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Summary: Marie Lavinia Huberta Sarah Geneviève De La Grange is a French girl. Her aim dating one of Rikkai's regulars. Will she succeed?

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My name is Marie Lavinia Huberta Sarah Geneviève De La Grange. I am part of the French nobility. Mother is the last member of our former royal family and Father is a Baron. We are living in a huge mansion. Let's say it is a castle. Way bigger than Versailles.

We own 56 companies, 20 islands and I don't know how many houses and hotels all around the world. Father is so rich than Bill Gates and the Queen of England are peasants next to us. I go to the best High School of Paris. I am only 13 but I am on my last year of High School. I have money so I can do whatever I want.

Oh I didn't tell you how I look like. (A/N : put your sunglasses you're going to be blinded by her beauty)

I'm really tall. 5'7'' or 1.70 meters. I have light blue eyes. They are so beautiful that I have to hide them behind glasses. My hair are pretty long. They used to go till my ankles but Father decided that I needed to have them cut. I needed 6 maids just to do my hair. Now they cover my backside. They are brown and wavy. I usually wear Gucci or Channel clothes. I have my own make up artist and hairdresser. I was elected Young Miss France ten years in a row.

I have my own car. A Barbie pink Audi TT. I sometime drive it on my own. I also own a castle in Germany and another one in Scotland.

I speak French, English, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Finnish and Swahili. I am so clever that I was supposed to take my Baccalaureat in June. I won't and I will explain you why.

So I'm really beautiful. Boys in my High School would sell their parents to go on a date with me. I used to date the son of a famous actor. He was 25 and was sent to jail because I am not 18. Stupid law!!!

I have to choose between people of my age and in France the choice is pretty limited. So I asked my secretary to choose many High School all around the world and to obtain the photos of the boys.

Japan caught my eyes. Rikkai Dai High School was the best place to find my new boyfriend. I told Father I wanted to study there. I demanded to be sent there.

So here I am in Japan on my own, in their ugly school uniform waiting for the perfect boy to appear.

A/N :Before going on with the story I've to tell you that I'm far from being serious. Keep that in mind when reading.