Title: I'll Take the Sofa.
Author: Sweetlilfighter Pairing: Daniel/Betty Rating: PG Disclaimer: These fabulous characters aren't mine, I'm just playing with em.

He looked over at her. She was bent over some copies, proof reading one of many last minute articles that had to be tended to. With one hand she had a pen raised to her lips, and was gently chewing on the end, her brows furrowed from concentration; her other hand was holding her hair, which she had pulled forward over her farthest shoulder. That motion had caught his attention and he found his eyes wandering to her newly exposed neck, marveling at how smooth and soft the skin looked. His lips and fingers itched to trace the curve of her neck down to the edge of her shirt, which, very uncommonly for Betty, had the top few buttons undone leaving just the slightest amount of cleavage visible to his hungry eyes.

It was nearing midnight, and Daniel wasn't even close to being done with his own task, which was to make some selections from a pile of last minute photos to go with Betty's own pile of last minute articles. The whole thing probably would be finished by now had he not found himself so distracted. He couldn't seem to concentrate on anything other than mentally undressing his unknowing assistant. He looked back down at his work and sighed.

"I'm falling asleep over here," he said while standing up and shoving the pile of photos onto the sofa next to him. Hours ago he had convinced her to come back to his apartment where they could work more comfortably then at the office. When he mentioned grabbing some take-out on the way Betty had agreed. And now here they were.

Betty pulled her attention away from her work and stifled a yawn, then glanced at her watch. "Wow, it's twelve already? I should get home."

Daniel's heart sank a little at the thought of her leaving, and at the same time felt a little protective as well, "It's really late, why don't you just stay," he reasoned. "I'll take the sofa, you can have the bed." He prayed she wouldn't notice the hopeful pitch in his voice, and it seemed she hadn't.

It took her a few moments of quiet deliberation before she nodded her head, "Okay."

Now here he was. Laying silently in his living room, staring at the ceiling, not able to sleep. One cause of his insomnia was that he had bought this particular sofa based on aesthetics and not comfort. The major cause of his sleeplessness was, however, the fact that Betty Suarez was in his bed. In every scenario he had ever played out in his mind that involved Betty being in his bed, he was always in said bed right beside her. Or on top of her. Or underneath her. Point being he was never out here in the living room laying on his piece-of-crap sofa.

Sighing, he got up. He wandered into the bathroom, then the kitchen, but what he wanted wasn't in either of those rooms. What he wanted was down the hall in his bedroom. He walked slowly to the hallway opening and trained his ears toward the other end, listening for any sign that Betty may be awake too. As evidenced by the sound of soft even breathing that reached him, she was sound asleep.

He took a few tentative steps forward, but stopped again when he realized his heart was racing. This was such a new situation for him. He had been with hundreds of women throughout the years, and usually when there was a woman he wanted, she wanted him too. This was very different. He wanted Betty. He wanted her so much that his whole body ached for her. But she didn't know it, and he had no idea how she felt about him. He was about to turn around and return to the couch when a soft sigh floated out to him, drawing him forward, slowly, until he was there in the doorway, just feet from what he desired most.

Moonlight beamed in through the windows and bathed the bed in a soft yellow glow. Betty was curled up on her side with the blanket tucked up under her chin. He made his way silently across the room, and knelt down beside the bed. He watched her for awhile, listening to her even breathing and caressing her face with his eyes. She looked so beautiful. When the urge to touch her became too strong to ignore, he raised his hand and traced her warm cheek with his finger tips. He followed the line of her jaw, brushing his thumb across her plump lips, then leaned in and captured them softly in his own with the softest of kisses. She began to stir under his gentle caresses and he pulled back to look at her face.

Her eyes fluttered open, and when they locked with Daniel's, she sat up quickly.

"Daniel?" it was soft, but demanding.

He moved to sit next to her on the bed and tried to find the right words to answer her unasked question.

"Betty, I..." he trailed off, then turned to face her, meeting her eyes with his own. He wasn't good with words, so he tried to explain in a manner he was good at: he reached over and kissed her.