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It was a normal sight for the citizens of Port Royal who happened to glance out over the sandy shores of Port Royal in mid-May. There were not many homes located on the part of the island with the breathtaking view of the sea, but those who did live there were very much accustomed to seeing the newly engaged Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann walking slowly along the shore, hand in hand. Today, Will had rolled up his pants and Elizabeth had worn a slightly shorter skirt (Estrella would have declared it scandalous, which is exactly why Elizabeth had gone over to Will's especially early so no one would see what she was wearing) so that they both might wade knee-deep in the water and cool off. It was only three weeks ago that Will had proposed to Elizabeth. The actual planning of the wedding had not yet begun, but marriage was the topic of nearly every conversation the couple had as of late. They'd discussed nearly every topic one could think of: where they were to live, if they were to have any maids or if it would just be the two of them, how many hours Will would continue to work, if they were to take any vacations to other islands, if they were to visit England at any time, how many guest rooms their house should have, and many other things. One particular topic had not yet graced the stage, but it was on Elizabeth's mind right then and she intended to bring it up on this sunny morning.

She'd thought about it a great deal, not only in the past three weeks, but ever since she had been a little girl. She knew that it had probably occurred to Will as well, but she still was nervous about his reaction.

"Will?" Elizabeth said, suddenly yet quietly.

"Yes, darling?" Will said, smiling over at her. She smiled back and then looked out to the open ocean.

"What do you think about children?" She asked.

"You mean, about us having children?" Will asked, just making sure.

"Yes." That was all she said. It was open for him to say whatever he wanted. Will laughed quietly to himself. If only she knew how many of his fantasies about their married life had included children.

"Well…definitely!" Will said finally. "Yes…I'd like us to have children."

"Good," Elizabeth said, smiling at him.

"Good," Will repeated.

"How many?" Elizabeth asked.

"Beg your pardon?" Will asked, not expecting the question.

"How many children?" Elizabeth asked him again.

"I'd…never really thought about it," Will admitted honestly.

"Well, you're thinking about it now," Elizabeth replied playfully.

"Ten!" Will said, saying a random number.

"Ten! Goodness Will, keep in mind who is to be bearing all of these children!" Elizabeth exclaimed, laughing. He laughed. They both knew that he hadn't been serious.

"Five?" He suggested. Elizabeth was quiet.

"What? Too many? Too few?" Will asked nervously.

"Perfect," Elizabeth said. They stopped walking for a moment to kiss. After a few moments, they broke apart and continued walking.

"Well," Elizabeth continued. "If we're going to have five children, I suppose we'd better start thinking of names." She waited for Will's reaction.

"I like Elizabeth," He said.

"And I like William!" She responded.

"No, I'm serious," Will said, grinning.

"So am I!" She countered.

"I like my name well enough, but I want my son…or sons to have their own name," Will explained.

"As do I!" Elizabeth said.

"How about we decide that our first son shall have William as his middle name and our first daughter shall have Elizabeth as her middle name?" Will suggested.

"I like that idea," Elizabeth agreed. "But…what about first names?"

"I honestly don't know…" Will said.

"Come now, you must've at least considered the idea of names!" Elizabeth said.

"Caroline was my mother's name. I've always rather liked it," Will admitted.

"Caroline…I really like that name," Elizabeth smiled. "My mother's name was Charlotte."

"I like Charlotte better," Will said.

"And I like Caroline better!" Elizabeth giggled.

"We'll decide on that when the problem arrives. Our first daughter's name will either be Caroline or Charlotte," Will said.

"And boys' names?" Elizabeth prompted.

"Hm…what about Nathaniel? Or Nate for short?" Will said.

"I like that name too…it sounds nice and strong, but gentle," Elizabeth commented. "A perfect name for a first son."

"I also like the name Ethan," Will added.

"Do you? I do too…it's a lovely name…Ethan Turner…so that's another possibility," Elizabeth smiled.

"And yourself? Which boys' names do you like? Suppose we have five sons?" Will said.

"Well, I'd like one daughter," Elizabeth laughed. She loved boys, but she didn't know if she'd be able to handle having a house of only six boys and herself. "But I like Christopher. And Westley, I love the name Westley. It sounds adventurous, and daring, but it's also simple and calm. And…Edward.

"What about Benjamin?"

"Hm…I like Ben, but it's not one of my favorites," Elizabeth conceded. "Colin?"

"I like Colin as well, but it's not one of my favorites either," Will said.

"Have we got five boys names?" Elizabeth asked.

"Let's see…Nathaniel, Ethan, Westley, and Christopher," Will counted.

"You forgot Edward," Elizabeth reminded him.

"Yes, but I'd prefer that as a middle name," Will said.

"All right…which girls names do you like?" Elizabeth asked.

"I've already told you my opinion."

"Yes, but suppose we have five daughters?" Elizabeth said. Will sighed and thought for a moment.

"What? You don't want a daughter?" Elizabeth said.

"No! Of course I do! I love the idea of having a daughter…I really do…I was just thinking of names," Will explained. "I like Anna," he commented. I think it's a lovely name. Simple, but elegant."

"I like it too," Elizabeth agreed. "I also love the name Katherine. It was my favorite cousin's name, you know. My uncle used to call her Kate."

"Kate," Will tried the name. "I like that. So far we have Anna and Kate."

"Any others?" Elizabeth asked.

"What about Sarah?" Will suggested.

"Hm…nice, but a little plain," Elizabeth frowned, thinking. "Margaret? Possibly Meg for short?"

"Eh…a possibility," Will said. "What do you think of Helena? For Helen from Greek mythology? She was the most beautiful woman in the world…our daughter can be like her mother." Elizabeth blushed.

"Perhaps…I like it…so it's a possibility," Elizabeth said.

"What do you think of the names Isabelle and Eleanor? They're both French," Will suggested.

"I really like both…Isabelle is from the bible," and Eleanor reminds me of Eleanor of Aquitaine, I always loved reading about her when I was younger," Elizabeth commented. "Let's use one or the other, but not both."

"Agreed," Will said.

"I've another idea for if we have a boy," Elizabeth said.

"Oh?" Will asked. "What is it?"

"What about Gabriel…I think it sounds like the perfect name for a little boy," Elizabeth said.

"That sounds good, I really like the sound of it too," Will said. "So…we have Nathaniel, Ethan, Westley, Christopher, and Gabriel for boys, and Caroline or Charlotte, Anna, Katherine, Margaret, Eleanor, and Isabelle for girls," He concluded.

"It sounds lovely," Elizabeth smiled. "And when we're married, we'll have a chance to use them."