My life

My life


Owen Salinger

Today they asked us to write an essay about our lives so far, at first I didn't know what to write but I guess I have to.

Well my life has always been about family; we are all really close and we help each other all the time; I live with my older brother Charlie who is 32 and his wife Kirsten, they also have a baby boy named Nick; he is two, and also another baby on the way.

You might be wondering why I live with my brother instead of my parents, the thing is I never got to know them, because they died when I was 6 months old, since that day I have lived with my brothers and sisters in our family house, that was until 2 years ago when we decided to sell the house.

I have a big family that I love and I know they love me. And although we decided to go our separate way, we always have time to be together. My brother Bailey and Sisters Julia and Claudia have gone away to collage, but I had to stay with Charlie and Kirsten.

Every one of my experiences with my older siblings has taught me something, like for example with Charlie I learned that you can do whatever you want to as long as you wish for it with all your heart, with Bailey it was all about helping the others around you, Julia the writer, yeah ,she really is and I'm really proud of her and that is what she has taught me, about never giving upand last but not least: Claudia well she is my best friend, so with her I learned about friendship, Julia the writer, yeah, she really is and I really proud of her and that is what she has taught me, about never giving up.

Well I guess that the fact of been the last one of the gang has it's benefits.

Finally I have to talk something about my self: I'm 8 and right now the only thing that I want to do is finish 3rd grade the best I can so I can make my family proud(including mom and dad who are in heaven), maybe in a not near future I want to be a doctor, to help people, anyway, I think I want to finish saying how proud I am for been a Salinger and to be part of the Salinger, party of five (Charlie, Bailey, Julia, Claudia and me… Owen.

The end