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A quick information about this fic:

Rating: T

Genres: Romance, Angst, Drama, Humour
Warnings: Language
Main Pairings: Naruto/Hinata, Gaara/OC, Kakashi/OC

Romantic Hints: Shikamaru/OC, Lee/Sakura/Sasuke
Summary: They were outcasts, marked by society, their lives determined before their birth. Now, together, they are going to face the biggest challenge of all; to face the world, beat it, and live to tell the story.pairings inside

Timeline of this Fic: Okay, after thinking a lot about all this, I finally figured out where to put this fic during the anime. Alright, so this is how it goes. This happens one year after Naruto and Jiraiya's return to Konohagakure (so, it's the three years of the anime plus another one). Sasuke left to go meet with Orochimaru, but the plot starts right at the end of the year I added. Akatsuki exists, and will show up eventually, but Gaara is still the container of Shukaku. For any more information, feel free to contact me.

ATTENTION: English is my second language, so please forgive me the mistakes. I'll do my best to correct them, but please, be kind about those. Thank you.

Cursed Reflections


That was going to be another forlorn night. The light of the moon no longer seemed to held its mystery…now there was only loneliness, depression and nostalgia in the silver rays. The stars offered no comfort while the bitter wind worked as a reminder of all the painful memories of a past that was still excruciatingly close to the present.

Two figures were wandering through a deserted path in the middle of nowhere. Trees surrounded them, branches that had once been naked were slowly being warmed up by new leaves. No animal dared to break the silence of the shadows, so the only melody of that night belonged to the figures' footsteps.

A pair of sapphire-blue eyes were locked with the stars, a hitai-ate protecting the boy's forehead. The cold breeze was dancing with his spiky blond locks as the boy continued walking at a steady pace. Slowly he rose a hand, and scratched his right cheek right where three black and thin lines were. On his left cheek were three other identical lines that made it seem as if the boy had whiskers.

"I think it's better to rest for the night." the boy spoke up without taking his eyes of the sky. "The stars look beautiful tonight."

Silently, a pair of cyan orbs turned to the boy, who finally looked back at his companion. The wind was also playing with his carmine spiky hair, but it was also kissing the tattoo he had on his forehead…the kanji word for love.

"Hai." was all that the other boy said in reply at same time he nodded shortly.

Slowly, the two young adults made their way towards a tall and strong tree before settling down between the tough roots. Since it was a warm night there was no need for them to cover themselves with their coats.

With a sigh, the blond boy leaned against the tree's trunk, and gazed at the stars. A feeling of nostalgia quickly started to emerge from the depths of his soul, memories starting to fog his already troubled mind.

He could remember perfectly well the day when he was forced to leave his village; the great Konohagakure. He had been 'invited' to leave by the villagers, and all because he was not normal in their eyes. But when he left, he had decided to hold no grudge against anyone; in fact, he was looking at that wandering as a new mission…the last mission that would lead him to his greatest dream.

The only thing that saddened him was his friends. Unable to stay in Konoha, he had been forced to say goodbye. But funny enough, on the last minute, he had decided to say goodbye to only one person…and the irony was that he did not even know why he had said goodbye to her of all people. Neither did he understand why his heart ached every time he thought about her.

Then, he gazed at his companion; their stories were different and yet so painfully similar. Both of them carried marks that were also their curses. Curses that they once knew how to deal with, but that now seemed to taint all their steps.

"Hey, Gaara, do you think it's time?" the blond questioned suddenly, and the cyan coloured eyes that had been staring at the dark heavens turned to him.

"Our times will come with different opportunities." the other boy started in a calm tone, his arms pressed against his chest. "But if those times are close, only the new tomorrow can tell."

"Still, I miss Konoha." the blond expressed with a tired sigh, "I miss being with my friends, I miss getting to Tsunade-basan's nerves…and lets not forget ramen!"

"Uzumaki Naruto, you're still an odd person." Gaara started in the same tone as before, and the blond chuckled before grinning. "But I believe that when you return to your village, you will become who you want to be. And then, you are going to show to the world that judging people before knowing them is a sin."

"You really think that?" Naruto questioned, and when Gaara nodded shortly, he grinned again. "Great, because I'm sure you're going to do the same, and I bet we're going to kick people's butts for messing with us!"

When no answer was given, Naruto decided to do the same as Gaara, and gaze at the stars again. One day they would return to their villages, and then they would show everyone that they had done more than what they had believed in when Uzumaki Naruto and Sabaku no Gaara were banned from their villages.

They had been banned one year ago, but something at the back of Naruto's mind kept whispering something into his ears over and over again.

"It's time to go home."

To Be Continued…

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