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"She is tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me; I am in no humor at present to give consequence to young ladies who are slighted by other men…" Chapter 3.

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Lizzie Bennett awoke stiffly from her slumber. The alarm clock next to her bed buzzed angrily, and Death Cab for Cutie played softly, the guitar floating tauntingly above the ringing. Slapping the off button, Lizzie got up, and took a groggy shower to wake up. The hot water poured over her body, and she groaned as a slight hangover made her head throb. The night before had been a party, her sister Jane, and Lizzie's celebration to finally escaping their mother's clutches. Of course, Jane made it seem much gentler. She worded as if their mother said silly things for the benefit of her daughters. Lizzie took this as stupidity, and told them so.

Lizzie was slightly taller than average, around 5 feet, 11 inches. She had shoulder length brown hair that curled naturally into ringlets when it behaved. Lizzie's eyes were a dark green, flecked with a light brown. When the light hit them just right, they shined, and you couldn't tell what color they were. Standing next to other people, Lizzie was a true beauty. Standing next to her sister, she looked simply right above average.

She stepped out of the shower delicately, towel drying her hair as she struggled to get ready. Her clothes seemed slightly funny on her today, and she felt fuzzy, her tongue seeming slightly too big for her mouth. Lizzie turned up the song slightly, and the lyrics came floating through her mind. She hummed along slowly as she pulled her hair into a loose bun, some small curls falling out of the hair-do. Lizzie's head began to pulse with the lyrics, and Lizzie sighed.

In Catholic school

As vicious as roman rule

I got my knuckles bruised

By a lady in black

I held my tongue

As she told me son

Fear is the heart of love

So I never went back

Someone was singing in the doorway. It was a lilting sort of sound, and it made Lizzie smile. Lizzie turned to see her sister leaning against the doorframe, and singing in that husky, yet sweet sound Lizzie loved to hear. Jane loved Death Cab for Cutie. She used to date on of the band members, and it was one of the breakups that actually hadn't ended badly. Jane laughed a little bit as Lizzie sauntered towards her, and gave a groan as her head gave a twang of pain.

"Someone's up early." Lizzie commented as Jane handed her coffee, and a few painkillers.

"We have to be. Mother's making us go to a welcome to the neighborhood sort of party." Jane replied, smothering a smile as she saw the look of animated horror on Lizzie's face.

"Jane… we just had a party to get away from her. Why do we have to go back?" Lizzie groaned in annoyance. Smiling, Jane reprimanded her about being kind and Jane then began taking our different dresses to try on.

"I think that you would look stunning with a tan dress. Hmm, or maybe a darker brown… or a deeper red." Jane mused as she lightly set a few gowns down on the queen sized bed.

"Easy for you though, you look good in anything." Lizzie grumbled, clicking her tongue in disapproval at the dresses that her sister had set out for her. When her sister started to cut her off with another speech about being pretty, Lizzie decided to detour her, not wanting her head to hurt worse. She had confirmed from her mother years ago that Jane was the prettier girl of the family. "So, what welcoming party is this?"

"A Mr. Bingley had just moved into the large manor on top of the hill. He's a young lawyer, who shares the large law firm with the Mr. Darcy." Jane answered, tossing the dress lightly to her sister with a small smile.

"The manor no one has lived in for, like, two or three decades?" Lizzie asked as she slipped into the darker one. It was a flowing dress, with straps, and a train that dragged in that elegant sort of way. It brought out the browner coloring in her eyes, so Jane gave it a 7.8.

"Well, it's been refurnished, revamped, aired out, and now there's going to be people living in it." Jane replied as she handed her sister the red one. Lizzie slipped it on, letting the summer dress flare out, and fastened the thick belt that came with it.

"How old is he?" Lizzie demanded, taking off the dress as she stood in the closed closet, and tried on the tan dress. There was no reason to wear the summery dress in the fall.

"I believe he is about 24. Why do you ask?" Jane said, giving a critical eye as Lizzie stepped out of the closet, taking in the light colored dress against the tan skin. 4.3, it blended slightly with her skin color. Wrinkling her nose, Jane then went through the closet, and pulled out a few other dresses, and held up a deep green one. Sighing, Lizzie stepped back into the closet, and her muffled voice floated from the cracks around the door.

"You're 24, Jane. Maybe you two could hook up or something. You have been single for far too long. You're pretty enough to get someone good for awhile." Lizzie mumbled, stepping back out, the green dress hugging the slight curves, and hitting the floor right where the heels would suspend it from dragging. Jane gave a vote of a 8.5.

"Oh Lizzie, you don't know him at all! It could be that he is someone who likes you, and not me." Jane cried, handing her a light blue dress that looked good with curls. Lizzie smirked.

"Honestly Jane, anyone you like is your type. Therefore, anyone is your type. You're a great too apt to like people in general. The whole world is good in your eyes." Lizzie retorted with a smile as she came out in the dress. Jane smiled in happiness at this dress. It hugged any curve that was meant to be hugged, and it added a length to her torso. Lizzie had long legs, but a smaller torso, so this evened everything out perfectly. It was a strapless that had a shawl that had just become fashion.

"I can't disagree to that. I do like people." Jane said, giving the thumbs up. Rolling her eyes, Lizzie changed quickly back into her original apparel, and looked at Jane.

"And what are you going to wear?" She asked, able to act more herself now that her headache was starting to fade slightly. The painkillers were beginning to take effect, and smiling, Lizzie downed the rest of her coffee. Jane produced a black and white dress that flared out at the bottom, and brought out the porcelain skin with its contrasting colors. Lizzie glared in envy at her sister, but smiled, knowing that whoever this Mr. Bingley was, he was going to fall, and fall fast.

"What time?"

"Three hours."

"It's nine in the morning."

"It will be a long party."
"What if I don't go?"

"Lizzie, you know mother will make you."
"What if I hide?"

"Mr. Bingley is bringing his close friend, and partner in the business."


"PLEASE!!!" Jane begged, widening her blue eyes, and fluttering her eyelashes hopelessly in that way that Lizzie hated. Grumbling, she relented her hold on not going, and decided to have her sister to do her hair. God knew that she needed help with this. Lizzie could do messy buns, or ponytails. Ask her to do something else, and she was hopeless.

Lizzie was a collage student, and studying to be a doctor. She didn't know why exactly why, but lawyers always made Lizzie annoyed, or nervous, or both. Their condescending words and quirked eyebrows always got on her nerves. None the less, Lizzie had to admit that as her hangover from the day before slowly faded –she had thankfully not drank as much as usual- she was strangely getting excited for the party. Lizzie had to admit that she could dance pretty good when she liked the song, or the beat. Guys seemed to think that too… not that she would know or anything…

Jane was also a collage student who was studying to be a therapist. Jane had that compassionate skill that made her very charismatic. The only thing that could be said about her was that she often held in her real feelings, unless she was around those who she had known her whole life. Jane was taller than her sister, by at least a few inches, and had a nice figure. Jane had wavy blonde hair, and a liquid blue eyes that could hold someone's stare for moments on end. It was that stare that often captured the men's hearts, even though she often didn't notice.

After hair was fixed to perfection, makeup was applied slowly, and carefully, they were almost ready to go. They made sure that they did not put on too much, but enough to make the eyes go BAMO! (Inside thing, sorry…). As they put on their dresses, Lizzie had to admit, she looked better than usual. You would have never known she had been drinking the night before. Of course, when she stood next to her sister, she paled in comparison to the porcelain doll next to her, with smooth, even feature, and bright eyes. Grumbling good-naturedly, Lizzie waltzed to the kitchen, where she poured herself more coffee.

"Why are we dressed so nice though? I thought it was just a simple get tog ether." Lizzie asked as Jane gathered a few catch purses, and some jackets.

"The law firm brings in more than 8.5 million dollars a year. These people are no simple collage roomies with any money to their names!" Jane replied smiling as Lizzie tugged at her dress, grumbling as she did so. Lizzie was famous for not liking dresses.

Happily, they had 30 minutes to spare to actually get there, so when they climbed into their car, they were having an exceptionally good time. New Found Glory blared from the speakers, and they joked the whole way. Of course, when they arrived at their family's manor, it was in an uproar, and the sisters knew that they were home.





"YOU'LL WHAT? I DON'T SEE YOU DOING ANYTHING, OH! Hi Jane, Lizzie! How have you guys been? I wish I could say I'm well, but KITTY… refuses to give me back my Jimmy Choo chunks! That stupid girl…" Lydia muttered as she then walked away from them, gliding up the stairs no doubt to attack her sister for her shoes. Lizzie's headache was coming back suddenly, all of the yelling killing her.

"GIRLS? GIRLS! YOU HAVE TEN MINUTES TO BE READY, OR WE ARE LEAVING YOU!" A new, louder, higher-pitched voice came into the fray, and Lizzie's headache came back with full force.

"Looks like we're home." Jane commented lightly, gripping Lizzie's shoulder as she grasped her head in annoyance.

"GIRLS!!!! I SAID… JANE!!" Mrs. Bennett cried happily, enveloping her eldest daughter into a tight hug. Lizzie smothered a laugh as Jane patted her mother's back awkwardly, and then Mrs. Bennett gave her other daughter a critical glance.

"Elizabeth." She said calmly, giving a forced smile. Lizzie nodded her head in acknowledgement, and settled herself into one of the chairs the living room held.

"Oh Jane! I am so happy to have you here! You will be sure to round up several bachelors, won't you? Lord knows your sister Elizabeth will do no such thing." Their mother grumbled darkly, and glared at Lizzie in annoyance. Lizzie then proceeded to put her high heeled shoes on the glass coffee table, and smirked, hoping that her headache wouldn't take away the chance to piss her mother off.

"Oh you!" Mrs. Bennett hissed angrily, and waddled off, her dress swishing as she turned the corner leading to the master bedroom.

"You shouldn't provoke her so Lizzie." Jane reprimanded softly, setting down with her usual air of grace. Lizzie stuck her tongue out at her, and waited patiently for the party of shrieking girls to be ready.

Lizzie saw her father come out of his office, reading a letter. Crying out in joy, Lizzie leapt up, and was at her father's side in two strides, giving him a hug in the next instant. Lizzie's father was the only parental figure that didn't mumble about her, or belittle her to her own family or friends. He was an odd sort of man, balding slightly, but his business, and his daughter Lizzie was what mattered most to him. Sad to say, but the only reason why he was married to his wife, was because of a family crisis she had, and it made it to where he could attend Yale without having to save up the money for it. Needless to say, the love they shared would not have sprouted without it. Mr. Bennett usually went for the silent, studious type; not the loud brassy girls.

"Oh, Lizzie! So happy to have you here… though, you're not here for long eh?" He commented in his scholarly voice, hinting the clothes she wore.

"No, we're about to leave actually. Aren't you coming though?" She asked in her hopeful voice. Laughing, Mr. Bennett replied that he had no wish, nor the time to go.

"No time to go? Are you quite sure?" Lizzie asked incredulously as she gazed at him skeptically. Hiding from her gaze, Lizzie's dad buried his nose in his letter, and walked away quickly, back to his office. Laughing, he walked back, and kissed his daughter on top of the head. Lizzie smiled good-naturedly at him, and turned around to see the rest of the family grabbing their jackets, and her mother glaring at her angrily.

"I don't see why he favors you so much. You aren't anything interesting. You're simply the second born is all." She muttered, irritated. Lizzie shrugged, and walked out to the car, the rest of them following swiftly, Lydia and Kitty chatting about the boys they will meet and talk to, Jane conversing with her mother about what she has been up to, and Mary in the back of the group, glaring at the sidewalk.

The ride to the Lizzie's friend's house (Charlotte Lucas) was quick, and surprisingly silent. Kitty sported her glasses on her head, and Lydia was tightening the strap on her chunks. Mary glared out of the window, and Mrs. Bennett dozed as Jane drove. Usually, it was an utter mess as Kitty and Lydia struggled to finish putting on makeup, or clothes. Mary would be rambling loudly about her latest piano piece, and Mrs. Bennett would be shrieking about finding hot, rich husbands. Jane would grimly smile as her mother screeched, and Lizzie would press her face against the window, trying to imagine herself in a normal family.

When they arrived, a man in a tuxedo opened their doors, and took the keys to the car, driving it to a parking lot where it would be cleaned quickly, and left. The ladies were ushered into the house by another man in another tuxedo, and they were announced to the room.

"Nice to know someone cares about their guests." Mrs. Bennett nodded in approval as several people looked up, their expensive clothes glinting as a sequin or a jewel caught the light just right. A group of people were dancing, and laughing as speakers played a romantic song. Others were chatting amiably with each their friends, and hosts. Lizzie knew immediately that the guests of honor had not arrived yet. Mr. and Mrs. Lucas were watching the door of the elegant ballroom like a pair of hawks, waiting for them to arrive. Mrs. Lucas indeed looked like a hawk, her pointed features, and beady eyes glaring predatorily at anyone. Of course, their daughter, Charlotte Lucas, was not so stupidly occupied. She, instead, decided to attack Lizzie in a bear-hug.

"OH LIZZIE! I knew you would come!" Charlotte cried happily, squeezing the life out of her best friend. Lizzie mumbled something incoherently, and Charlotte pulled her at an arms length for inspection.

"What, A, CUTE, DRESS!" She practically shrieked the last part, delighted. She glared enviously at Lizzie though, when seeing her hair done up go elegantly. Charlotte's family was wealthy, but most times, people wanted wealth, and beauty. Charlotte had wealth, but no beauty. She dressed nice, but the clothes did not flattery to her. She tried to do makeup, and it brought attention to her acne. She was 27 years old, and still lived in her parents home, unmarried, and slightly dismal at the fact.

Jane walked up, her blue eyes lighting up when she saw Charlotte. A large group of boys eyed her hungrily, the bravest one daring to call out to her. Jane either ignored him well, or didn't notice. Lizzie knew that it was probably the fact that she was oblivious when she had her mind on the task at hand, but what was the task?

"Charlotte! How are you doing?" Jane greeted, giving a warm hug. Charlotte proceeded to fill them in on her latest paintings, which were turning out very well. She was just getting to the part where her little sister sat on one of the still life ones, when there was a hushed silence over the crowd.

"Little did I know that that painting that Maria had sat on actually sold! I labeled it, 'Natural Life.' Lizzie? What's the matter?" She asked, suddenly annoyed no one was listening to her. (See? I told you…)

"Announcing Mr. Charles Bingley, Mr. William Darcy, Miss Caroline Bingley, and Mr. and Mrs. Hurst." The man next to the door called, his booming voice reaching the tiniest crevices of the room. Next to him stood the wealthiest people of the room, easily. One was tall, his red hair a flaming color that stood out against his black tux. He was slightly pale, but green eyes gazed at everyone with friendliness.

The man next to him was taller than him by a few inches, and was even more handsome. His raven black hair stood in a ruffled mess, but still managed to look business-like. He had a clear, olive skinned complexion, and dark blue eyes. That last fact was overlooked by most because at a distance, they looked an angry black. He sported a pinstripe suit, and a haughty expression. He gazed at the room with disgust.

The two ladies were pretty, if they didn't glare at everyone with sneers on their faces. Both were skinny, and tall. They could have been twins, except for the fact that one of them had the tell tale lines of someone who was going to grow old very soon. They had piercing green eyes, and the same flaming red hair as the first man. Really, the younger looking one could have been a model or something, the way she held herself and such.

The other man was not someone to look at and desire to know. He resembled a toad in a suit, short, stubby, and fat. You couldn't tell what color his eyes were, for they seemed lifeless and colorless themselves. His hair was wispy, but a light blonde. His face was red, and flabby already, as if the walk up to the doors had drained him of energy.

"Who is who Charlotte?" Lizzie asked as she craned her neck to see. She singled out the dark haired man, who's long and lean body was exactly what attracted her. If only his gaze wasn't so brooding, She thought as she looked him over again. The cute guy next to him looked more Jane's type.

"The man with the red hair is Charles Bingley. The man next to him is Mr. Darcy, and his partner in the law firm. The two ladies are Charles' sisters, and the man is Lousia's husband." She rapped out, laughing as she saw Jane looking at Mr. Bingley, instantly attracted.

"Charlotte, come with us to greet our guests of honor." Mrs. Lucas ordered, grabbing her daughter's arm, and leading her unceremoniously towards the descending group.

"Come with me." Charlotte hissed, grabbing Lizzie, who in turn, grabbed Jane. The chain link of people continued across the room, and came to a stop as Mr. Lucas was shaking hands with the man in the pinstripe suit.

"Mr. Bingley, Mr. Darcy, you both know my daughter, Charlotte, and my wife." He rumbled, sweeping a hand in her direction. "These are two of the Bennett daughters, the oldest one Jane, and the second oldest, Elizabeth."

"Pleasure to meet you!" Charles Bingley said cheerily, putting a hand out to shake. Jane shook hands delicately, a faint blush creeping onto her face. Elizabeth then in turn shook hands, but noticed with humor, that Charles was still looking at her sister. Mr. Darcy merely looked at them, and gave a brisk nod, before walking off in the direction that the other three in the party went off to.

"Jane Bennett… your father is the owner of Bennett Editing?" Charles asked, unconsciously dismissing the other two girls. Jane smiled and nodded.

"He was not able to make it tonight though. He had other business to attend to." Jane replied, tossing a smile at Lizzie. Lizzie smirked, and walked away, dragging Charlotte with her as they heard him then ask if Jane wanted to dance.

"They look so cute together!" Charlotte exclaimed as she saw them walk together to the dance floor. Lizzie smiled and nodded, surveying them as they began to do a waltz, both knowing their footing and fluidity rather well.

"Now, to find men of our own." Lizzie mused, glancing at Charlotte laughing. Charlotte grinned, and pointed to the Mr. Darcy man, who was at this point, looking right at Lizzie. Lizzie glanced at him, and gave a nod of acknowledgement. Mr. Darcy did not return the greeting. Instead, he turned, and walked towards the younger lady. They exchanged some words, and she delightedly took his offered hand; he then proceeded to take her to the dance floor, where he danced in that same, and formal sort of way that he had entered the room in.

"Doesn't seem too nice, does he?" Lizzie asked, smiling. "He actually looks positively miserable." She added as an afterthought.

"He owns half of Derbyshire, and Pemberly." Charlotte offered as they watched him swing the model around the dance floor with a resigned grace. Ooh… A Brit is he? Lizzie thought with delight. She loved British accents. They just sounded so interesting to listen to.

"The miserable half?" Lizzie drolly, deciding to say that instead of her real thoughts. Charlotte laughed, and pretended to scold her properly.

Most of the evening was spent like this. Every now and then a guy would come up and ask Lizzie for a dance, but most guys were scarce this night, so you were considered lucky to have danced at all. Jane spent most of the night talking with Charles Bingley, and his younger sister, Caroline. Mr. Darcy spent some time with them, but other than that, consumed his time by avoiding all contact with anyone else, and strutting about the room.

Lizzie had a neutral feeling for him at first. But the turning point was when she dropped her ring that she fiddled with when she was bored. It fell under the refreshment table; they both bent down to pick it up, and at that precise moment, Charles walked up to William Darcy.

"C'mon Darcy! I have to see you dance! I hate to see you walk around the room like you've lost your voice, its stupid! You have to dance!" He exclaimed, clapping Darcy's shoulder cheerily.

"You know that I won't. Your sisters are either engaged, or too tired. There is no one else here that it wouldn't be a punishment to dance with." He replied, his voice cold and distant. Lizzie looked at Charlotte with surprise on her features. Charlotte pursed her lips, but shrugged.

"You've got to be kidding! I've never seen so many beautiful girls in my entire life!!" Charles protested indignantly.

"You're dancing with the only pretty girl. Even so, she smiles too much." Darcy commented in an annoyed voice.

"She is an angel, I'm sure! But her sister, Elizabeth, you met her earlier… she was rather pretty! I could have you introduced-"

"You call that pretty? Honestly, Charles, I'm astounded. She could not even be acknowledged as average. I wouldn't bother to dance with her for all the money in the world. Besides, I don't have the time dance with flittering, stupid girls. You better return to 'your angel' and enjoy her company, for I don't think you're enjoying mine." Mr. Darcy snapped, turning away. Lizzie's eyes grew wide, and she stood up, about to say something. Charlotte grabbed her shoulder, and pulled her back down right as Charles looked over where she had been standing.

"Suit yourself mate, I'm only saying, you look like a grump." Charles said as he walked away, thinking that the flash of movement across the refreshment table looked oddly like Jane's sister standing up angrily. That thought escaped him though, when he asked Jane to dance again.

"That… PRICK! Honestly, the longest speech he makes all evening, and it's about me! It was nothing good, oh no, it was simply stating how average I look! But, wait! No, I'm far below average!" Lizzie fumed as Charlotte dragged her away. Lizzie turned to give the man in question a scathing glare, but his back was turned.

"Lizzie, don't take his words to heart. We all know that you're pretty." Charlotte said, trying to calm her down.

"THAT IDIOT! He has no idea who he is dealing with! I could KILL HIM!" Lizzie vented as she sat down, swinging her dress around her as to not rumple it.

"I have no doubt that you could kill him." Charlotte agreed, setting in the chair next to her. They then spent a few moments trying to decide a way to bring about the demise of William Darcy.

William hated balls. He hated the way everyone sized up his fortune as if he was an out of date car that was still in its prime. He was looked upon as cute, or hot at first, but when he heard one lady whisper that she would bag him for her daughter, all thoughts of being accommodating disappeared instantly.

Of course, there was one girl who didn't seem interested in him at all. She was rather pretty, but dulled in comparison to her sister, Jane. She was tall, and skinny, with curly brown hair. Her eyes were green, but wait! When she turned her gaze to him, they were a dark brown. She gave a smile that reached her eyes, causing them to sparkle unnaturally. She merely gave him a proper greeting, and went back to her friend, who was looking at him hungrily, like she was about to jump him then and there. She had no hopes of beauty.

He had kept an eye on the one girl who didn't have her eye on him. She was talking and laughing with her friend, and her eyes looked a dark blue. Intrigued, Darcy watched as she turned slightly, and they were green again! Fascinated, he got slightly closer, but her friend then pointed at him inconspicuously. The girl then looked over at him, and his insides caught fire. Her gaze held him, until he broke the contact, and walked over to Caroline.

"Oh, Mr. Darcy! We were just talking about you!" She purred, grasping his arm in her fake nails. Darcy winced, but managed to keep a straight face.

"Really, and would you be able to tell me what about?" He asked sharply, glancing at her sharply.

"We were wondering if you were going to ask one of us to dance." Caroline smirked at him, eyes gleaming. Not the same gleam in that other girl's eyes, He thought to his horror. It shouldn't matter to me, He then thought shrewdly, she's a simple, middle class girl (he would find later that it was middle upper class) who isn't worth my attention. I merely need to keep my mind to other things.

Mr. Darcy sighed, knowing that if he now didn't ask Caroline to dance, he would seem impolite, so he quickly asked her, and took her to the dance floor.

Of course, this thought process of his is what caused him to speak so ill of her when Charles asked him to dance with her. She's not worth a Darcy's time, he told himself firmly, walking away from the table. Of course, when he looked back, he saw to his horror that that Charlotte girl was dragging the girl he had just been talking about away from the very table he had had just been. He could tell that she was seething, because every now and then she would she would throw an angry glance around the room, and toss an angry hand in the air.

The Charlotte girl set her friend down, and began whispering urgently to her. Lizzie gave a chilling grin, and said something back. Charlotte sat down, and began talking with a calmer face as Lizzie's face began to grow more animated.

But why did Darcy care? Darcy didn't care! He didn't care that she had heard, at least now she knew how people thought of her! He didn't care that her eyes changed color with the lights, or that her anger was directed towards him? Who was she to care? She was a nobody, and with that in mind, Darcy strolled off to talk to Bingley, and the very girl's sister, Jane.

"But don't you think that if you limit your classes, you limit your ability to learn more than one certain thing?" Jane asked as they talked about her major, which was a therapist. Darcy's argument was that she should choose which category of therapy she wanted to study, instead of studying all of therapy itself.

"It would get confusing though, to have the knowledge on how to help a pregnant teenager, and then next try to remember how to give therapy to a middle aged depressed man." Darcy retaliated.

"Yes, but a pregnant teen is probably just as depressed as the middle aged man." Came a new voice floating over the loud talk of other groups. Darcy turned to see the girl he had slighted earlier.

"Lizzie, you've met Charles Bingley, and William Darcy." Jane said politely, giving her sister a hug. Charles beamed as they shook hands again, and Darcy glared as she simply gave him a look that said quite clearly, "I hate you".

"Yes, we've both met Lizzie! But please, Jane, call me Charlie! Charles seems so… old-fashioned! And do call William Will, or Darcy. William takes too long." Charlie exclaimed, smiling as he then shook Charlotte's hand as she walked up, glancing warily at Lizzie.

"Why would she be as depressed as the middle aged, depressed man?" Darcy asked quietly, raising an eyebrow. Lizzie rose to the challenge.

"Why, because she's pregnant! Any teenage girl will feel panic, and become depressed because of the weigh she's lifting alone."

"She would not be lifting it alone."

"Oh, so someone else is sharing the pregnancy with her?" Lizzie sneered, raising an eyebrow.

"I'm merely suggesting-" Darcy started to protest.

"Oh, you're delicious! Please, stay! No one's challenged Darcy like this in awhile!" Charlie cried happily, clapping Darcy again on the shoulder, who then turned to him, and glared. Lizzie smirked, and then directed her next statement at the man himself.

"Not for all the money in the world." She said maliciously, rolled her eyes, turned to Charlotte, who looked so surprised, her mouth hung open. Jane looked confused, but Charlie was so shocked, he also hung his mouth open. Lizzie grasped Charlotte's arm, and they walked away, leaving a very embarrassed, horrified, and red Darcy in their wake.

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