As was typical on a day in the beginning of the summer, the sun shone down hotly at only ten o'clock in the morning. It was such that the citizens of a small Anglophone port in the south of France were already wiping their foreheads from sweat.

On this morning, two young children were walking with an air of slight annoyance yet still cheerfully down the main road to the blacksmith's shop. The older, a boy of nine, was having to slow down and wait impatiently for his younger sister, age six, to catch up with him.

"On this morning, two young children were walking down the main road to the blacksmith's shop. Both revealed an air of slight annoyance but also barely concealed excitement. The older child, a boy of nine, had to slow down and wait impatiently for his younger sister, age six, to catch up with him.

"Come on, Eleanor, you're moving too slow! I want to get there already!" The boy told his little sister, shaking his mop of blonde hair out of his face.

"I can only walk so fast, Wes!" Eleanor retorted, running as fast as her legs would let her.

"Don't call me Wes!" He told her for what was clearly not the first time that morning.

"Kate calls you Wes!" Eleanor grumbled, finally reaching him.

"Yeah, well that's Kate, isn't it? You're supposed to call me Westley," Westley informed her.

"Fine," Eleanor said, rolling her eyes. "We're here, anyways." The two children had arrived at their destination, the blacksmith's shop. Westley pushed open the door and the two children walked in, squinting as their eyes adjusted to the change of the light.

A tall man in his mid-thirties was near the fire, working on what appeared to be a new fireplace poker. He looked up at the sound of the door opening and grinned at the sight of his two youngest children.

He put down what he was working on and walked over to them. "Papa!" Eleanor called, giggling. She ran over to him and he picked her up and held her firmly in his right arm. He walked over to Westley and ruffled his hair.

"What brings you two down here this morning?" Will Turner asked them cheerfully.

"Kate," Westley said simply, walking over to where his father had been working and looking interestedly at all of the tools and supplies.

"Kate told us to come down here because we were annoying Mama. All I did was ask Mother to mend my pirate dolly and she started yelling at me and Kate thought it was my fault and so she told Wes to bring me here," Eleanor explained emotionally.

"And what was Nathaniel doing this whole time?" Will asked, referring to his oldest son.

"Reading. Like always," Westley said, rolling his eyes. The two brothers were as different as different could be. Westley loved to play roughly, and though only eight, was showing a great desire to become a blacksmith, like his father. He was already showing a wonderful combination of both of his parent's good looks. He, like his three other siblings, had his father's dark brown eyes. He also had his father's fine facial features and soft skin. His hair was lush and blonde like his mother's. Twelve-year-old Nathaniel, on the other hand, loved literature and read anything he could get his hands on. He also loved learning about different types of math and sciences. Though all of the Turner children were fluent in both English and French, Nathaniel was also fluent in Latin. He spent most of his time studying and was hoping to study in Paris when he got older. He greatly resembled his father, and though amiable, was very shy. Naturally, the differences caused some light tensions between the two brothers.

"Ah…I see," Will said, sounding very much unsurprised at this response.

"Papa, was Mama like this last time she was pregnant?" Westley asked, turning around and looking at his father.

"Well…" Will said. "I suppose it was different each time…last time, as you might remember, though I doubt it as you were only two, she was very easily upset and violent, although that was partly because she both conceived and gave birth while we were on that three-year sea voyage we took on Captain Sparrow's ship. She isn't very fond of him anyway, and he made things especially difficult."

"I liked the ship the last time we went on it," Eleanor said, remembering their most recent trip, which had been a year ago.

"No you don't, you were still too little," Westley told her dismissively.

"I wasn't too little, I was five!" Eleanor said indignantly, holding up her hand plus one finger, forgetting about her thumb.

"Anyway, what about the rest of us?" Westley asked.

"When we were expecting Nathaniel, it was your mother's first child, so she was very easily upset but was very cheerful most of the time because she was so excited about becoming a mother, and I was too. For you and Kate, it was somewhat similar to this," Will explained. "She's also mentioned that the actual births of you and Kate were almost identical."

"Oh, all right," Westley said. It was a well-known fact that Anna Katherine Turner and Westley Christopher Turner might as well have been fraternal twins. They were both exactly the same height, despite Anna Katherine being a little more than a year older. They both shared their mother's light blonde, wavy hair and the characteristic dark Turner eyes. They were attached at the hip and did nearly everything together. Westley started calling his older sister Kate when he couldn't say "Anna Katherine," and the name stuck so that when she grew older everyone except her mother (Elizabeth called her Anna) called her Kate. Oddly enough, Kate had started calling Westley "Wes" when he was a toddler, but she was the only one who could call him Wes. Everyone else called him Westley if they didn't want to get yelled at.

"Papa," Eleanor said. Will turned his head to face her.

"Hmm?" He placed his forehead against hers. She giggled. Will smiled as he appreciated how much Eleanor reminded him of her mother. She had her mother's laugh and defiance, and she hated being underestimated. She even looked like a dark haired version of her mother, although she was just six. It seemed like it had been only yesterday that he and Elizabeth had touched their foreheads, although the circumstances had been slightly different….

"Papa, when is the baby going to come?" She asked impatiently. Will chuckled as Westley responded.

"Why, you don't like being the youngest?" Westley asked her.

"No I don't! Everyone babies me," Eleanor complained.

"Well…" Will began. Suddenly, the door to the shop flung open to reveal the oldest Turner child, Nathaniel, who had clearly run the whole way.

"Father…come…quickly…it's Mother…she…her water broke!" He exclaimed, panting. Will's eyes widened.

"She said we had two weeks!" He said frantically.

"I don't think so…" Nathaniel said. Will quickly set Eleanor down on the ground.

"Eleanor, I think that answers your question! Westley, run to get the doctor! Quickly!" Westley bolted past his father and brother out the door. "Nathaniel, I'm going to go ahead but I want you to bring Eleanor!" Nathaniel nodded vigorously as Will began sprinting down the road to the Turner's house. It was larger than it had been thirteen years ago as their family grew larger and Will's reputation as a blacksmith grew.

"Elizabeth! Kate!" Will yelled, entering the house.

"In here, Papa!" Kate called from her parents' bedroom. Will rushed in. Elizabeth was half-sitting on the bed, still in her nightgown from last night, propped up with lots of pillows and sweating. Kate was sitting next to her, holding her hand. He went over to the bed and quickly kissed Kate on the forehead and then Elizabeth.

"How are you?" He asked her, laughing shakily.

"It's been six years, Will," Elizabeth told him, not smiling. Will held her other hand comfortingly.

"Westley's getting the doctor and Nathaniel's bringing Eleanor," Will told her. "Kate, get some rags from the kitchen." Kate scrambled off of the bed and did as she was told. As soon as she had left Elizabeth gasped sharply and squeezed Will's hand fiercely. He bit his lip as hard as he could to keep from making any sounds. She groaned and began breathing heavier and faster than ever.

"Will…" She moaned. "Aagh…"

"It's all right, it's all right," He said, trying to comfort her. "It's going to be all right..." Kate ran back into the room with three or four rags soaked with cold water.

"Thanks," He told her. Suddenly the doctor and Westley came in.

"Here's Dr. Sonne…Mrs. Cloche is coming soon as well," Westley said, referring to the midwife.

"What about Nathaniel and Eleanor?" Will asked.

"They're here, they're staying in the parlor, though, I don't think Eleanor should be in here," Westley explained.

"Good…" Will said. Elizabeth's eyes widened.

"Another contraction…Will…" She screamed. The doctor quickly strode over to her and started giving her instructions to make her breathing easier.

"Kate, Westley, go into the parlor with Nathaniel and Eleanor, we'll get you later," Will told him them sharply. The two quickly left the room and walked down the hall to join their siblings.

"Nathaniel! I want to go and see Mama!" Eleanor complained.

"No, we can't go in until much later," Kate explained to her, sitting down on the sofa that Nathaniel and Eleanor were. The front door opened again to reveal Mrs. Cloche, and her daughter Marianne who was best friends with Kate.

"They're in the bedroom," Nathaniel told her before she could say anything. Mrs. Cloche nodded and ran into the room where Elizabeth was. Marianne sat down next to Kate.

"Exciting, non?" She asked Kate cheerfully. The two began conversing excitedly and rapidly in French.

"Now what?" Westley asked Nathaniel.

"Now…we wait," He said, leaning back in the chair.

Twelve hours later, the children had still not been called for. Marianne, who hadn't left since she had gotten there, and Kate fixed a quick meal for the other children midway through the afternoon. It was late at night, and after a day full of hearing their mother's screams from the room and bickering over whether the child was going to be a boy or a girl and what could be taking so long, they had become tired and hadn't said anything for quite a while. Eleanor had fallen asleep in Nathaniel's lap. Kate was reading a book and Marianne was fidgeting with the hem of her skirt.

"Why is it taking so long?" Westley complained. Marianne sighed.

"There could be a number of reasons…although it should be ending soon. It's a bit strange that it's like this for her fifth birth," She said.

"But really, what names do you like?" Nathaniel asked.

"I really think that it should be Caroline…it's such a pretty name, and it was one of our grandmother's names, after all," Kate said, putting her book aside.

"But it could be a boy!" Westley said.

"Charles, then," Kate said.

"I like Michael," Nathaniel said.

"But if it's a boy named Michael, then French settlers here would pronounce it like the girl's name "Michelle," which would cause confusion," Marianne explained. Then she thought for a moment. "I like Louise." Westley wrinkled his nose.

"I don't particularly like it," He said.

"You just don't like the possibility of getting another little sister," Nathaniel retorted.

"It's not that!"

"Then what would you name her?" Nathaniel asked.

"I like Isabelle," Westley said.

"You mean you like Isabelle Weaver, who came from England a few months ago," Nathaniel said.

"Kind of like you like Marianne," Westley said, ignoring the fact that she was sitting in the room. They both blushed.

"Marie is a nice name," Nathaniel said.

"Well, it's really Mother and Father's decision," Kate said. Suddenly, there was a loud scream from the other room followed by lots of excited and loud talk.

"I think that's it!" Kate exclaimed, standing up. Mrs. Cloche was in the room a few moments later, beckoning the children.

"Come on, you want to see, don't you?" She said excitedly. Marianne, Kate, and Westley hurried into the bedroom and Nathaniel followed, carrying the still sleeping Eleanor.

When they came in, they saw Elizabeth sitting up in bed holding a small white bundle, just showing a tiny, pink face. Nathaniel was silently thankful that they had managed to clean the baby before inviting them in. Eleanor had not appeared to be cute at all immediately after she was born. When Eleanor was born, it had taken a while for Jack Sparrow to find a piece of cloth that Elizabeth deemed clean enough to touch her new-born so that she could be cleaned and wrapped up.

"She's so cute!" Kate said softly.

"He's so small!" Westley commented. Will laughed quietly.

"We were thinking that you children could help name her," he said, grinning.

"So it is a girl?" Kate said, grinning. Elizabeth smiled.

"Yes," She nodded.

"Huh?" Everyone turned to see that Eleanor had opened her eyes and was yawning.

"What happened?" She asked sleepily.

"We have a new little sister, Eleanor," Nathaniel told her.

"I want her name to be Lucy…that's my dolly's name," Eleanor said, yawning and promptly falling back asleep, resting her head on Nathaniel's shoulder.

"I like Lucy," Elizabeth said softly. "It fits her."

"As do I," Will said. "Our new little baby, Lucy Turner."

Okay...there you go! Hope you guys enjoyed it, I'm so appreciative of all of the reviews! For those who are interested, here's a list of the full names of the children:

Nathaniel William Turner

Anna Katherine Turner

Westley Christopher Turner

Eleanor Jacqueline Turner

Lucy Elizabeth Turner

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