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Betty was confused. This was perhaps the most confused she had ever been in her whole life. She had been in the middle of a weird dream involving a cupcake photo shoot for Mode Magazine. The photographer had been yelling at her because she had accidentally eaten one of the subjects and had apparently ruined the whole photo shoot. Everyone had stood there staring at her with contempt and she stood there feeling like an idiot with frosting on her lips. Then Daniel had come over and hovered before her, an unreadable look on his face. She was sure he would fire her, but then the strangest thing had happened.

He had raised his hand and stroked her cheek. That was new. Then he had pointed out the frosting on her lips and before she knew it his lips had been upon hers, first gently cleansing them of the delicious confection, then actually melding with hers in the most amazing kiss she had ever experienced in a dream. And let's be honest: this wasn't really the first time she had dreamed of kissing Daniel. Nope, there had been many times previous where she had locked lips with this man who she was secretly in love with.

This particular dream kiss was different somehow, though. So different that she wondered if it was, in fact, really even a dream at all. And she contemplated this as her sleep muddled mind started it's journey towards awakening. Her eyes had fluttered open, fighting to focus despite the last vestiges of sleep that blurred them. When her eyes and mind had finally rejoined the land of the living, she became fully aware of her lips. And someone else's lips. Daniel's lips. Against her lips. Upon this realization, she bolted upright.

This situation was new for her. In all the times she had dreamed of kissing Daniel, never had she woken up and actually been kissing him. She looked at him, curious as to what was happening here. All he did was gaze back at her.

"Daniel?" she asked. He, himself, seemed fully awake, so she ruled out sleep-walking as the reason for this nighttime visit.

He sat there on the floor before her, seemingly trying to formulate an answer to her question. Then he raised himself up and sat on the edge of the bed next to her.

"Betty, I..." he had started, and she sat there watching his down turned head, waiting for him to continue.

But he never did. Instead he turned to her, their eyes locked, and now she was pressed back against the blankets with Daniel above her, kissing her like she had never been kissed before. The practical side of her screamed at her to put a stop to things right now. Daniel was her boss, her friend. This shouldn't be happening. But it was happening, and his hands were wandering to places that had her gasping for breath, and silently yelling at her practical side to back off.

She knew she should stop, but, then again, why should she? In this moment she decided to be selfish, to damn the consequences, so to speak. She wanted Daniel, and with the way he was kissing her so hungrily, she knew he wanted her as well. And as their clothing came off, and her body came alive, she knew this was right.

She looked up at him as his face floated above hers, his eyes were so bright and filled with passion, and his breathing quick and ragged. He was so beautiful. She raised her hand and cupped his cheek, brushing her thumb back and forth over his warm skin. His stubble was coarse against her sensitive flesh, but it was the most wonderful sensation. He breathed her name softly and pressed his face against her palm as their bodies began moving together soft and slow. Never had she experienced anything like this before. She leaned forward and captured his lips again, enjoying the feel of them.

His hands were everywhere and she gasped aloud as he touched her in ways she had never been touched before. She gave herself up to him. He knew her better that anyone, and now that was more true than ever. And at the gasps her own hands elicited from him, she realized the reverse was true as well.

Later on, as they lay together in his bed, foreheads pressed together and legs intertwined, she knew things would be okay. There would be no awkward morning after for them.