Happy Mother's Day!

Sakura sat quietly trying not to make a noise. She had a surprise. Not just any surprise but a special surprise. One for a mother who seemed like a million miles away.


Sakura fixed her mused hair and pursed her lips. A reflection stared back at her. Such a beautiful girl looked back at her. Deep emerald eyes, pink lips, and her hair in a messy ponytail.


Even though Sakura would rather sit around watching T.V. she picked up her purse, her mother's gift, and a grey jacket.

Sakura grabbed the keys and locked the door behind her. She ran down the apartment's stairs and out of the glass doors. Her mother is only here for half a day. She wouldn't forgive herself if she didn't give her mom her gift.

She waited for the bus. Her feet itched to dance across the sidewalk. Her body felt nervous yet calm. She rocked her body back and forth. It almost looked like she had to go pee.

But she avoided everyone's stare and boarded the bus. She found a seat next to an old lady. She nodded to the woman but the woman was staring out the window. So Sakura fiddled with her fingers and checked the watch on her wrist.

"2:20…" Sakura whispered to herself. The old lady next to her sighed and said to herself, "I can't believe he didn't show…"

Sakura glanced over to the woman but quickly looked away.

The bus stopped and Sakura was quick to get out. She walked to the corner that said Main street.

"Now which way to go?" Sakura asked herself. She took a gamble and ran right. She ran and ran.

Guess luck wasn't on her side because it began to rain. You know the kind of rain that the sun is out and feels good? Ya, that's what Sakura hoped for. But the rain was hot and hard. Sakura squinted but did not faultier.

She was going to get to her mother before it was too late.

Sakura could see the big building as she ran up the road. A smile spread across her face.

She was going to make it. She was going to make it!

She quickened her pace and ran up to the building. The building where her mother was modeling at.

Her mother is a model who models for a very famous modeling agency. So she's barely ever home.

Sakura opened the door and ran into the building. Sakura continued to run to the escalator.

As soon as Sakura was only centimeters away, she felt her body be jerked to the side. She looked back to see who it was but all she saw was brown hair and people hovering around the person.

"How rude…" Sakura breathed out.

Sakura knocked on a door that read, Nadeshiko Amaiya.

A woman answered a frowned. "Who are you?" The woman barked out.

"I'm Nadeshiko's daughter." Sakura answered.

"Oh please. Like I haven't heard that one in a million years." The woman snapped back.

Sakura put her hands on her hips and said quiet loudly, "I want to see my mommy!"

The woman's eyes twitched and she yelled, "Guards!"

A ton of guards came rushing into the hallway.

"Get rid of this pest!" The woman yelled.

"Wait!" A soft bell like voice interrupted the rough handling.

Sakura smiled and kicked the guard in the shins.

"Mommy!" Sakura giggled. She ran into the woman's open arms.

"Nadeshiko! That really is your daughter?!" The woman said shocked.

"Of course! She's my cherry blossom!" Nadeshiko giggled.

Sakura gave her mother the gift and whispered, "Happy mother's day."


I'm really sorry I haven't written in like forever! But here is an almost late mother's day story! This story will have a sequel. That is if I get enough reviews! So please review! The sequel would be called 'Mother's day once a Month'. But this would have Sakura and Syaoran paring in it. So please review:)