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Nobody told us that we had to be rebellious or that what the white coats did to us was wrong. We just always knew. Knew that there was something beyond the four walls that kept us prisoner.

Knew that what they told us wasn't true. We were never lucky...we never got the chances to fly away unless we wanted to die.

I would die to give them what they most wanted, freedom.

I shot up in bed gasping for breath, my skin was slick from sweat. I couldn't remember my dream but my heart hammering in my chest told me all I needed to know. I took a deep breath then let it out trying to calm myself down...it didn't work.

I slipped out of bed glancing at my sisters they where dead asleep, it was rare that we ever slept so heavily. Pink's face distorted into an angry grimace then turned back into the peaceful slight smile.

My foot came down on air and with the fleeting thought of: oh crap I fell about ten feet slamming into the very hard cement floor. For a second the world spun. Slowly I pushed myself up to stare in complete confusion at the body's of two young men.

I touched my head when it throbbed dully before crawling over to the two boys. I was about ready to touch a dark haired boy when he suddenly rolled over groaning. His eyes fluttered open to see me leaning over him. Before I could react his hand had flew out smashing me so hard in the cheek that I reeled backwards cursing loudly.

He then literally jumped to his feet and marched over to me. I stared up at the ceiling probably with a dazed expression on my face. To many hits to the head for one day. He leaned down slightly and I flipped around kicking him harshly on the back of his knee. He pitched forward his stomach slamming across my waist.

"Coral?" Halo called "were the heck are you?" his hand was covering my mouth in a second.

I opened my mouth and bit him as hard as I possibly could. His mouth opened in a silent cry of pain but he pulled his hand back "Stop!" I screeched "Just stop for-"

"Who are you?" Halo growled flipping off the landing and landing on the floor in a cat like pose, she kicked the boy square in the jaw flinging him backward.

I rolled onto my knees and ran over to the boy pinning his arms to the ground with my knees. His deep brown eyes glared up at me. I took in a deep breath and shook my head.

"Now" I stated calmly "who are you?"

I glanced over at Halo to see her leaning over the other boy. She nudged him with her foot. The boy moaned but did nothing. But that was enough to make Halo pin him to the ground also.

"My name is Fang" he growled between clenched teeth.

"Now was that so-" I was rudely cut off by someone's fist connecting with my back. I coughed then pushed myself to my feet turning around and staring in confusion at yet another boy, he was tall, and skinny with fly away blonde hair and sky blue eyes. He grinned at me his eyes flashing to someone behind me.

I caught movement on the landing and smiled. Pink jumped off and landed on the boys back who fell to the ground startled by the sudden weight.

I then flipped around I hoped that my foot would hit his stomach instead he caught my foot and flipped me over. He was rather strong.

The next thing I new an unbearable shock flew threw my body. Surprisingly each one of the living creatures in the are cage screamed. I forced myself to open my eyes and look around. What looked like electricity was flying threw the entire room. My body quivered when the electricity finally stopped.

There was a ringing in my ear then someone spoke "stop fight" the male voice echoed off the walls. I fell to my knees panting and clutching my stomach.

I'd felt the same charge plenty of times in are old cage when we'd made then shake a little. They always enjoyed causing the experiments pain. And for that reason I hated them even more.

The fact that they watched us grow up and had still enjoyed hurting us was perhaps more disgusting then showing us off to other white coats. They were proud of the fact that they managed to create creatures like us. We are unfortunately the first of are kind, each one of us have different genes. But we're still sisters no one can tell us differently.

I looked around the cage just to make sure that no one was on the verge of killing someone else.

But we were still unwilling to even look at each other. I walked toward the ladder and pulled myself up, knowing that Pink and Halo would follow me, they always did.

My head was throbbing by the time I finally reached are bed. I closed my eyes and let out a breath I hadn't known I'd been holding. A warm hand gently stroked my forehead. A calmness swept over my body.

"I think we surprised them more then they surprised use" Pinks voice was amazingly calm and grownup.

I flipped over and looked up into Pinks green eyes, I had never been able to be hard around my sisters. But to the outside world the three of us looked cold and forbidding. The way the white coats wanted us. Sometimes I wondered if the coldness was the only thing that kept us alive. Kept us interesting to the white coats.

The tests came around every so often. But now they were more interested in are mental abilities then are physical.

"Where'd you learn how to fight like that?" Halo asked looking down at me with curiosity.

"A few years ago the white coats made me watch a bunch of karate tapes then tested me on my ability to copy them...I guess I did pretty well because they only made me do it nine times" we all fell silent each of us probably wondering what the next test would be, and praying that it wouldn't be something to harsh.

A ringing filled are cage. I all but fell out of the bed trying to scramble to my feet. Pink remained glued to the bed her eyes widened by the sudden alarm. Halo and I both looked at each other standing with are legs apart like we were about ready to pounce on someone.

From below us the three boys glanced up at us before crowding under the first landing, I heard a couple clinks when they finally came to the cold mettle of are cage.

The white doors were thrown open, seven grizzly Erasers crowded around the entrance throwing open the mettle doors and walking in, they had a way of looking boastful and dangerous at the same time.

"Come with us" they waved there machine guns at us gesturing towards the door. I hesitated for a moment before letting myself fall over the edge and landing as gracefully as I could on the hard cement floor.

The boys stayed a distance away from us. When I finally came close enough to the first of the erasers he took no time in grabbing me and forcefully jerking me out into the disturbingly white hallway. I was use to the white walls by now but they still made me flinch slightly.

Halo, Pink and I barely resisted when the erasers but handcuffs on us. There were about twenty of them in the hallway and only six of us. If we even tried to struggled they would kill us with ease.

Fang and the two other boys took about four erasers each to finally get there hands into cuffs.

We were flocked down a hallway taking a turn to the right, then threw double doors. Then we were split into groups of two, and pushed into separate rooms all.

I was put with a pale, strawberry blonde. He didn't seem to be able to see me. Something about him seemed a little off. He was at least a foot taller then me. Two erasers stood at each corner off the room. The rooms floor was covered with blue matting, it was a small room with only two treadmills in the middle facing towards us.

We stood there waiting for instructions when finally seven white coats walked into the room and fell into tan plastic chairs. They looked the two of us over almost hesitant to take us in.

"The girl is the stronger one" someone whispered, they obviously didn't know that my hearing was almost as good as a dogs "the boy is blind" I flashed a look at the boy who looked completely unaffected.

"Alright then" one of the white coats said standing up and giving the other white coats an eager smile, it was obvious that this was his doing "let us begin"

And with that one of the erasers jumped forward and pushed us towards the treadmills are handcuffs were taken off leaving red welts in my wrists.

Once they'd strapped heart monitors onto us they started us at a moderate run.

After about forty five minutes at that speed they made the two of us run as fast as we could, I don't know how fast that was exactly but they continued to force he speed up until I was struggling to keep up.

Two hours latter I was covered in sweat, I could barely keep myself standing up let alone keep up with the pace. I hadn't had anything to drink. I managed to glance over at the boy. His face was screwed up in an expression of pain.

"Alright you can stop" someone finally said the treadmill gradually stopped. I looked over at the white coat that had spoken "I'm impressed..." he trailed off catching my gaze, he gave me a smile I didn't return it. The fact that he'd even noticed me left me stunned "but I still want to see there mutations in action"

Once the heart monitors were pulled off I fall onto the blue mats. Eagerly drinking as much water as they'd let me.

"You can take them back now" the man who had orchestrated this test said addressing the erasers in the room.

I gathered myself and stood up before the erasers could get there hands under my arm and drag me to my feet. I glanced over at the boy who was already standing. The handcuffs were forced back on and we were pushed out of the room back into the hallway.

The boy and I walked back to the room halve the time basically leaning against the other both of us refusing to fall over. My legs felt like rubber, I'd run like that before, but never so long.

After the Erasers left us in are cage we both fell to the floor. I finally aloud myself to shake slightly.

To my surprise the blind boy fingers gently brushed my hand. I nearly pulled back but I caught myself. He was probably simply trying to find something to hold onto. Something to get his bearings with.

Before I new what I was doing I'd pushed myself over to him grabbing his hand "What's your name?" my voice wavered slightly, I was hesitating and he seemed to hear that.

"Iggy" he replied, his sightless eyes were almost more beautiful then Pinks. In a strange way they seemed to have seen to much "yours?"


"You have a nice voice" Iggy said, he caught me off guard, he was complimenting me, I'd never been complimented on my voice or really anything about myself besides my mental and physical ability's.

"You to" was the only thing I could come up with for a reply.


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