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Chapter One: Sex in the Dungeons

Tom Riddle led his latest catch: a Ravenclaw down the hallway, holding her sweating hand.

The dirty blonde hair swung over her shoulders, and her opalescent blue eyes glanced up at Riddle adoringly.

They hurried down a narrow spiral staircase.

Celeste was feeling wonderful today. As a Ravenclaw who values wit and learning above all else, she was particularly proud to be dating the sharpest boy in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. All the girls in her year had been aching with jealously when Tom had asked her to Madam Puddifoot's in the Great Hall last week.

Once they got down the stairs, Riddle lit his wand and his voice became an unusually low whisper, "Come on, Celeste!,"

The girl, a seventh year, two years above Tom and eighteen-years of age, hesitated. She had never been in this area of the school.

After a pause she mumbled, "Okay…" And with that Celeste plunged forward into the darkest nether regions of the castle.

Celeste reasoned that she knew Tom had to go to Transfiguration in a quarter of an hour… they couldn't be staying in this creepy dwelling too long.

For a few minutes they continued onward through the labyrinth, deep into the upper layer of the dungeons. Celeste shuddered at the thought of the lowest dungeon below, where the caretaker, Apollyon Pringle dished out brutal punishments to the worst rule-breakers. Her spirit of adventure went about as far as the present, yet she knew with Tom Riddle there was likely to be no boundaries he wouldn't cross.

"This looks just fine…," Riddle pleasantly simpered. He took Celeste's thin arm and rather roughly pushed her into the tiny crevice of a room. Celeste's breath was taken away, Tom was always impeccably polite, a perfect gentlemen. So why was he suddenly so forceful?

The dank, dark space only contained a chink of light. Yet Riddle moved fluidly through the shadows, and took out a potion vial from his school uniform.

"It doesn't look very cozy, Tom," Celeste made the belated comment to Riddle's note of the place several moments ago.

Riddle's mouth twitched, with a secret humor concealed inside. "Why don't you sit down Celeste?"

She obeyed, as she was used to listening to him. That was part of the reason Riddle had chosen her as one of his latest flings. He liked the girls he knew would consent to his commanding demeanor. Obedience, is a virtue that Riddle prized particularly. Except for when it came to himself. Riddle always excluded himself, understanding it was only temporary that he had to listen to his so-called higher authorities in the present: the staff at Hogwarts.

In one sweeping instance, Tom Riddle's black school robes slid from behind his broad shoulders and settled on the ground. Now just wearing his muggle attire (a gray jumper and tie with grey pants) he knelt in front of Celeste, peering in her eyes, with a gleaming intensity, "Ready for something new, Miss Celeste?"

Not waiting for a reply and acting aggressive, Riddle undid the belt of his pants, and lowered them including his briefs. Celeste gasped. She was a virgin. Even if she had been with most of the boys in her year, and she had never had intercourse at all.

Riddle grabbed the glass potion vial, uncorking it deftly with thumb and forefinger. Caressing a clear liquid with his long fingers onto his erect penis he explained, "This is a potion, so you won't get pregnant. Ready to serve the young Dark Lord's…most basic desires?

Celeste gazed at Tom in appalling horror, she felt like she had never seen this side of him before. "Th—the future what?…Tom! I only wanted to do snogging! Not today….Please Riddle?"

Her frail backside was still against the wall, with her knees propped up; an instinctive protection against penetration.

Riddle did not respond immediately. He swallowed hard gulping down fury, his eyes narrowing.

And then his dark eyes were glaring into Celeste's sky blue ones. He hissed, "What do you think we came down here for? Certainly not to enjoy the atmosphere…" Riddle laughed humorlessly.

Celeste didn't answer, but from tension her hands moved to cling to her ankles. "Here's a parting kiss as you leave virginity, and enter into the full flower of womanhood, Celeste," he murmured sarcastically, as his lips brushed hers for a brief instant.

Next second, not even a prolonged kiss and his hands grabbed her shoulders and he slammed her forward. Celeste coughed from dust coming up from the dirty floor, clouds of it filling her nostrils and mouth. Riddle had no concern, despite hearing her wracking coughs.

He rolled her over, to the supine, position against the back. Riddle maneuvered himself directly on top, and then held her wrists down.

Beastially, he smiled as he whipped his wand out. Celeste stopped all attempts to resist, and just started panting hard, staring at him looming above her. With rabid eagerness, Riddle lifted up the Ravenclaw witch's skirt. Next he tore her white cotton knickers in two, opening up to a rich display of pubic hair.

Riddle stuck two of his fingers in her playfully, swishing through the folds of vaginal tissues, around to the clitoris.

Celeste moaned yet still managed to argue, "Tom…I don't want to! No…I beg you…. ."

"Well, I can hardly call that begging, silly little cunt. Don't you see how wet, you are? Wet with wanting myself inside you. I shall provide you that pleasure, in return serving me mine."

The moment he stopped taking, Celeste was letting out piercing screams of agony, as Riddle's exceptionally large cock invaded her.

He pumped his cock inside, moving in and out almost too fast. For it just wasn't enough for him, he didn't have enough time to finish to reach orgasm, because he had a Transfiguration exam. Riddle was almost never late for a class at all, and would never miss an exam.

But he still had not gotten enough pleasure for one session with his latest fling. Celeste Lovegood, was only a fling in his mind. Sixteen-year-old Voldemort did not really think of her as his girlfriend, he felt no true affection for her.

Celeste was in too much pain to focus, from her cherry popping and the drops of blood and semen frightened her squeamish self.

Yet finally, he let himself out of her sore vaginal passage and flipped her onto her stomach, her jaw impacting the cement floor, bruising it. He spread her legs wide.

Riddle started pumping through Celeste's buttocks. She finally decided to play along and enjoy their sexual activity. "Harder, Tom!," she squealed. She arched her back, the boobs aligning with the floor.

Timidly Celeste asked Tom for a sexual favor she had never asked any other boy, but Riddle was the only boy she would want to have it done for her: "Could you s-spank me?"

Riddle smirked at this. It wasn't a fantasy of his, but he decided to briefly give it a try. He raised his hand and laid a hard swat on her raised bottom. Surprisingly, it was quite stimulating to his natural sadism, especially when he heard her screech from the sting and getting to watch her creamy cheeks turn apple red.

He gave another hard slap and another and another, whilst simultaneously smacking his cock inside her. She moaned loudly with the pleasure.

After that, Tom was losing interest in it, especially as he didn't have time to explore his own fantasies, much darker fantasies than a spanking.

"Get up!…"

She quickly did so, straightening her skirt and blushing. It was somewhat hard to look at Tom Riddle after this.

"You're a good girl to your master, Celeste…. Yet I prefer using the Cruciatus curse next time" he remarked with amusement. Celeste could not discern if he was lying.

She finally looked at him, batting her feathery lashes, staring mesmerized at Tom Riddle's handsome features. She had not wanted sex, but now she had to agree he had given her something unforgettable, and she did not feel like she had been raped. Tom turned his back to her, and did the vanishing spell to remove the evidence of blood and semen from his robes and then he vanished the torn knickers.

Riddle raised his wand, and eyed Celeste shrwedly. Until confidently he dictated, "Obliviate." Instantly, there was a blue light shot towards Celeste's head, her vision became cross-eyed for a second and then she had forgotten what had just happened. She would never be able to recall it.

The next thing she saw was Riddle smiling at her, his lips pressed together, seemingly benign, but in actuality deviant. He lied convincingly, "I forgot about my Transfiguration exam. Come on!"

Tom Riddle had his arm firmly around her shoulders. They walked at a fast pace, and finally parted. Riddle hurried off to his Transfiguration lesson realizing he was several minutes late.

Riddle came up the seventh floor corridor and entered Dumbledore's Transfiguration classroom as quietly as possible.

Riddle landed at his usual seat in the last row. Most quills did not stop their scratching against parchment.

Before starting the exam, which was waiting for him, Riddle looked up at the teacher's desk in the front. Professor Dumbledore was looking straight at him, with a sharp glare that told Tom the Transfiguration Master was displeased, especially considering the glare was visible even through the half-moon spectacles.

Riddle frowned and then bent his head over the paper and started writing.

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