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I steadied my breathing, a shiver went down my spine, and the breathing from the next cell kept making me remember that I was alive I wasn't bleeding but pain still flew threw my body.

Mettle cages where new but they where still uncomfortable, especially since the floor opened up under me dropping me onto a hard cement floor, that fall usually knocked the air out of me.

My fingers curled over the mettle holding me in. I knew this cage well, five years of my life had been wasted in cages.

Hundreds of times I've nearly escaped, came so close to seeing if the words spoken about the sun where true…just to have it taken from me at the last second.

I wanted to see flowers, not in a drawing or on tape the horrid white coats force us to watch, but I actually wanted to pick a flower and hold it in my hand. I wanted to see if a rose really had thorns. But so far I've been unsuccessful in doing any of those things.

Slamming my foot against the bar I screamed angrily "WHY?!" instantly I regretted hitting my foot, pain screamed up and down my leg making me curse angrily.

"Calm down" Halo said reaching throw the bars trying to touch my arm, she had a knack for calming nerves when she touched you. I pushed my fingers out and are skin brushed; I felt calmness rush over me.

"Breath" Pink offered I glanced at her, her cage was right above a shallow pool; she had a brown blanket tightly wrapped around my sister's small body. The seven year old was halve the time more calm then me heck even Halo my twin sister was calmer then me.

Halo swears that she's older then me, and I believe her.

Pink looked so small in her cage, her broken spirits that use to sore when ever she was around us was so closed up that it shocked me.

"We'll be fourteen tomorrow" I said sadly.

"And what's there to celebrate?" Halo asked sharply "nothing good ever came out of these years spent in cages…I don't even know if these work anymore" she jabbed a finger indicating her gray wings.

"Of course they work" Pink said softly "I just wish I could fly again" she closed her eyes, "I wish I could see the moon again" a single tear dripped down her pale cheek.

"I do to…I do to" I said my voice breaking. I was sure that I was going to start sobbing.

Halo took in a deep breath; her cage was only four inches higher then mine.

That's when the music came on, both me and Halo groaned, this was very depressing slow music, a deep very quite mans voice started rehearsing depressing songs of deep love that is ripped apart when the other dies.

Pink cursed softly, I didn't care if she cursed it was something we did quite often "do they have to play this crap?" she asked.

I sighed "I think it's a test to see how well we are under stress" I grumbled.

Halo and Pink rolled there eyes, "Umm-hmm" they said together "and you would know"

I pulled my blankets around my body tightly lying curled up in my mettle cage.

And then hard rock started blasting so loud that it nearly burst my ear drums.

"OWE!" Halo screamed. But even at my loudest I could barely hear myself.


"YEAH!" Pink replied.


Somehow I managed to fall asleep that night. And to my relief when I woke up my sisters where still in their cages.

I don't know what I expected, everyday when I woke up and looked at their cages, it was just such a habit to look at their cages and see that their still present, through it all, through the pain, emotional downs and ups my sisters where always there supporting each other in different ways.

It would make any mothers heart swell to know that her daughters are so good to each other, but we had no mother, so her heart would not swell.

"Understand this" a loud growl said from the gritted door that didn't quite keep out the sound "You're stupid actions could have very well coast you your life"

I smiled inwardly, the eraser I'd beat the crud out of last night was getting reprimanded for defending himself, and I tenderly touched my shoulder that had been crudely bandaged.

Halo gave me a sharp glare I tried my best to ignore the glare but I failed, so I consented and shrugged innocently.

Pink shrunk to the back of her cage closing her eyes, she was trying to fall asleep, I wanted to go back to sleep also but I couldn't. I just couldn't bring myself to fall asleep.

"Listen children" a deep evil voice said calmly, his voice was coming from the hidden speakers basically built into the walls.

"Go away" I growled.

"Coral" the voice said sharply "I wouldn't want you to get hurt" of course he wouldn't I thought bitterly.

"What do you want?" Halo asked sharply.

"We would like you to fly for three very important people" the man replied.

Pink opened her eyes watching as three erasers walked in leading a white coat holding three bags containing clothes.

Then are cages opened from the bottom dropping us to the floor, I held onto the side of my cage catching myself before I got the air knocked out of me, then I released and dropped to the ground.

My shoes where so ripped and tattered it was amazing that they even kept me from touching the cold cement floor.

I walked over to the white coat that seemed unconcerned with the fact that she was giving us clothes. She handed me a bag, with a brush rubber band and soap, all sorts off soap, soap for my face, hair, and body each smelling like mangos.

She then led us down a hallway and into a perfectly white room with showers.

She then produced a small bag with are tooth brushes and tooth-paste.

She turned on her heels leaving the room and locking the door behind her. We dropped are clothes and quickly jumped into the shower, the water was hot and very relaxing.

Then the male voice started again "If you do well we will give you new rooms"

"You mean cages?" Pink called.

"We don't like to consider them cages" the voice said edgily.

I laughed rolling my eyes, when I finished my shower I felt amazing being so clean, I jumped out of my shower putting on my new underwear and bra.

They felt amazing next to my skin.

Then me and Halo put lotion on are faces and body.

I pulled out a cute red shirt with the word Vader written in black letters across the chest of the black shirt.

It had slits in the back so I could put out my beautiful blue tinted with dark blue wings.

I then pulled on the dark blue jeans, white socks, and gray sneakers.

I pulled the brush threw my tangled black curly hair, I looked in the mirror, I was skinny but not to skinny, my glorious blue eyes popping out next to my black hair.

I pulled my hair into a pony tail, and then I brushed my teeth.

They where white and even, years of dental work with insane dentists and orthodontists.

Pink walked over to the sink grabbing a pink toothbrush loading the tooth-paste on. She looked adorable, her blonde hair braided into two braids, a pink shirt with a bunny on it also with slits on the back, she had jeans on with pink sneakers.

Okay that went a bit over board with the pink, even her rubber bands in her hair where pink.

She looked up at me green eyes twinkling in the light.

"You look adorable" I said tapping her still damp head, she smelled like bananas.

Then Halo came out she was dressed in jeans with a blue shirt that almost matched her blue eyes, her shirt said blood across the chest the words looked like they it was dripping blood. I wondered why I didn't have clothes on that matched my name like Pink. She had white sneakers on.

I closed my eyes a dim headache coming on, I took a sharp intake of breath then the headache disappeared as it usually did.

"You alright?" Halo asked touching my hand, which was turning white from clutching the white sink so tightly, I slowly nodded.

"Yeah" I said loosening my jaw, I stood up straight walking over to a tan bench with out a back, I sat down slouching automatically "How long do you suppose they will keep us in here?" I asked.

Pink and Halo both shrugged "Why do you think they locked us in?" Pink asked.

"I donno" I mumbled whipping my eyes, I yawned before lying down on the bench, I curled up closing my eyes

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