other couples in this story, they turned out exactly as I hinted throughout the story. It's up to you, the reader, to imagine their lives lived out. On a final note, Itachi died at the age of 54. Sasuke died at the age of 60. Their life spans were cut drastically from what they did as kids. Hikari suffered greatly from Sasuke's death but managed to live up to the long age of 101. She saw all and lived all. Not once did she ever regret going back in time nor would she go back again. In her old age, she thought much. But alas, she finally got what she wanted. A happy family. Through all that drama and pain, she had hope. Hope gave her her life long dream.

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