Baltor walked into the infirmary. Ophelia was leaning back in the chair at the desk with three papers carefully placed before her. Baltor walked closer, carefully, he didn't want to be injured again…

When he was close enough, Ophelia inched the papers toward him without saying a word. He didn't know why but Baltor throat felt like a desert and his hands shook when he grabbed the test results.

His eyes widened with the first one, his jaw dropped with the second one and after the third, he stared into oblivion. His entire life flashed before his eyes.

After about ten minutes he was able to avert his gaze and locked eyes with the nurse. "Is… is this correct" Ophelia nodded "They're all pregnant"

"Pretty hinky, huh" A girl with pitch-black hair and a cobweb tattooed in her neck said.

Ophelia blinked "I don't remember having an assistant… you must be on the wrong set, dear…"

"Oh sorry" The girl said before running off with her arms spread yelling "GIBBS!"

"Anyway" Ophelia cleared her throat. "Do they know about each other"

Baltor shook his head in horror unable to swallow.

"Very well, now's a good time to tell them" She said "Can I go back to Alfea now?"

"No" Baltor managed hoarsely "You're telling them… I remember having to do something important" He hasted outside. Ophelia called for the witches, hoping they wouldn't take things out on her.

All three entered wondering why they were called in together. Isn't this something that has to be done in private? Icy crossed her arms and tapped her foot impatiently while Darcy weakly took a seat.

"Well girls" Ophelia said. There was no easy way to say this, but since they were those three witches, she decided to… just say it "I believe congratulations are in order" She said smirking. In a way, she thought, they deserve it.

"Congratulations?" Icy snapped "For what"

"You're pregnant" Ophelia said.

Darcy jaw dropped, Stormy looked away and Icy looked like she could scratch Ophelia's eyes out "Who's pregnant?" She snapped.

"All of you" Ophelia said, deliberately taking place behind the desk to provide some distance.

"Wh- what?" Icy said. "But how is this…" Icy's expression changed "Oh…" She looked from one sister to the other and back to the nurse "Oh…" She repeated. Anger was boiling inside her… "That… that…" She stormed outside and the two others followed.

"I'm gonna kill him!!!!" Icy screamed.

"I can't believe it!!!" Darcy said "That son of a bitch!!" Darcy stepped in front of her sisters "And you two back-stabbing bitches!"

"Back-stabbing bitches?" Icy yelled at Darcy "What about you?"

"He said I was going to be his main witch" Darcy snapped.

"So you thought of sucking his cock to be his favourite" Icy snapped.

They were getting close into scratching each other's eyes out and Stormy decided she had to step in "Girls, we shouldn't fight among each other" she carefully said.

"What about you, huh?" Darcy snapped "Miss I'm-a-virgin-forever…"

Stormy's jaw dropped "I never said that…" She said close to tears.

Icy sighed "The cry-baby's right…" she said making Stormy squeak displeased. "C'mon girls… we have to pull out some legs out of an insect" She took the lead to Baltor's room.

Meanwhile in the nursery Ophelia walked around nervously "Isn't anyone sending me back to Alfea" She complained.

Since they weren't she decided to kill time by following the spectacle in Griffin's Crystal ball. At least she'd have a free show…


Author's Notes : In case you were wondering, the black girl was Abby from NCIS. I just love her :D And since this is a comedy… I hope you enjoyed this fic so far :D