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Frustrating. That was the only way to describe the pounding fist that rammed up his throat right now, and threatened to ruin this happy occasion for him. Of all people, you'd think he'd be the happiest. She was his favorite and most advanced student two years ago. And her husband-to-be had been his semi-apprentice and close friend for the past three years. It had all worked out so nicely. Everyone said the match was simply charming. Magic couldn't have made a better one. He wanted show them what magic could really do. He wanted to hex the groom into an alternate universe. He wanted to tear the veil from the brides' eyes and make her see the love he harbored for her.

Slowly, He opened the door to the groom's dressing room. A mischievous smile precariously pasted over the truth, he approached the jittery young man who stood desperately attempting to straighten his tie. In truth, the wizard was quite a handsome man. His features sang with the conviction and promise of youth. The winning grin, the richly layered grey eyes, the flaxen hair that never quite seemed under control all indicated a talented, and one day powerful wizard. Even the way he walked exuberated a charm that attracted influential people to him. This man was made to succeed. And today, all his ambitions were coming true. Horatio McGonagall was going to marry Minerva Daugherty.

Minerva McGonagall. He corrected himself with a mix of irony and sarcasm. You're the one to blame for this whole mess anyway. If you hadn't intervened, they probably would still be fighting to this day!

"All ready, Professor Dumbledore?" Horatio turned nervously from the mirror.

"Horatio, you are no longer serving as my apprentice. You can simply call me Dumbledore." He corrected, thinking to himself You are no longer my apprentice, but my better, because you had the opportunity, and the right to say to her what I could not.

"Of course, Pro- I mean, Dumbledore." The young man's eyes spasmodically measured the face of his watch for the hundredth time that minute.

"The ceremony is ready, Horatio. Your bride awaits." Albus made a grand sweeping motion toward the officious hall selected for the ceremony. Horatio half-tripped over his shining shoes as he lurched toward the door. "Slow down, man! After you've worked so hard to tame your hair, I'd hate to see it rumpled by pre-marital jitters!" He followed the giddy young man down the aisle, silently listing all the things he would give to be in Horatio's place.

Minerva looked rather green.

Poppy Pomfrey had known Minerva Daugherty since their first year. Both had been sorted into Griffindor, but had not really become close friends until they both ended up serving detention together after Poppy and Minerva were caught out of the dormitories after curfew. Minerva had been attempting to exact revenge on a Slytherin who had insulted her mother, and Poppy had been trying to stop her. That was the way the majority of their school went.

Xiomara Hooch was too busy fastening up the back of Minerva's dress to notice the unsettling palette on her face. Xiomara had been involved in all of their schemes as well. She had served detention at the same time, only she had broken into the school's broom closet and was caught recklessly zooming around the grounds unsupervised. Infamously labeled the "Gryffindoor Girls" Minerva would engineer some inane plot, Xiomara would perfect it, and Poppy would make sure that a minimal amount of people were maimed along the way.

But this was a scheme beyond any of their past endeavors. Minerva was getting married today. Xiomara and Poppy were both maids of honor. They had gotten her this far, now, Poppy wasn't sure they could get her down the aisle with the contents of her stomach intact. Poor Minerva, she could outwit any ghost at Hogwarts, was about to become a first-rate auror, and could transfigure a peanut into an elephant, but she couldn't face the man of her dreams. What an odd way to approach such bliss.

Then again, Minerva had never really approached this marriage from the traditional standpoint.

The day Horatio proposed, Minerva had been furious. Well, not to Horatio's face. But Poppy had endured at least two hours of Minerva's fury before she decided to accept the proposal. Minerva had forcefully confided to Poppy that this was entirely inappropriate, and that she would never accept a proposal from him. She had exasperatedly screeched that she wasn't good enough.

Why can't he go find someone perfect, like him? Minerva had demanded, turning her flaming visage on the impossible cool Poppy.

He did, dear, that's why he asked you, She had smiled back.

But Poppy, this isn't right, what if… what if… Poppy looked up at her sharply, studying Minerva's features carefully. It wasn't like her to stop mid-rant. Her nine-year-long tutelage in Minerva Daugherty's expressions had taught her Minerva was hiding something just then, but Minerva pressed on. Oh, Lord! What am I waiting on? I love the man! Right? So I'll marry him! And with the same hurricane style that she had intruded on the serenity of the room, she departed.

Now, six months later, there was none of the blustering, thunderous courage that had been so inseparable from her friend's nature. Minerva was nervous as, well, a cat. Though Minerva's recent achievement of her Tabby animagus two years ago still left her sensitive to cat-jokes.

A collected knock at the door informed Poppy that it was time to get Minerva down the aisle. Xiomara, looking hilariously neat and tidy in her pink bride's maid dress, held one of the Minerva's hands between her own, as Poppy handed Minerva her bouquet. Together, the trio made their way to the aisle. Together, Xiomara (still a bit tipsy from Minerva's bachelorette party the night previous) and Poppy promenaded down the aisle. Poppy frequently glanced behind her to check that Minerva was still following. Yes, there's that fortuitous gleam, Poppy smiled reassuringly as Minerva regained her normal gusto. Our Min is back!

This was at once, the most triumphant, and the most frustrating moment of Albus Dumbledore's life. His Minerva, his favorite student, one of the most accomplished students of transfiguration he had yet encountered, was getting married. She was moving up in life, maturing, fulfilling more of her promising life. But it was all wrong. In a few moments, he, Alastor Moody, Poppy Pomfrey and Xiomara Hooch would join this couple together in a series of bonding spells. He was tying her to another man. Minerva, the girl he loved.

But that was the problem, wasn't it? She was just a girl, barely twenty years old. He was over eighty. People would viciously tear at a couple like that. Besides, she was his best-friends girl. Over the past three years, Albus had discovered the depth and solace that was Horatio McGonagall. Horatio had volunteered to be a sort of assistant to Albus gathering critical information against Grindelwald, and generally helping him whenever necessary. The Minister had noticed that Dumbledore was slipping, what with his duties on the Wizengamut, organizing the covert resistance to Grindelwald, teaching at Hogwarts, and gathering information against this powerful dark wizard, Albus was nearly split in two with his obligations. Horatio had done anything he asked, from finding Grindelwald's contact points to getting Fawkes pet food to filling out legal forms to teaching his classes on occasion. That was where he met Minerva. And Albus had practically showed him the way.

How blind I was! Albus shrieked at himself. Now, she will be his, forever. Minerva had reached the platform. The quartet encircled the couple. Albus raised his wand and swallowed back the irony that threatened to crack his voice. They began the binding spell, "By the power of Love…"

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