What If…

Summary: What if… Baltor went to the witches one by one… and promised them they'd be his main witch… which results in lots of sex… This story is what the consequences would be…


Stormy tapped the annoying thing on the table for the third time. Why wont it work? The description said two minutes! It has been way longer then two minutes. Finally something started to appear. Stormy held the thing close in anticipation. It's; it's … a plus…

Stormy dropped the thing and grabbed her head, tilting in back and screaming loudly… NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Oh gods what was she to do? Baltor'll probably dump her. Her sister will skin her alive and turn the baby into cat food. Shit Shit Shit. Why did this have to happen to her? How could she have been so stupid?

Stormy groaned while she rubbed her hands over her face. Icy is soooooo going to kill her. But, Stormy raised an eyebrow, there was always abortion… Would she be able to do that? Wasn't that… murder? But having a baby?

Stormy turned over and buried her face into her pillow. What now? Oh Gods what was she to do? She could always run off… But then she'd have to leave everything and everyone…

"Yo, are you crying" Darcy said while she picked up some of Stormy's locks. Stormy screamed. "Darcy! What the hell are you doing here?" Stormy pushed her hand away and jumped of the other side of the bed.

"Relax, Storm, What the hell has gotten into you?" Darcy placed her hands on her hips. She always knew Stormy was a weirdo but this beat everything so far. "Baltor has summoned us, didn't you hear?"

Stormy fumbled with her hair nervously "N-no I didn't…"

Darcy grasped her wrist and pulled her out the room "C'mon you know how he gets when we're late"

Stormy groaned, she was surely not in the mood for this…

When they arrived in the office Baltor was pacing around and Icy tapped her foot nervously. "Finally took you long enough" She snapped at her younger sisters.

"S-sorry" Stormy stammered. Shuffling nervously. Baltor began his 'speech'

"Girls I finally was able to maintain these ancients scroll…" he said while holding them up.

Only, Stormy didn't see a scroll in his hand but a positive pregnancy test and she collapsed with a squeak.

Darcy and Icy quickly hovered over her and Baltor slowly stepped forward. "What happened?"

"How could I know" Icy snapped at him. "Stormy, get up" She ordered her youngest sister while she poked her cheek.

"W-wha…?" Stormy sat up drowsily. "What happened?" She asked while she rubbed the sore spot on the back of her head.

"You just went down… fainted…" Darcy said. She and Icy started snickering. "How very fairie of you" Both witches started laughing at her.

"Shut Up!" Stormy yelled at them "I did not faint!"

"Sure you did, darling, you went down squeaking" Icy managed between giggles. Even Baltor had troubles suppressing his snickers.

Stormy's jaw dropped and she felt the anger boil. "God DAMMIT!" She yelled, pushing Icy harshly and scrabbling up to her feet. "Leave me the FUCK alone!" She ran out of the office where the three others dropped on their knees, bellies hurting from laughter.

Stormy slammed the door of her room shut, unable to control the tears "Just leave me the fuck alone" she sobbed to the empty room. I don't wanna be pregnant, she thought. She stepped towards the bathroom to freshen up. It was only in her reflection she noticed that she had been crying.

Stormy touched the mirror with her fingertips. She hadn't cried since she was 8. She quickly splashed some water in her face, which made her feel a bit better in no time.

Stormy decided to call it an early night. She quickly changed to her pyjama's and crawled into bed. After an hour of tossing and turning she looked at her alarm clock. 4 PM? No wonder she couldn't sleep. She sat up again and wondered what to do? If she could find something that would keep her mind of the baby, Baltor and her sisters.

She rubbed her face and got up. At that moment Icy and Darcy waltzed into the room, without knocking. Stormy blinked at them when they stopped right in front of them.

"What was that performance all about?" Icy snapped.

"Desperate need of attention?" Darcy asked.

Stormy looked at her feet. "No" She answered annoyed. "I'm fine. I thought I said to leave me alone" She snapped back.

"Not before you tell us what's up" Icy replied. She took a seat on Stormy's bed and Darcy did the same.

Stormy sighed "Nothing's wrong… I… just have a bad day"

"Stormy," Icy said "We've known you since you were born… this is not just a bad day, what's up?"

"Nothing's up"

"We're gonna just stay here till you tell" Icy said leaning back.

"Fine then I'm just gonna find me another room"

Icy grasped her youngest sister's wrist and pulled her on the bed. Stormy tried not to look at either of them.

"I'm fine" She repeated barely audible. She stood up and walked towards the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Darcy and Icy stared at each other for a few seconds then Icy stood up and shrugged "We'll get it out of her later"


That night Icy laid on her back thinking… of Stormy… What had come over her? Why is she behaving the way she is?

It's not that she cared… maybe she cared… a very little bit… after all Stormy was her baby sister… But it was mostly her curious part that wondered about this.

All this thinking made her hungry so she snuck out of bed to the cafeteria.

Now what was she in the mood for? Sour. Definitely. But she rarely ate sour. Oh well…

She took the jar off pickles and a jar of mayonnaise and seated her self on the closest table. Lucky for her a magazine was on the table. It was an old one but she decided to read it anyway.

She slowly turned the pages, occasionally dipping a pickle in the mayonnaise. Until she, at one point, reached in and found… nothing. Icy looked confused from her magazine in the pickle jar. Empty? How could it be empty? She barely touched it!

Oh well, she shrugged. It's late anyway so she went back to bed, falling deep asleep in a matter of seconds.


Darcy groaned and looked at her clock. Only 5 in the morning. She groaned again, why does it have to be so early. Her stomach felt like it was burning. What did she eat last night? Nothing out of the ordinary. It was Stormy's turn to cook… she made macaroni…

She altered her breathing, hoping the burning feeling would fade…. But unsuccessful. She jumped out of bed, making the toilet just in time before she hurled. "I never'll eat Stormy's cooking again" She sighed while the bad taste in her mouth made her hurl again…



Author's Notes: I've wanted to knock Stormy up for ages… Wait that didn't came out the way I meant… That would be biologically impossible… Anywho … Hope you enjoyed