Midnight confessions and kisses

Mikan sat up on her bed. She's been tossing and turning for hours but she still can't fall asleep. So she rose to her feet and took a spare blanket from her cabinet. She walked quietly on the wooden floor as not to wake up the others.

She went out of the dormitory building and started to roam around the school grounds. After about half an hour of walking, she got tired and decided to rest underneath a tall shady tree.

"Wow,the starry night sky looks so wonderful," Mikan said under her breath. "I wish he was here to see it too..but then again.,he wouldn't care."

"Who's that he?"a raven haired boy with ruby-red eyes said from up a branch.

"huh?what are you doing here Natsume?" Mikan's eyes widened in shock. She didn't expect to see anyone else that night since she thought everyone else was asleep.

"I couldn't sleep so I decided to walk out a bit. You?" he asked,jumping down the branch and sitting on the other side of the tree.

"I couldn't sleep either so I went out." Mikan replied quietly.

"you haven't answered my question yet. Who's that guy you were saying to yourself a few minutes ago?" he asked." That Tsubasa guy?"

"No,no.Tsubasa-sempai is like an older brother to me and besides,he and Misaki-sempai are engaged now."

"Then who is it?"

"I'm not telling."Mikan teased. "Hey Natsume,is there any girl you like?"

"yeah."he replied quietly.

"What's she like?"

"She's silly, she can be very childish and clingy, she's a big cry baby, and she can be really annoying sometimes but she looks really cute in whatever she does."

"Wow..you must really like her a lot. I wonder if she's in the same grade as we are, is she?"

"Yep, how 'bout you? Is there any guy you like?"

"I guess so…and I think I've liked him since the day I met him though I haven't realized until much later." Mikan replied shyly.

"Maybe it's Ruka. You seem to like him a lot." Natsume commented. There was a trace of jealousy and anger in his voice.

"Nah, Ruka's a great guy and all but he's a just a friend to me."

"Then who is it?"

"I'm still not telling you." Mikan stood up and went over Natsume and winked. "There's no way I will." She added.

Natsume grabbed Mikan's hand and pulled her towards him. He cupped her chin with one hand and pressed his lips against hers. But then he saw a tear trickle down her cheek so he immediately stopped. "I-I'm sorry..I didn't mean to force myself on you." He apologized at a shocked and teary-eyed Mikan.

"No. It's okay..I'm not mad." Mikan replied quietly. For a moment, there was a deafening silence between them before Mikan spoke again. "About your question earlier…this is my answer." Mikan leaned over and kissed him. Natsume was surprised at first but he reciprocated and kissed her harder. Mikan wrapped her arms around his neck and stroked his hair as he made light kisses on her neck and shoulders.

"I love you Natsume." Mikan murmured under her breath as she laid her head on his chest.

"I love you too Mikan." Natsume whispered gently on her ear.

"We better get back now. It's getting awfully late." Mikan said when she glanced on her watch.

"Can't we stay a bit longer?" Natsume protested.

"Maybe tomorrow..." Mikan stood up and brushed off the dirt on her pyjamas. "Come on now." She pulled on his hand.

"Oh,alright then since I have no choice." Natsume teased.

Mikan smiled and wrapped the blanket around them as they headed back to their dormitory building. Natsume escorted her to her room.

"I think I have to get used to this." Mikan laughed.

"Yep,you should."

"Well,good night then." She replied, opening the door.

"Good night!" Natsume leaned forward to give her one last long, passionate kiss before each of them went to bed.

"Now,be a good boy and go to sleep too." Mikan whispered before closing the door.

"Yes ma'm!" Natsume stole one more kiss on her lips before running off.

"That Natsume..really.:" she smiled before walking back to her bed.