Coast of Carolina

Rated: R at its worst for language, implied sexual themes. Most chapters PG to PG-13.

Category: AU, S/J, Team

Season: Mid-Season Ten

Spoilers: Nothing Specific, General Entire Series Knowledge Until Mid-Season Ten

Summary: An Accident Sends Sam Down a Long Road-Where Will It Lead?

Note: I began this in the mid-season ten hiatus here in the States, so in my mind it occurs after the events of, oh, 'Company of Thieves'? Thus begins the AU.

Thanks: To Becky, as always, for introducing me to Stargate, for Beta, and for being my friend. To The Powers That Be, for giving us all Stargate. And to James William Buffett, my sometimes muse and provider of countless hours of entertainment.



The doors to the emergency room crashed open with a bang. A gurney rolled through, flanked on either side by two paramedics, busily working on the woman between them. Tubes and bags and all manner of plastic extended out from her like some sort of growing vines. Orders were shouted and doctors and nurses flew out of nowhere to take over for the weary EMTs.

"Give me the basics, Erik." The doctor who was obviously in charge of the ER ran over to this newest arrival. He was wearing light blue scrubs with the simple name of 'Rusty' embroidered on one pocket, and he immediately questioned one of the paramedics, a big sandy haired fellow.

Erik Crane was no rookie EMT, and he answered with practiced ease. "Motorcycle accident up on the mountain. Don't know much except that she's got multiple fractures of the legs. Can tell that by looking at them. And she's fading fast. Suspect abdominal hemorrhage. Cap refill is shit, and color matches those sheets she's on. Positive blood on belly tap. Got two units LRS and one unit O neg in her already. One dose dex IV. Large bore ports both arms. Unconscious at the scene. Unable to arouse thus far, but no codes on the way in. Pulse is rapid and weak, but stable. Breathing fine, oddly enough. Had a helmet on, and it was intact, so cranial trauma probably not too bad. I think it's shock and blood loss on this one. Good thing on the helmet, or we'd be filling out fatality papers, but still doesn't look good."

"I'll be the judge of that, Erik." The doctor was possessed of the usual arrogance that came with emergency work, and Erik was used to his dismissals. The paramedic shot a knowing smirk at the physician's back and wished the woman on the gurney luck. He knew she would need it, regardless of what old Rusty said. Erik had worked his share of trauma scenes, and this one was as bad as it got for those that made it to the hospital and not the morgue. As he turned to sign a few forms and head back into the streets for the night, a voice turned him back around briefly.

"Oh, one more thing, Erik." Rusty called back over his shoulder as he examined his new patient.

"Yeah, doc?"

"You got a name on this? Or are we running as a Jane Doe?"

"Carter, doc. Samantha Carter. Air Force ID."