Chapter 4: New Case Part 1

Note: From now on, I'll be using Japanese names of the Detective Conan and Magic Kaitou characters because it's easier for me. I'll put a name key for you to understand who is who and I am sorry if this is late.


Shinichi Kudou; Shinichi Kudo; Conan Edogawa; Jimmy Kudo

Yuusaku Kudou; Yuusaku Kuod; Booker Kudo

Yukiko Kudou; Yukiko Kudo; Vivian Kudo

Ran Mouri; Rachel Moore

Eri Kisaki; Eva Kaden

Korgoro Mouri; Richard Moore

Hakase Agasa; Hiroshi Agasa; Dr. Herschel Agasa

Sonoko Suzuki; Serena Sebastian

Heiji Hattori; Harley Hartwell

Kazuha Toyoma; Katie Thompson

Hideo Akagi; Harrison Aces

Naoki Uemura; Nichoas

Kaitou Kid; Phantom Thief Kid

Shino Miyano; Ai Haibara; Anita Hailey

Ayumi Yoshida; Amy Yoshida (manga); Amy Yeager (anime)

Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya; Mitch Tsuburaya (manga); Mitch Tennison (anime)

Genta Kojima; George Kojima (manga); George Kaminski (anime)

Juzo Megure; Joseph Meguire

Miwako Sato; Miwako Sato

Wataru Takagi; Detective Takagi Wilder

Ninzaburo Shiratori; Inspector Santos

Kiyonaga Matsumoto; Commander Kristopher McLaughlin

Inspector Sango Yokomizo; Detective Worthington

Heizo Hattori; Martin Hartwell

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Samantha started to gather her luggage and her kit, and brought her self to the street by taxi. On her way here, she was starting to wonder how she would find the detective who disappeared two years ago, yet appeared mysteriously in some cases from what she heard. She was wearing a white shirt, complete with blue jeans and sneakers. Her train of thoughts came to a halt when she car horns, apparently the cab was caught in traffic.

"What's going on? Why are the police here?" The taxi driver wondered as he saw two police cars. Another hit and run I guess, maybe if I can help, it'll be over before we know it.

"Well this is my stop." (Samantha)

"Ojou-san(1), what about the other destination in Beika District?" The taxi driver asked, partly for losing his customer and his fare.

"I have my ways." After Samantha said that, she got out of the taxi, took out her luggage and kit, she then paid the fee. It wasn't too long before she got to the crime scene which is in front of the construction site. As she was going to go under the yellow tape to the crime scene, a police officer stopped her. She fortunately got passed the yellow tape however another officer came to stop her with an inspector.

"You! Over there! This is a crime scene! You're not supposed to be here." The police officer retorted towards Samantha.

"I'm here to process the scene." (Samantha)

"Are you from a police department?" A fat man, who seemed to be in his 30's or 40's came before the police officer argued again about Samantha that she should not cross the tape.

"Yes, Police Department, LVPD sir, I would like to help." (Samantha)

"Right, my name is Inspector Mequre." Mequre said, staring at Samantha skeptically and wondering why her presence felt so familiar.

"Samantha Jordon, forensic. Please to meet you, just fill me in on what's going on." Mequre's eyes widen in reorganization, he probably heard of Samantha because of her late parents when they used to live in Japan and lived in America.

"Well our forensic team is stuck in the traffic and won't be able to come here for a while, so do you think you can confirm if this is a suicide or homicide? A detective came by here, and wanted to help and investigate. Even though it was annoying, he suggeted it was a suicide because he found a suicidal note in the locker. We trust the kid with him, but not the detective." (Mequre)

"I'll guess I'll help, but with the evidence that detective collected doesn't add up so I'll confirm that it is either homicide or suicide later, but I have a large suspicion it is homicide." She then saw a man in construction uniform with his body flat and his head has a wound. Probably that's the body, I wonder how far he fell? She then decided to check on the body with her gloves on, when she looked at it. There where no bruises, no scars, nor gun points, she also took pictures while doing this. When she checked the shoes, she noticed that there is a nail on the bottom of the shoe, scorched. When she looked at the victim's face, she had also noticed the look and the broken spectacles on the man's face, and strangely no burn marks.(A/N: To the CSI's fans, does this sounds familiar? Oh and the format and evidence of this case, I also do not owned it.)

"This man is Yuichi Yagamnoto, he works as a construction worker. Age 32, birthday is April 24th, 1970. We checked his pockets and found his driver's license and ID over here in his wallet. We've found them in his locker back at the workplace. The money is still intact so there are no signs of mugging or robberies."

"How far did he fall?"

"From the 25th floor, come here let me show you where he once stood." Samantha followed the Inspector into the elevator, as they headed for 25th level. Samantha began telling the Inspector on who she is, where she is from, and her occupation. Of course, she left out any personal information such as she knows who Silent Magician is and who she really is.

25th floor, Construction Site, Tokyo

The elevator came up to the room where three people are in, though as they were about to finish the conversation, the girl only notice Samantha, but Samantha gave her a signal to be quiet since she wants to see the people in action now.

"Well this looked like probably suicidal." A male who looked to be in his late 30s said wearing a suit, after smoking his cigarette, he is known as Kogoro Mouri, or known as the Sleeping Korgoro/Sleeping Detective and so-called great detective.

"How would you know that?"(Conan)

"That's because I'm smarter than you." Korgoro replied, but it was an insult to those that are very talented at young age and has a high IQ, and Conan was one of them, but he kept back his anger in check, and unknowingly Samantha, because she also has a high IQ and that insult meaning to her is 'I am smarter than you because I'm older than you'.

"But that's not the point!" (Conan)

"Shut up you brat!" (Korgoro)

"Then why did he kill himself when I saw his face, oji-san(2)?" A little boy asked who is in elementary school, a.k.a. Conan Edogawa, or shall we say Shinichi Kudo, the Great Detective of the East.

"That's because he didn't commit suicide." A voice replied which made Conan and Korgoro looked at the direction of the voice that was near the edge of the construction building, and saw a woman with the inspector, pulling the end of the cable which connects to the jackhammer up and began inspecting it, ignoring Korgoro's shocked face.

"What do you mean?" Korgoro asked while flirting with her, however it was noticed and Samantha chooses to ignore it since he insulted her.

"Mr. Yaganmoto, our victim is sadly murdered and did not suicide." Samantha said as she starting to walk towards the edge so she can see the better view of how the victim had died after she laid down the jackhammer on the construction building.

"That can't be possible, it was a suicide. I've got the note right here." (Korgoro)

"That note is a fake, besides this victim is murdered, here is a question. How many people have commit suicide with their glasses, spectacles or contacts on?" Samantha said deadpanned at Korgoro, who was starting to regret about flirting with her.

"Um…let's see here. None?" Korgoro replied, as he scratch his head nervously as sudden realization dawned to him and wanted to apologize, but it was too late now since Samantha had already planned of doing payback at him.

"Exactly, usually people took of their contact lens then jump down. This is his work station, correct?" (Samantha)

"Yes, and who are you?" Korgoro was a bit ticked off of how Samantha's attitude is towards him, he wanted to impress her, but she is not falling for it, her sudden attitude towards him right now reminds him of Eri, but he is still too stubborn to admit it that he wants his ex-wife back and being too damn well smart, but Samantha's attitude is much sharper than Eri.

"My name is Samantha Jordon, I'm a CSI from Las Vegas, why do you ask?" Samantha said as she gave a glare thats equal Eri, but somehow a bit deadlier like Ai or as we put it Sherry.

"The detectives do the talking, not CSIs." Korgoro replied with a bit of confidence, hoping to put the girl in front of him down, and make her apologize to him however Lady Luck isn't on his side.

"Reeaaalllly? Very well then, I guess I'll solve this case by myself. If you wanted to observe my method or help me, go ahead." Samantha replied with a smirk that somehow equal to Kid or Kudo, when she saw Korgoro's shock face. Yup, hook line and sinker.

"What did you just say?" Korgoro asked with a surprised face, wondering how a teenaged girl could or an adult girl like her, as he assumed her to be, can't do that.

"I've said I'll solve this case by myself, and if any of you guys wanted to observe my method or help me, go ahead. If you think that I can't do that, unfortunately you are wrong since these skills come from my father's blood." Samantha then began tracing the cable to the input, as Inspector Mequre, Conan and Ran following her with curiosity, while Korgoro reluctantly followed. Samantha and Conan found the input where the cable was connected, as she took one of her plastic gloves around to pull the plug. Both Conan and Samantha thought they saw sparks coming out of the plug.

"Well that explained how the victim died, the plug was short circuited." Samantha murmured as she quickly inspected the plug.

"How did you know it short circuited?" Conan asked with curiosity, two teenage detectives was enough he could handle for hiding his identity from them, well except from Hattori and himself, but you get my point, but three?

"See those wires that are connected to the jackhammer?" Samantha asked while pointing to the exact direction where jackhammer was when she laid down it.

"Yeah, what about those wires?" The inspector asked while arching a questioning eyebrow about it.

"I've checked the wires of that help it start and to turn it off, both wires are crossed. One of you guys can check if you want to know if I was right or wrong." Samantha replied while the Inspector started to go to the jackhammer to check if Samantha was correct.

"So any wires can be crossed when doing construction." Korgoro argued lamely, hoping to take the wind once again while Conan and Ran sighed and shook their heads with embarrassment.

"I highly doubt it, not unless you wanted to malfunction or to get you electrocuted." Samantha argued back with a calm face, but her voice is laced with ice making Korgoro flinched for saying that reply.

"Jordon-kun(3), you were right the wires are indeed crossed." Mequre replied as he came back to the group, when everyone's face was either with shock or surprise, but the most recognizable is Korgoro, who has a face of fury. Samantha have once again ignored it, and found a pair of pliers lying near the input, she then began to set up her kit by checking if there is any fingerprints on the pliers when putting them into the plexi-glass case.

"Then our last piece of the puzzle of how our murderer victim died is right here, all we need is the victim's body to be transported to the morgue so it can analyze thoroughly." Samantha said as the fingerprinting dust started to get settled on the pliers. There were partially fingerprints as Samantha face grew a bit grim, she hated it when she received only partially of a clue, but her thoughts were interrupted when a cell phone started to ring. Everyone's attention was at Inspector Mequre, as Mequre opened his cell phone to answer his caller.


(1) -san is the honofic for Mr, Mrs, or Ms. Ojou-san means young lady.

(2) Oji-san means old man or grampa

(3) -kun is the honofic to use towards males such as Conan-kun or Mouri-kun, usually by last names unless friends it goes with first name, and can also be use towards females used by the males, like Ran-kun or Jordon-kun.

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