Authors's Note: I already have Harry Potter's Omake, so why not a Naruto's one? Beside, people always need a good laugh, right?

Chapter One

Why Check Up Is Always Needed

"Lee, you can release it!" Gai cheered from above.

Said student brightened up at the prospect. "Yes, Gai-sensei!" The other nins were shocked when the released weight created tremor and craters on the floor and the statue ("For that I'll cut it off from Gai's pay," Sandaime muttered under his breath as he looked at the broken statue).

Gaara's face was still impassive, betraying none of his thought. Temari and Kankurou were worried by the sudden development.

"Here I come!" Lee shouted and dashed toward his red haired opponent.

The ninjas blinked when they saw him disappeared…only to hear something crashed the wall loudly, bringing their attention to the now Lee-shaped-hole on the thick wall. They could still hear his war shout from distance, before a loud crash followed by heavy tremor of something heavy fell to the ground.

Blinks all around

The ninjas in the tower sweatdropped. Even Gaara's eyes twitched.

"What the fuck?" Naruto voiced the others' thought out loud.

"Naruto, language," Kakashi admonished.

"NOOOoooooooOO," Gai wailed from his spot. Neji was seen rubbing his forehead, while Tenten laughed dryly. She didn't want to believe it was her teammate.

Hayate shook his head in amused exasperation. He coughed, whether it was to get their attention or because he was really coughing was unknown, "…Ehm, since Rock Lee er… ran off…Winner: Gaara!" he exclaimed. Gai was still sobbing and Gaara's siblings were hoping he wouldn't kill them if his mood worsened.

Five minutes later, a slurred Lee with bloody lump on his forehead entered the arena from his makeshift hole, where he joined his teacher in his wailing when he learned that Gaara was declared winner after he…running off.

The End

An idea I got when I was thinking 'what if Lee can't control his speed the first time he removed his heavy weights?'

I think it is kinda funny. What d'ya think?